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We can offer legal advice and defence representation if you have been accused of / charged with any criminal offence. We have specialist expertise in dealing with drink driving offences, driving offences, fraud, and sex offences (including computer related offences). The most important thing is to act now. If you have received a court summons or are worried you may lose your driving licence, don't wait - contact us immediately and we will be happy to help.

Most people plead guilty to driving offences such as drink driving - lawyers such as ours are there to advise and represent you in court and you may avoid penalties as a result. We pride ourselves on being a small firm with a personal service. Only if we have an unavoidable diary clash will we send someone else, and we would then select someone carefully and tell you first.

We are able to visit you in your own home in the Reading area. We also have a good success rate. We are one of only a few firms in Reading specialising in criminal law.

read more › The firm was established in 1996, and specialises exclusively in Criminal Law (which includes all facets of motoring). We have been particularly cultivating expertise on physical and sexual assault cases, indecent images, drugs, drink driving, and DVLA cases. Consistency in representation. Only if absolutely necessary will someone else represent you, and we will always do our utmost to avoid this. Visit you at your home address (if you live in the Reading and surrounding area) at no extra cost to you.

read more › Andrew is an experienced trial advocate who regularly represents clients at the Crown and Magistrates Court. As an experienced trial advocate Michael regularly appears before the Crown Court in Reading. He has successfully appeared before the High Court and Court of Appeal. Adonis Daniel qualified in 1991 and has since been working within the Reading area, running crime departments and offices and. Don't delay, contact us now on 0118 958 4407 (daytime) or 24/7 on 07310 066768 (emergency), or 07811 430898 (Andrew).

read more › An excellent opportunity for someone looking to qualify as a duty solicitor, as we will assist you to obtain your duty solicitor qualification. Responsible for all aspects of Crime work and on occasions, where appropriate providing technical expertise and guidance to other team members. Implementing any recommendations made by your supervisor following monthly file reviews ensuring that these are dealt with promptly. Variety of duties including dealing with a full range of Criminal Defence cases both Private and Legal Aid clients and be able to manage complex and sensitive cases ranging from bail applications, serious fraud, white collar crime, murder, drug crime and theft, liaising with the CPS and courts, preparing statements and collating evidence.

read more › As a private client you want the best representation at a reasonable cost. We will always aim to offer a fixed fee irrespective of how long your case lasts. The good news is that if you win your case, it is likely that you will get back all of your money from the government if your case remains in the Magistrates Court. We have represented people from all walks of life including IT professionals, MPs, CEOs of companies, teachers, Lords of the Realm, farmers, racing drivers, TV personalities, military, doctors etc.

read more › We have experience in representing individuals, small to medium sized companies and members of the public in Alcohol licensing matters (including Entertainment Venue cases). We will take your case seriously and ensure you are well prepared for the hearing. If they are opposed to your application, the Local Authority will instruct experienced lawyers to oppose application or appeal. So you need someone prepared to fight your corner. Very often there will be objections from local residents/police etc.

read more › Assault is the offence for which we are most commonly instructed as solicitors. We have represented clients facing very minor charges of common assault to very serious offences of Grievous Bodily Harm and multiple murder. We have been able to obtain good results by reaching plea agreements with prosecutors when appropriate. Where a plea bargain is not appropriate we will take matters to trial. In all cases, a thorough investigation is required, and if the use of forensic experts is needed then one will be instructed.

read more › Due to the complexity of these cases, it is important that you find a solicitor with experience in computer crimes. We have the experience and the knowledge to defend clients in cases involving technologically complicated cybercrimes, which may involve many witnesses, extensive financial documentation and a host of experts. Don't delay, contact us now on 0118 958 4407 (daytime) or 24/7 on 07310 066768 (emergency), or 07811 430898 (Andrew). The quickest way to get in contact is through email or mobile phone as we are often out of the office (either in court or the police station).

read more › Often as a result of a conviction for drug supply offences, the police will endeavour to confiscate from you all the money you have received over the previous 6 years other than that which you can prove was legitimately earned. These claims are very defendable but at first glance are pretty terrifying - the money they want is huge and the papers run to thousands of pages. Andrew represented another client accused of selling 10,000 worth of fake Nike trainers over eBay. The court passed a non-custodial sentence.

read more › We have particular expertise in representing clients who have had their driving licence revoked by the DVLA. We have seen an increasing number of revocations, based sometimes on very weak evidence. The firm recently won a high profile case against the DVLA in the high court. Our client had her licence revoked on the basis that she was a danger either because of her COPD (a respiratory condition) or because of cognitive decline. We gathered strong evidence to refute the DVLA's case and eventually won the case on appeal in the High Court in London.

read more › Our advice is when going to Court, never go unrepresented just to "get the matter over with". Very often, the accumulation of penalty points can lead to the loss of your driving licence. For example "driving without due care and attention" carries up to 9 points, a disqualification and a fine of up to 2500. Most people plead guilty to road traffic offences, so often the police do not prepare their files well. Our lawyers can provide comprehensive advice so that you do not plead guilty to something the police cannot prove.

read more › We regularly appear before the crown court for allegations of simple possession and possession with intent to supply class A and B drugs. You might be charged with simple possession which could result in a simple fine or possession with intent to supply which could result in a substantial prison sentence, potentially even harsher than a murder charge. By and large, the severity of the charges will depend on three factors: the type of drugs involved, the amount or quantity of the drugs involved, and whether or not there is evidence that the drugs were to be sold to another person.

read more › Receiving a conviction for an offence of fraud, even if you have not been in trouble before could result in a prison sentence and the loss of your job. Therefore it is imperative that you get the best representation from the outset. We have successfully represented individuals and businesses who have come under investigation or been charged by the police, department of work and pensions and customs and excise in white-collar criminal matters for more than 20 years. More so than in any other area of criminal defence, the hiring of a skilled criminal defence lawyer at the very earliest stages of a white-collar criminal case, may make all the difference in the world in shaping the scope and direction of an investigation for the client.

read more › We have an outstanding track record in defending Freedom of Speech and other Human Rights. Many of our cases have been high profile and reported in the national press. Michael represented the directors of the group Abort67 who had been charged with an offence under the public order act and an offence of obstructing a police constable. After a 4 day trial, they were acquitted of all offences. Read media coverage. Michael represented him at Dartford Magistrates Court. The prosecutor was served with recent case law on the morning of the trial and agreed to drop all the charges.

read more › Many people are not aware that in law it is possible to be guilty of the offence of possession of indecent images even if the images have not been specifically downloaded onto their computer. However it does not necessarily follow that by simply looking at indecent images you will be guilty of this offence. It all turns on the facts and it will often help to instruct a leading forensic computer analyst to examine the computer. Penalties for Possession of Internet Child Pornography (Indecent Images of children and Extreme Pornographic images) are particularly severe and prison is a real prospect.

read more › Without a doubt, sex crime charges are some of the most difficult and challenging to defend because of the nature of the allegations, the potential punishment involved, and the damage to one's reputation caused by the announcement of sexual offence charges. We welcome the toughest cases, no matter how bad it looks. In sex offence cases, there are a number of defences and other critical issues that tend to come up regularly. Only a solicitor experienced in sexual offence cases, one who has fought courtroom battles using these defences and contended with these issues, can effectively wade through all these issues.

read more › We will take your case seriously and ensure you are well prepared for the hearing. Remember, the Local Authority will instruct experienced lawyers to oppose against your taxi licence appeal. So you need someone experienced to represent you. We have helped Hackney Carriage taxi licence holders, Private Hire driver licence holders, Operator or Fleet Operator licence holders. We can appeal to the Local Licensing Authority on your behalf, and represent you at appeal before the magistrates court and if needs be the crown court.

read more › The police will often try to tidy up their case load and improve their records by offering a caution. For the professional, this should rarely be accepted - you could have the rest of your career ruined by accepting a police caution as many people are now subject to Disclosure and Barring Service checks (DBS). This is called a "discontinuance" by the Crown Prosecution Service (the agency that represents the police in court). A discontinuance is rare. However it can be achieved if we can persuade the prosecutor that the police have failed to gather evidence that shows you are innocent.

read more › Thank you for taking on K's case and for taking the time to listen to him and put forward a great defender (if that's the right word). He is very pleased with the outcome but appreciates he needs to learn from the experience. You were very clear with him and engaged well with him - you didn't need to but it made the world of difference to him. Thank you again, M.A. You or someone you care about is in the worst place right now. What are the possible outcomes? How long will it all take? What are the steps?

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