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Higgins Miller Solicitors When I started out it was in a general high street practice where you were expected to deal with anything that turned up. That meant I dealt with family matters, neighbour disputes, criminal matters, conveyancing, injury cases literally anything. Over the years the profession has become more specialised and now my work covers two main areas - Family (that includes divorce, separation, children, financial disputes and child care) and wills, probate and lasting powers of attorney.

So often people feel trapped in a relationship that they cannot get out of and stay together through fear, inertia, for financial reasons or because they believe that its best for the children. Having seen this first hand this is never a good quality of life. It has a negative affect not only on my client but others who are important to them. I want to help them find solutions so that they can plan and build better lives.

Its diverse, no two situations are the same, expect the unexpected and deal with it. The profession has changed a lot over the years, that means that we have to adapt in what we do and how we do it.

Family law is complex, which is why if you are experiencing domestic or marital problems that it is absolutely vital you have the very best family law solicitors on your side. Someone who is easy to talk to. Someone you have complete confidence in. Someone you know will determinedly fight to support you. You really couldn't have anyone better than Higgins

Divorce is never a decision that is undertaken lightly. However, if you have arrived at that decision you do need expert, professional, legally qualified advice and assistance of divorce solicitors to fully understand your rights and to be aware of the choices that are available, then Higgins Miller are here to help you. Higgins Miller is widely acknowledged

Over many years Higgins Miller has been recognised as one the North West's specialist divorce solicitors, but over recent years we have seen a marked increase in the number of cases where civil partnerships have broken down. Just as with a divorce, the dissolution of a civil partnership can be complex and extremely stressful, which is why you most definitely

There can be a great deal of confusion about exactly what is meant by Separation Agreements (sometimes referred to as a Legal Separation), Clean Break Order or a Consent Order. In a nutshell, a separation agreement or consent order is all about reaching and signing an agreement with your spouse or partner to determine the best and most fair financial

The ending of a relationship often brings with it questions and uncertainties and financial settlement (money and property) is one of the main issues to be resolved. There can be questions about what will happen to the family home: will it have to be sold or who will live in; if it has to be sold what will happen to proceeds; where will I live? These

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