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Ducat Law Ducat Law is a local law firm in Orpington. We work individually with our clients. During stressful and uncertain periods, we provide a supportive environment, designed to demonstrate that we understand your situation, we are reliable and are easy to reach when you need urgent questions answered. We don't spread ourselves too thinly. Instead, we concentrate on just a few areas of practice so that we can guarantee the specialist service we have become known for.

We work with families and individuals at significant moments - buying or selling a home or making a will. We also represent small and medium-sized businesses throughout South East London and Kent, helping them deal with the legal formalities involved in buying and selling business premises. We are also commissioners for oaths, meaning we can quickly and cost-effectively help you formalise documents, administer oaths, take affidavits and legally recognise any other documents that require professional witnesses.

read more › When you are moving home or trying to find new business premises, the unfamiliarity of the process and the sheer number of different parties you are required to deal with - estate agents, mortgage brokers, surveyors and others - often lead to a sense that you are not in control of the situation. Making the right decisions about the contents of your will is difficult, too - particularly when you have to consider conflicting interests of different family members. Our lawyers have decades of experience in residential and commercial conveyancing.

read more › We offer a wide range of services within the legal sector. Our team of experienced lawyers are here to help with all of your legal requirements and to offer advice in what can often be difficult situations. Thank you very much for your professional guidance and assistance throughout this process. I am extremely pleased with the advice and support I received from you and would be very happy to recommend your services to my friends and family.

read more › At Ducat Law in Orpington, we work with clients during some of the most important transactions of their lives. Preparing your will and helping you move home or business premises are responsibilities we take seriously: You are never treated as a number or just another file. Instead, you receive a professional, personal service from lawyers who care about you and your future. That's the difference we make. We handle a large volume of transactions across Greater London and beyond, but we never view them as routine in the way some online or "warehouse" type conveyancing operations do.

read more › A professionally written will is the only way to ensure that your wishes are properly followed when you die. Ducat Law in Orpington is a firm of lawyers that provides experienced, sympathetic advice to clients on wills and related matters, including living wills, inheritance tax and lasting powers of attorney. Your will is one of the most significant documents you will ever have to prepare. Too often, we see the results of poorly drafted wills. Unfortunately, the consequences of inexpert advice usually only become clear after death, leading to uncertainty and the possibility of costly legal proceedings and even acrimonious disputes among family members.

read more › Our team of residential conveyancing lawyers will offer you an excellent service whether you are buying or selling a property, as they understand that moving home can be very stressful and often comes with a lot of emotional investment. Ducat's residential conveyancing lawyers will make sure your residential conveyancing experience is as stress-free as possible. Ducat Law's experienced residential conveyancing solicitors will ensure that your transaction proceeds quickly and smoothly and that you always stay ahead of the chain if it is a linked transaction.

read more › Moving location is a critical time for any business. Whether you are just starting out and taking over a lease of a shop or office building or you are expanding and moving from a well-established business address, our priority is to help you make the transition smoothly. Our team has many years' experience in residential and commercial property transactions in Orpington and throughout South East London, including the acquisition and disposal of shops, offices and licensed premises. With our tailor-made service, we avoid the disruption that the conveyancing process can cause to the day-to-day running of your business.

read more › Members of the team at Ducat Law in Orpington are commissioners for oaths. This means they can act as a professional witness to the signing of a document, take affidavits and administer oaths. Not all lawyers offer this: We see it as part of our comprehensive service to clients and the local community. Sometimes it is easy to overlook what seem like minor bureaucratic tasks. But failing to follow job and other application processes to the letter can have long-lasting consequences. Do you need a professional to witness your signature on a legal document such as a visa application?.

read more › A loved one can pass away with a will, or without a will (intestacy). In either situation it is necessary for the Executor (person who is to deal with the estate) to apply for official powers to deal with the estate; the Grant of probate or Letters of administration. If the Estate is simple and you only need help in applying for the Grant/Letters, Ducat Law offers a fixed fee Probate application process. Ducat Law is here to assist and make the process as accessible as possible. If you would prefer us to help with valuing the assets in an Estate, applying for the Grant/Letters and the subsequent distribution of the assets of the Estate to the beneficiaries, we are able to offer a full Estate Administration service.

read more › Our fees in acting in the administration of the Estate are based on an hourly rate of 150. Letters received will be charged in units of 1/20th of an hour (7.50). Letters written will be charged in units of 1/10th of an hour (15.00). Meetings, work on documents and time on the Telephone will be charged on the basis of time spent in each case - again based on Units of 1/10th of an hour. We will issue you with a complete breakdown of our costs for your agreement once the administration is complete along with the Estate Accounts for your approval.

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