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Howards Solicitors Manchester Our solicitors will pursue your claim to seek to ensure that you are awarded maximum compensation for your injury and for any costs or losses incurred as a result of the accident. Our team of expert Insurance lawyers, led by Peter Hall are specialists in taking on the big Insurance companies and forcing them to pay out on your claims. Motoring offences are rarely "open and shut cases" and there is usually something a specialist road traffic solicitor can do to help you.

You should never plead guilty to an allegation. Our approach is both practical and compassionate and our team is always on hand to provide you with sensible advice, support and assistance throughout the course of your matter. Whether your dispute concerns a business matter, a personal matter or something a bit different, our disputes team is well practised in handling any claims.

In the digital age, your data is more important and valuable than ever before. It is particularly valuable to fraudsters who want to acquire your data so they can either steal from you, defraud you or even impersonate you.

read more › Our aim is to be a "one-stop legal shop" for our clients. The practice is a place where those needing high quality legal advice can easily and promptly access it. Our lawyers are about more than that though: we build relationships with clients. We like to think that if someone needs a solicitor in Manchester or Macclesfield then he or she can come to us and experience a personal friendly service and environment. Please note that we successfully operate further a field and supply legal services throughout England and Wales.

read more › Oliver Gardner qualified a solicitor in 2002. Oliver specialises in criminal law, having worked in defence private practice throughout his career. Oliver has been instructed in extremely high profile cases involving serious fraud, murder and has represented celebrities, sports personalities, members of the judiciary and the police. In more recent years Oliver has become known for his particular expertise in motoring law cases, defending people accused of offences ranging from speeding to drink driving and causing death by dangerous driving.

read more › Kieran is the founding partner of the Henry's part of the firm, Kieran founded the firm in 1997. Although no longer at the helm, Kieran remains an integral part of the firm. Kieran has over 30 years of experience appearing before the range Criminal courts across the Country, including the Crown Court and Appeal Courts. Kieran is an accomplished Higher Court Advocate too meaning he has rights of audience to appear in the Higher Courts. Kieran cut his teeth in the Local Magistrates Courts whilst building a fearsome and nationwide reputation that led to a career appearing in courts across the country as his services were called for further and further afield.

read more › Peter, a director of the firm, heads the criminal department and is a highly regarded solicitor and Higher court advocate meaning he appears in both the Magistrates court and the Crown court alongside barristers. Peter is known for his tough, no nonsense approach to criminal litigation and his advocacy skills have earned him a following of clients that include some high profile names amongst the entertainment and sports world. Peter's wealth of experience and reputation has earned him the privilege of being instructed in some of the country's most high profile cases.

read more › Nikki qualified 2008 after completing her training with the firm. Nikki could not be more committed to her defence practice. Her reputation amongst the firm's client is second to none, often meaning she is the first choice of many clients referred to the firm for advice. Nikki is highly regarded by her colleagues and her depth of knowledge and advocacy ability makes the first point of contact within the firm by other solicitors in need of advice. Nikki's sensitive and compassionate approach to her clients' needs has earned her an enviable following but it is really her ability as an advocate that makes her to stand out.

read more › Jenny's wealth of experience and knowledge as a criminal defence lawyer made her the perfect choice for us when following expansion we had the need to recruit. Jenny has made the Magistrates courts in Cheshire her second home, appearing on an almost daily basis and covering a wide range of criminal cases. Jenny's delicate approach with them in comparison to her determined, robust stance in the face of the opposing lawyer has earned her a first class reputation amongst the firms' clients. In particular though, Jenny has carved out something of a niche and has become well known for her ability to defend cases involving serious violence and sexual offences.

read more › Since joining the firm, David has experienced a high success rate defending in criminal trials and as a higher court advocate also regularly appears for clients of the firm in the Crown Court. David is well known as a strong advocate with a thorough and meticulous approach to his cases. David is also a qualified duty solicitor.

read more › Milena is one of the firms Higher Court advocates. Milena is considered one of the firms leading advocates and will regularly appear in the Crown Court defending some of the firms most serious cases. Milena attracts enviable feedback from the firm's clients and recognition from her colleagues and opponents alike. Milena experiences unrivalled success in defending some of the most serious cases the firm is tasked with dealing with. Milena, who also speaks Bulgarian is a formidable advocate and is never afraid to take issue on behalf of her clients.

read more › Claire joined the firm in 2017 to support the expansion of the firm further into Cheshire. Claire is an accomplished and highly regarded solicitor with an emphasis on Magistrates Court Advocacy. Claire has many years of experience as a criminal defence lawyer, is highly respected by her peers and feared by her opponents. Claire started her career as a Family Law solicitor but that work soon gave way to the more exciting role of the criminal defence solicitor. Claire will be found daily in the Magistrates Courts across Cheshire fighting to uphold the rights of her clients, no matter what they may have been accused of.

read more › Louise joined the firm in 2020 to help further expand our Family Law department. Louise is a perfect addition for the firm, being an experienced solicitor specialising in childcare work. Our clients and their concerns are our number one priority and nobody personifies this philosophy like Louise. Louise says that what attracted her to this firm above the many others she had offers to join, was the way in which we, as a firm exist to support our clients in their most difficult times. Of course no time can be more important than when our children are the issue.

read more › The Howards Personal Injury Team is committed to ensuring that our clients are properly represented throughout their cases. Our team of expert personal injury claim specialists know that your injury is not just about a claim for compensation, rather it is about getting your life back on track as quickly as possible. Our years of experience mean that we have a network of specialists we can draw upon to help urgently get you the treatment and rehabilitation you need for your injuries, the financial package to make sure that your injury doesn't cause you undue hardship, if for example you are unable to work after your accident and we can also help you to manage any compensation you receive to ensure it goes as far as possible into the future.

read more › A road traffic accident can be terrifying and can often leave those involved with psychological trauma in addition to any physical injuries as well as a whole host of practical problems. Our expert Injury claims lawyers are well aware of this and that is why their compassionate and gentle approach to how they deal with our clients is so widely regarded. Our lawyers are all very knowledgeable and experienced to advise you upon the implications of any accident you may have been involved in. They can advise you on all aspects of the process including helping you get back on the road, whether that be through some form of counselling or by arranging a hire car while your car is repaired.

read more › Our Medical negligence lawyers are experts in assessing whether you have been the victim of medical negligence. Their experience means that whilst they may not be doctors themselves, they can generally determine if a medical professional has been negligent and has caused your suffering. We are very aware how traumatic any medical procedure is and as such understand the reliance placed on the medical professionals responsible for your care. Medical negligence claims are not about claiming just because something went wrong or didn't go to plan.

read more › Howards & Henry's Solicitors is one of the country's leading criminal law defence solicitor practices. Our criminal defence department is made up of experienced criminal defence solicitors. Our partners have appeared on national and local radio to discuss their cases. With offices in Manchester & Macclesfield we are perfectly placed to provide assistance to clients throughout Manchester, Cheshire & beyond. Year on year the government body, the Legal Services Commission, has renewed our contract to undertake criminal defence work on a government funded basis.

read more › Motoring offences are rarely "open and shut cases" and there is usually something a specialist road traffic / motoring solicitor can do to help you. You should never plead guilty to an allegation until you have sought the advice of a road traffic lawyer because no matter how clear the case against you may seem, the specialist motoring lawyer may be able to do something that helps you avoid the penalty points and/or fine and/or a driving ban. It is also common that the lawyer can help you avoid the conviction altogether.

read more › Regardless of the offence, it is likely one of our specialist road traffic offence / motoring offence lawyers can give you some advice to better your position - so call now before you take any action. We are solicitors and as such we are regulated by the "Law Society". This means that we are insured to protect you against negligence and that you are guaranteed we are authorised in the provision of legal services. In addition should you have any cause for complaint then the Law Society will persue the matter on your behalf until you get a satisfactory outcome.

read more › Howards is one of a select few legal practices that offers specialist legal advice for taxi firms and professionals. Even though we are based in the North West, we can offer advice and representation on taxi driver law across the UK. We work with all sizes of taxi businesses. One senior partner, Peter Eatherall, has a background in the taxi and haulage sectors. He has brought his practical experience to the legal world and has been offering assistance on taxi driver rules, regulations and law for the past 20 years.

read more › We at Howards & Henry's Solicitors understand that the breakdown of any relationship can be an extremely distressing time and we also understand the importance of choosing the right solicitor to represent your interests. Our approach is both practical and compassionate and our team is always on hand to provide you with sensible advice, support and assistance throughout the course of your matter whether this be a dispute about arrangements for children, involvement from children's services, protection from domestic violence or marital/civil partnership/cohabitation issues.

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