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H & S Solicitors We work directly with our clients, drawing on our years of experience of preparing high quality visa applications and presenting successful appeals and judicial reviews before the immigration courts. We are a London based professional firm of immigration solicitors who are dedicated to providing both private and business clients with the highest quality legal advice and representation.

With our competitive fees and our friendly personable approach, we hope that you will come to us for all your immigration needs. I am very grateful for professionalism and excellent treatment of my Indefinite Leave to Remain Application. I highly recommend H&S Solicitors to assist with any Immigration cases because of their high standard, thorough and attentive service during whole application process.

Huge thanks to Saliha Khaldi for her guidance and support. H&S were absolutely fantastic in helping myself and my sister apply for Citizenship and then our passports. They were very thorough and patient with us and were available at any time to answer questions and offer advice and support.

read more › High Net Worth Individuals and Entrepreneurs find the UK to be the ideal place to settle with their families and operate their businesses from. H & S Solicitors helps those foreign nationals obtain long-term visas to stay in the UK. London, one of the world's most important financial capitals and global trade hub, is the most popular settlement destination for our High Net Worth clients and entrepreneurs. H & S provides investor services for those clients and ensures their capital is well-managed upon arrival to the UK.

read more › The UK has always welcomed direct foreign investment and London has become a city renown for the internationally wealthy. The UK is a dynamic country with a continuously well-performing economy and offers many opportunities for investors to grow their capital and enterprises. Placed strategically between the US and Asian markets, a presence in London enables investors to work on a worldwide platform between international time zones. H & S Solicitors are dedicated to providing tailored advice all the way through the investor application and ensure its success.

read more › The UK has opened its borders to any foreign individual wishing to set up a new business or manage an existing one in the UK with stakes starting from 50,000. Entrepreneurs wishing to start or run a business with a 200,000 stake will be eligible for the same Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa under different conditions. H & S Solicitors will ensure all the paperwork is in order and go through the different steps of the application for you. Our firm's services supporting your application will ensure a successful return.

read more › A business sponsorship licence is a business immigration service we can provide at H & S Solicitors. This service is specifically designed to offer visa services to UK companies, to ensure their foreign employees can legally come to work in the UK. There are two types of work permits available, a Tier 2 Skilled Worker visa, for workers who hold long term offers of employment, and a Tier 5 Skilled Temporary Worker visa, for short term employment. Our Business Sponsorship Licence service extends to all types of UK registered companies, from start-ups, to medium-sized enterprises, to leading companies.

read more › The Portuguese golden visa is a program that allows foreigners to live and work and eventually apply to become Portuguese citizen after 5 years. H & S Solicitors offer international investment visa services to all High Net Worth clients and Investors. The successful application of the Portugal Investment Visa enables travel, establishment, residency and work throughout the European Union, upon the completion of investments in Portugal. The program is open to all nationals and including nationals of European Union.

read more › The Malta International Investor Programme (IIP) is aimed at ultra-high net worth individuals and families worldwide. It offers citizenship in a stable, dynamic EU Member State. H & S Solicitors offer a speedy and efficient application process, in which strict due diligence will be effected to ensure clients' successful admission. All applicants must make a substantial contribution to the National Development and Social Fund as established by the Maltese government. H & S Solicitors will guide you through the process as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

read more › You can apply for a spouse visa if you are married to or in civil partnership with a British Citizen, UK settled person or UK refugee. H and S Solicitors will take you through ever step of the process until the receipt of your visa. The spouse visa, which is initially limited to two and a half years, enables the holder to work in the UK, travel in and out of the UK without restriction. After the initial two and a half year period, the holder will be eligible to extend the Spouse Visa for another two and a half years.

read more › H and S Solicitors can assist you in all stages of the Unmarried Partner Visa Application. We are a specialist Immigration law firm providing legal services to clients in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We offer an experienced team of legal practitioners, who have a particular interest in immigration law. Our aim is to provide you with tailored advice at the time when it matters most. You may apply for this visa if you have been in a long term relationship, akin to marriage for a period of at least 2 years with a British national.

read more › H & S provides tailored advice to adult dependent foreign nationals looking to remain in the UK with members of their immediate family. The applicant may be an adult dependent on a parent, grandchild, brother, sister, son or daughter of someone living permanently in the UK. We will guide you through the steps of application for the Family Dependent Visa and will continue to build your case until receipt of the Visa. You do not have access to that type of care and assistance in your country of origin or you may not afford it.

read more › H & S provides tailored advice to parents of foreign children looking for their children to join them in the UK. The applicant must be a child under the age of 18, the son or the daughter of someone living permanently or temporarily in the UK. We will guide you through the steps of application for the Child's Visa and will continue to build your case until receipt of the Visa. Different conditions may apply considering the parent's status in the UK, whether both parents are in the UK, or if one of the parents is the child's sole guardian.

read more › H & S Solicitors assists those married to, or in a civil partnership with an EU citizen to apply for an EEA Family Permit. Children of the EU citizen will also be eligible for the EEA Family Permit, and can be added to the same application. H & S will also provide additional services of application through the British authorities for applicants not yet arrived in the UK. The EU citizen must be exercising their rights in the UK (employment, self-employment, study, self-sufficient.). The couple must have met and be legally married or in a civil partnership with each other.

read more › For EU nationals who have lived in the UK for a 5 year initial period, H & S Solicitors will advise them in the application of Permanent Residency in the UK. EEA Permanent Residency will enable the holder to reside in the UK for an unlimited amount of time. In some exceptional circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residency before the usual five year residence period. H & S Solicitors will take care of all the application forms, supporting evidence documents and liaise with the Home Office on your behalf.

read more › Naturalisation as a British Citizen is a fairly lengthy process and a significant life decision. H & S Solicitors provide assistance throughout your naturalisation application and take you through all the necessary steps. We will ensure you understand the significance of the step you are taking and understand all the civic duties you will have as a naturalised British citizen. You must be able to communicate in English, Welsh, Scottish or Gaelic to an appropriate level. You must have knowledge of life in the UK and you will be required to sit an examination on life in the UK.

read more › H & S Solicitors is committed to undertaking appeals before the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal, and have a track record of successful appeals for our clients. H & S Solicitors are experienced in this field and will take clients on from any stage of the appeals to ensure successful results. We will prepare your documents and evidence and submit them on your behalf. As appeals are usually a lengthy process, we are committed to taking on clients both from within the UK, or from overseas. One of the members of our team will either communicate with you directly, or electronically in order to get the most comprehensive understanding of each case.

read more › H & S provides tailored advice to foreign students looking to study in the UK. If you have received an offer from a UK institution of education and you are from a non EEA country or Switzerland, we can guide you through the steps of application for the Tier 4 Student Visa and will continue to build your case until receipt of the Visa. H & S provides tailored advice to parents applying for their children (between the ages of 4 and 17) to study at an independent school in the UK. UK independent schools are highly acclaimed for their quality of education and competition for places is fierce.

read more › Having a professionally written Will can give you peace of mind that your estate will go to those you choose. Our solicitors will advise you on the best way of achieving this and ensure that your Will is effective when it is needed. When someone close to us dies, it can be one of the most difficult times of our lives. Our solicitors can help you by dealing with the administration involved in sorting out their estate. This may include the payment of taxes, debts and distribution of assets.

read more › The wills and estate planning lawyers at H & S Solicitors in High Street Kensington have expertise in all aspects of making a Will, from drafting a Will to advising you on whatever provisions you wish to make in the management of your estate, finance and assets. There is a commonly held misconception that if you are married or in a civil partnership you do not need to make a Will, as everything you own passes to your spouse or partner when you die. This is not necessarily true. If you die without a valid Will, the distribution of your assets is governed by a set of legal rules called intestacy.

read more › A Grant of Probate is the legal authority to act for the estate of the Deceased and administer and/or distribute it in accordance with a Will or Rules of Intestacy. Probate is necessary whether the deceased made a will or not - if a person dies intestate, a close family member can act as their personal representative and appoint other executors and a solicitor to help administer the estate and apply for probate, so that their assets can be distributed. Probate is necessary if a person owns a property and/or has money held in bank accounts.

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