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Pail Solicitors Our clients are leading-edge small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups that need excellent legal expertise on contracts and legal disputes concerning Internet law, digital technologies and digital entertainment and media law. We provide a comprehensive and detailed digital media related contract drafting service that includes all the clauses specific to the digital project, whether it be a website, mobile app, eSports or gaming venture.

When you have valuable intellectual property or other assets to protect, template contracts are often missing vital clauses and schedules and limit liability for negligent drafting to 200. Template contract websites often assign jurisdiction to the United States or Canada for any lawsuit against them for negligence. Suppose your interests do not align with the contracting party.

Standard contracts may include provisions or clauses that could work against your interests.

read more › Do the heavy lifting through the courts so that entrepreneurs and creatives can own and profit from their ideas by securing IP rights and dealing effectively with infringement. Support innovative business investors using digital technology to realise their vision by writing easy to read commercial contracts and business terms that comply with privacy and general data protection regulations. Help digital, and entertainment agencies engage clients and develop projects. Market businesses using clear, concise and up-to-date contracts with social media influencers.

read more › Peter is a regulated and licensed solicitor trading as PAIL(R) Solicitors which is registered as a UK firm of solicitors under number 511025. Peter's practice is focused on providing legal support for business investors, entrepreneurs, creatives and startups on digital technology, intellectual property and entertainment law. Peter is a contentious and non-contentious Internet Lawyer with +20 years experience. Peter is a contentious and non-contentious specialist in Private Equity and Debt Fund Raising; GDPR (Privacy); Gaming & Esports; Online Content Marketing Law; Ecommerce; IP and Online Reputation Management.

read more › Our firm has been advising businesses on enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) since the GDPR began in May of 2018. A significant change made by the GDPR is the territorial scope of EU data protection law. GDPR applies to any business marketing to the EU and UK even if your business has no employees or offices within the boundaries of the EU. Clients that we advise on GDPR include UK and worldwide businesses, including gaming, online market places, recruitment agencies and companies, healthcare and fashion businesses.

read more › Our digital media/entertainment services consist of all types of ecommerce and ebusiness contracts; and contracts relating to digital audiovisual media/entertainment content including performers, eSports, music, film and contracts for entertainment events and talent management. Your success in the online content, entertainment media and fashion world starts with good contracts. We also regularly advise on author publishing agreements, digital music related contracts including digital music website and app terms and conditions.

read more › At PAIL(R) Solicitors we specialise in small business and start-ups, and one of the issues our clients face is raising finance and paying for the project. Start-ups in particular struggle financially at the early stage of your projects; where you are still trying to get your developer to complete their proposal and to agree on terms and a price before making the significant initial payment. Start-up clients usually need assistance in saving costs and managing their cash flow in the early stages of their project.

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