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Karir Solicitors Whether you are an individual, family, global company or a start-up business, we provide bespoke services to clients across the UK and overseas to meet all of your immigration needs. Karir Solicitors is a progressive and forward thinking immigration law firm based in London. The firm provides specialist advice on all aspects of UK immigration, nationality, human rights, asylum and European Union law.

The firm maintains its success in providing clear and strategic services tailored for each situation and client under the traditional categories of immigration law whilst offering specialist advice at the cutting edge of radically changing and newly evolving areas. We represent individuals, families and businesses on complex and contentious legal issues.

We continuously strive to find solutions to client's legal problems and have an outstanding record of success. We know firsthand that the process of immigration has the potential to change people's lives. The stress that comes with the decision of move to a new country is inevitable.

read more › Our expertise lies in finding solutions to clients' problems, handling complex applications which do not meet the strict requirements of the immigration rules, and challenging negative decisions of the authorities through administrative review, appeal and judicial review. With skills honed to find solutions to client's problems, no matter how novel or complex, our commitment to obtaining successful outcome for our clients is unparalleled. We have years of experience of assisting both corporate and private clients from across the globe to enter and remain in the UK under all categories of immigration and nationality law.

read more › An application for a Sponsor Licence is a process which allows UK based employers and education institutions to prove to the Home Office that they are eligible to be placed on the register of sponsors and that they genuinely wish to take on migrant workers or students. On receipt of a licence to sponsor migrant workers or students, you are expected to fulfill certain duties to ensure that the system is not abused. These duties start on the day your licence is granted and continue until your licence is surrendered or revoked.

read more › Monica you are a fantastic immigration lawyer. I tried three different ones before and there were always issues of misunderstanding or poor attention to details. You are the first lawyer with whom I can stop worrying about my future in the UK. You made possible the impossible. I would like to thank my lawyer Monica Karir for her vote of confidence, professionalism and exceptional interest in my case.

read more › You can apply for a spouse visa or marriage visa in your home country or country of your residence, if you are married to, civil partner / unmarried partner of, fianc(e) of a British Citizen, a person who has Indefinite Leave to Remain, a person who has limited leave as a refugee or has been granted humanitarian protection, an EEA national with limited leave under the EU Settlement Scheme, or a person in the UK with limited leave as a Turkish worker or business person under Appendix ECAA Extension of Stay.

read more › This route is for people with high net worth, who would like to make a substantial financial investment in the UK. Our immigration lawyers in Central London would be happy to facilitate the process in as straightforward a manner as possible. You have 2 million or more investment funds, to invest in UK government bonds, share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK registered companies. Entry clearance will be granted for 3 years and 4 months and if switching in country, leave will be granted for 3 years.

read more › The Tier 1 (Exceptional talent) route remains open for settlement applications. Global Talent visa is for talented and promising individuals in the fields of science and research, digital technology and arts and culture (including film and television, fashion design and architecture) wishing to work in the UK. Global Talent applicants must hold an endorsement from an organisation engaged by the Home Office to develop sector specific criteria and consider individual applications on its behalf. The existing Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) endorsing bodies (the Royal Society, the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering, Tech Nation and Arts Council England) are joined by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) under the new Global Talent category.

read more › Indefinite Leave to Remain is commonly referred to as settlement (or permanent residence for EEA nationals and their family members) is a status which confers a right to live in the UK with no time limit and without restrictions. An applicant for indefinite leave to remain can qualify for this status after a continuous residence in the UK of 2, 3, 5 or 10 years depending on the immigration category under which they have lived in the UK and satisfied the requirements of. There are several requirements that must be satisfied in order to qualify for indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

read more › An application for a Sponsor Licence is a process that allows UK based employers and education institutions to prove to the Home Office that they are eligible to be placed on the register of sponsors and that they genuinely wish to take on migrant workers or students. In concomitant to student sponosrs, there are two broad types of sponsor licence you can apply for: Worker licence (formerly Tier 2) which will let you employ people long-term or permanently, and Temporary Worker licence (formerly Tier 5 (Temporary Worker)) which will let you employ people on a temporary basis.

read more › EEA nationals do not include Irish citizens, who do not need permission to live or work in the UK and are not eligible to apply on the Skilled Worker route. This is the higher of either: the general salary threshold of 25,600, or the specific salary requirement for their occupation, known as the 'going rate'; and, where applicable, the hourly rate, . You will be able to trade characteristics, such as qualifications, against a lower salary to get the required number of points. If the job offer is less than the minimum salary requirement but no less than 20,480, you may still be eligible if you have: a job offer in a specific shortage occupation; a PhD relevant to the job; a PhD in a STEM subject relevant to the job.

read more › This category is for people who are seeking to enter the UK for a temporary purpose, such as a tourist, to visit family or friends, to carry out business activities, etc. Not everyone requires this visa before coming to the UK. It depends on the country of which you are a national. The changes seek to increase flexibility in the system, specifically with regard to the activities visitors can undertake in the UK. As part of these changes the number of visas in the visitor route, has been reduced from 15 to 4. Our UK Visitors Visa lawyers in London can provide detailed assistance for a successful application.

read more › This route is for businesses that have an established presence outside the UK and would like to set up a branch or subsidiary in the UK. For this, they would like to send an employee who has worked for the company for some time to the UK to represent their overseas business in UK. This route does not require the applicants to show a certain amount of funds in their possession. Our Representatives of Overseas Business visa lawyers in London can ensure your application process goes smoothly. You are a senior employee of a business which has its headquarters and principal place of business outside the United Kingdom; and.

read more › If you are in the UK and cannot return to your own country, because you have a well-founded fear of persecution, then you may claim asylum and qualify for refugee status. Your family including your partner and children under the age of 18 can apply for asylum with you as your dependants if they are with you in the UK. You are unable to return to your own country, and if you are stateless, this is the country you usually live in, because you have a well-founded fear of persecution. The persecution that you fear is because of one of the following reasons:.

read more › If you do not meet the strict requirements of the UK immigration rules, it is possible to ask the Secretary of State to consider your application under the Human Rights Act 1998. Although there is nothing to prevent you from asking the Secretary of State to consider a case under the Human Rights Act, where the requirements of the immigration rules are met, but it can help those who are likely to refused under the immigration rules but then go on to succeed on the Human Rights grounds. Where applicable, you can appeal an immigration decision to refuse your application to the Immigration Tribunal on the basis that the immigration decision breaches your human rights.

read more › A decision of the Home Office to refuse an application can be challenged by way of appeal to the First Tier Tribunal only in a limited number of cases. Following the implementation of the Immigration Act 2014, the UK Immigration appeal system has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. Full appeal rights have been substituted with Administrative Review for applications under the points-based system as well as for those under other immigration categories. Refusal to issue document or decision to deport under the European Economic Area Regulation, .

read more › If your immigration application has been refused and you think that the Home Office has made a mistake in reaching this conclusion, you can ask for a review of the Home Office decision by applying for an Administrative Review. The cases that can be administratively reviewed are those that fall under the points based system as well as other immigration categories that do not raise human rights grounds. Your case will be reviewed by a different official of the Home Office to the one who decided your application in the first instance.

read more › It is a process by which lawfulness of a decision or action of the public body can be challenged in the Upper Tier Tribunal in immigration cases, and in High Court in British citizenship and unlawful detention cases. You can only resort to this process if there is no appeal right available. It is a challenge to the way in which a decision has been made, rather than the rights and wrongs of the decision itself. The Court cannot substitute what it thinks is the correct decision. If you are unhappy about a decision and want to argue that a decision was incorrect, then judicial review may not be best for you.

read more › We represented a client who was subjected to UK entry ban in their application for entry clearance to the UK. We made detailed representations and supported the application with colossal of evidence. The application was refused. We issued letter before claim setting out the grounds for lodging a challenge in court and UK Visas & Immigration agreed to review the refusal decision. A fresh decision was issued which was again a refusal of the application. We then lodged the challenge in court. In their response, UK Visas & Immigration conceded the case.

read more › Monica is a legal professional with a near-encyclopedic knowledge of UK immigration law and practice. I will not hesitate to recommend her firm to persons seeking professional advice in her area of speciality. Her optimism in the course of offering legal advice was justified by the positive outcome achieved. She is extremely detailed and diligent in her approach. Monica's support during my wife's application for a spouse visa was first class. She was very responsive and diligent in how she handled everything.

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