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Caversham Solicitors Caversham Solicitors is a national law firm providing a wide range of legal services for over 25 years to businesses and individuals. We have been serving and supporting communities through the provision of our well respected and trusted individual and business legal services. You can now benefit from our very competitive charge rates by a dedicated team of highly-skilled and client-focused solicitors, each with their own specialisation, supported by an exceptional team of secretaries and support staff.

Our solicitors have the ability to offer a personalised service to each client wherever you are located and from the comfort of your own home. Please discuss your specific requirements with our solicitors. The business is built on moral values and our primary focus is doing the right thing for our clients. The number of contentious probate claims has increased dramatically over the last couple of decades, and this increase is.

Whether you're an employee or employer, there is no doubt you would have come across the term "garden leave".

read more › It is important that you know the type of firm we are and how we operate. We are much more than just another firm of Solicitors. We like to build long lasting relationships with all of our clients. After all, we may be involved in a very personal aspect of your life and we want our relationship to be built on trust. We like our clients to look at us as individuals who you can turn to. At Caversham Solicitors we are honest and embrace traditional values: we do not take on all potential clients that call us, equally you need to make a decision about whether we are the right Solicitors for you.

read more › There is a rising popularity of DIY Wills or the use of other (non-lawyer) unregulated Will writing companies. Will-writing itself is NOT a regulated market. This means there are a number of different ways to get a Will, but the protection you have if something goes wrong can vary hugely, depending on who writes it. Solicitors are regulated professionals. Therefore, if you use a solicitor you are covered by a range of potentially valuable protections. With other (non-lawyer) Will-writing services, you do NOT have the same safeguards, and therefore, you are potentially on your own.

read more › Probate is the process by which the person chosen in a Will to deal with a deceased's affairs is authorised to act. If there is no Will, a Grant of Letters of Administration is issued instead, and the law dictates who should take the Grant. Firstly, the assets and liabilities of the estate have to be ascertained, and any Inheritance Tax due has to be paid. An application is then made to the Probate Registry (a division of the High Court) for a Grant. The Probate Registry issues a Grant of Probate if there is a Will or a Grant of Letters of Administration if there is not.

read more › For further information regarding any of our Private Client services please contact a member of our team who would be pleased to help. The number of contentious probate claims has increased dramatically over the last couple of decades, and this increase is. Whether you're an employee or employer, there is no doubt you would have come across the term "garden leave". Redundancy can arise in a variety of situations, but to avoid unfair dismissal allegations employers must make sure the.

read more › Buying and selling a house involves some of the biggest investment decisions you will ever make and it pays to use the right team to safeguard your property, Here at Caversham Solicitors we have an experienced team of conveyancing solicitors ready to help you with the transfer of property ownership. We offer other conveyancing services detailed below and can reassure you that you will always be kept informed with regular updates from our small but professional and friendly property team. Caversham's Solicitors will organise a fully qualified solicitor for your conveyancing, your appointed solicitor will keep in constant touch with you during this, ensuring that the process goes as smoothly as possible and take the stress away.

read more › Many employment claims fail because people leave it too late. For example, if your employer changes part of your job without asking you, then your employer is entitled to assume that you have accepted those changes if you do not make an official complaint within a reasonable period of time, which could be as short as just four weeks after the changes have been made. Many employees do not make complaints because they worry that it will affect their future employment prospects. Our experience is that most complaints can be resolved by discussions between the employee and the employer, including agreeing a reference if the employee decides to move on.

read more › There may come a time in the future when you become unable to deal with your own affairs due to age or ill-health. It is important if that situation were to arise, you have appointed someone you can trust (your Attorney), who will have the legal ability to act on your behalf. That is where a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) comes in. It is a prudent and forward-thinking step for a person to take when they are planning their affairs and a move that Caversham Solicitors can help you to make. An LPA is a document that ensures your affairs are dealt with by a trusted person (or persons) in the event that you are unable to make important decisions due to lack of mental capacity.

read more › Our Business legal services cover a range of disciplines, from starting, buying or selling a business through to employment disputes, consumer issues, commercial disputes, debt and insolvency and debt collection. Essentially, Caversham Solicitors is here to help you and your business, whatever your business related legal issues might be. If you can't find anything on our site that directly addresses the issue you are having, then of course, please just get in touch to arrange an appointment to come in an speak with us.

read more › We have developed policies within our company that help us work more efficiently and effectively and maximise the use of our time; some of these are listed below. The solicitor acting for you will be your dedicated file manager and will oversee all work that is done for you. We appreciate that everyone is different, and some people don't like receiving letters: you can tell us your preferred method of communication. We must tell you in advance whenever possible the cost of our work or advice and unless you have already asked us to start the work, only do so if you have agreed the price.

read more › In order to maintain our high standards of service, please help us by booking an appointment before you call in; this ensures that we are prepared for you. We may prepare an agenda before meetings to ensure that everything is covered and nothing gets missed. Our office hours are 9 to 5.30pm. At any time between 12.00 and 2.30pm individuals may be away from their desks for lunch, and frequently solicitors are away at court, but there will always be staff available between these hours. Outside of these hours, please leave a message on the answering service.

read more › We understand that making a decision to separate from your partner or end a marriage is not an easy one, especially where there are children and financial responsibilities involved. We often see clients many months before any final decisions are made as well as those needing urgent advice. Our family solicitors offer a FIXED FEE consultation (more in depth advice followed by a written advice letter) to help our clients have an understanding of what their rights are and of the process that might lay ahead.

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