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Edwards Vaziraney We specialise in serious crime and have built up a large practice defending clients in every aspect of criminal law. EDWARDS VAZIRANEY are top Criminal Defence Solicitors who specialise in Criminal Defence. We are expert in a wide range of criminal offences including murder, international drug smuggling and armed robbery. We cover the whole of London and the South East but can often travel to other parts of the country depending on the case.

EDWARDS VAZIRANEY employ a first class team of hard working, proactive and dedicated Solicitors, some of whom have over twenty years experience of Criminal Law. EDWARDS VAZIRANEY only instructs the best Barristers in London, who are handpicked for their excellent advocacy skills and their willingness to roll up their sleeves and to fight fearlessly for our Clients.

EDWARDS VAZIRANEY has been established for over ten years and all the Firm's Solicitors are members of the London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association (LCCSA) and the Criminal Law Solicitors Association (CLSA).

read more › Only highly experienced Solicitors with an advanced level of expertise and forensic skills will carry out the preparation of these cases. We can instruct top Experts who are well known to us such as Pathologists and Forensic Scientists (for example, specialising in blood staining and DNA) to challenge the Prosecution evidence. We successfully defended our Client who was arrested for the murder of a nurse in New Cross in London. The police were convinced our Client was guilty and their questioning at the police station was extremely oppressive.

read more › Only highly experienced Solicitors with an advanced level of expertise and forensic skills will carry out the preparation of these cases. We can help you if you have been arrested or charged with drugs supply or drugs importation offences. We have a long and very successful track record of representing and dealing with Clients arrested and charged with the most serious drugs offences which often involve surveillance evidence. We can instruct top Experts who are well known to us to conduct forensic examinations of telephone records and tachographs and to undertake mobile cell-site analysis in order to challenge the Prosecution evidence.

read more › Only highly experienced Solicitors with an advanced level of expertise and forensic skills will carry out the preparation of these cases. We can help you if you are being investigated or prosecuted for an offence of a sexual nature. We recognise that very often our Client has never been arrested before and we understand the need for the very sensitive and discreet handling of our Client's case at all times. All three women were ex-girlfriends of our Client with our Client having three-timed them, making two of the women pregnant at the same time, with them giving birth to their babies at the same time.

read more › Only highly experienced Solicitors with an advanced level of expertise and forensic skills will carry out the preparation of these cases. We have considerable expertise in representing and defending Clients accused of robbery and firearms offences. We have defended in many serious and organised armed robberies where the investigations are conducted by the Flying Squad. We have represented and defended numerous Clients of serious robberies and firearms offences and can instruct top forensic scientists who are well known to us to challenge the veracity and reliability of the Prosecution evidence which can often result in the Prosecution dropping the case before the Trial.

read more › We can help you if you are facing extradition to another country and we can instruct top Barristers to represent you at Court. We are currently preparing the case for a British man who faces extradition to France where he has been sentenced in his absence (without his knowledge) in connection with a multi-million pound VAT Fraud. We have instructed top Human Rights Barristers to represent him at his Hearing, which will take place at Westminster Magistrates Court later in the year where we will present the case against extradition in the most forceful and robust way.

read more › We can also help you if you have been accused of Benefit Fraud and you have received a letter asking you to attend an interview under caution or you are being taken to Court. We can often negotiate with the Benefits Agency for the money to be repaid if there has been an overpayment without there needing to be a Prosecution. We are very experienced in this field and if your case does go to Court we have a successful track record of defending all these types of case. We successfully defended a single parent of benefit fraud.

read more › We recognise that this type of case can be extremely worrying and very often our Clients have not had any previous dealings with the Criminal Justice System. We have successfully defended our Clients in all types of driving offences ranging from speeding to causing death by dangerous driving. Also included are offences of driving with excess alcohol, driving whilst disqualified, careless driving, dangerous driving, failing to stop, driving without insurance and driving without a valid licence. The first objective will be to always ascertain if it is possible to avoid a driving disqualification or a criminal conviction.

read more › We can help you if you have been arrested or charged with a football related offence or if you face a Football Banning Order. We have a very successful track record of representing and defending Clients who face conviction and/or Football Banning Orders. Banning Orders are issued by the Courts following a conviction for a football related offence or after a complaint by the Crown Prosecution Service or a local police force. For an Order to be issued, it must be proved that the accused person has caused or contributed to the football violence or disorder and that an Order will prevent them from misbehaving further.

read more › We can help you if you are being investigated or taken to Court because either your dog has bitten someone or your dog has been accused of being a dangerous dog (a pitbull type dog). The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 gives the Court the power to make a Destruction Order against the dog. We can instruct top veterinary surgeons who are well known to us to prepare Expert Reports to challenge the Prosecution evidence. So if you or a friend or a member of your family is being investigated or prosecuted, please call us or email us.

read more › Very often the same people accused of RSPCA offences are caring owners with the best intentions who have unblemished records. Usually, some simple advice or assistance would have been much more appropriate than an unnecessary prosecution. The RSPCA will often attend your home address after they have received anonymous reports of ill-treated or sick animals. If you are contacted by the RSPCA and they say they wish to interview you under caution, you are entitled to have a Solicitor present and the RSPCA cannot interview without a Solicitor if you request one.

read more › Trading Standards cover legislation created by Government to protect consumers and investigations can be triggered by an alleged violation of acceptable standards in the following:. We are often able to negotiate with Trading Standards to prevent a case from proceeding to Court. We can provide clear, precise and commercially considered advice to help our Clients at all stages of investigation. We can become involved on your behalf at an early stage, can attend any interviews with you and represent you in any proceedings that may ensue.

read more › We can help you if you are being investigated or prosecuted for a Health and Safety offence. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 all employers are duty bound to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their staff and any visitors to their premises. The law on Health and Safety has become increasingly more punitive and for the first time under the Health and Safety Offence Act 2008 a prison sentence of up to two years can be imposed. If breaches in Health and Safety result in or cause death then those responsible may also face prosecution for individual gross negligence manslaughter or corporate manslaughter.

read more › The Appeal process is an extremely important cornerstone of our Criminal Justice System and we may be able to help you if you or a member of your family feel they have been wrongfully convicted. This type of work is often very detailed involving a forensic dissection of what you believe went wrong at the Trial. Sometimes, fresh evidence may have come to light since the conviction. This work is undertaken on a privately funded basis by experienced and knowledgeable Lawyers who will look at your case with a new and fresh perspective.

read more › We can represent Clients in respect of all criminal offences and we completely appreciate that every single case can cause considerable worry and concern, especially if a Client has not had any previous dealings with the Criminal Justice System and a conviction would result in receiving a criminal record and could cause the loss of employment and sometimes liberty. We will always take your detailed instructions to ascertain what defences could be available to you. We also have special expertise in representing Clients with mental illness, mental impairments and autism.

read more › He reassured my father that he would deal with the situation and in the morning when he had to appear in Court, my father was met there by the Barrister that EDWARDS VAZIRANEY handpicked for me. My father was pleased that the Barrister had been passed the information regarding his case and he did get him bail. From then on he was introduced to his personal Solicitor and he only dealt with the two of them, which when you are in this situation not having to explain yourself to different people constantly is a huge factor.

read more › Of if you have been charged with a criminal offence and are required to attend Court very soon, please also call us now on 0208 249 6536. We can represent you free of charge at the police station because you are entitled to free and independent legal advice and representation. If you wish to pay for your police station representation privately because you would prefer to instruct a very senior Solicitor, or if the police station is a considerable distance from where our office is based, we can arrange this for you.

read more › Nearest mainline train stations to our office are either Clockhouse (trains from Charing Cross, London Bridge, Lewisham) and Beckenham Junction (trains from Victoria) and are not more than a ten minute walk. From Clockhouse station, you can either take the 227 or 354 bus to the High Street from outside Beckenham Leisure Centre or walk towards Beckenham High Street. From the War Memorial roundabout, we are opposite the cinema side and Burrell Row is situated on the first road on the right. From Beckenham Junction station, you can either take the 54 bus or 354 bus from opposite Marks and Spencer or simply walk down The Drive into the High Street and turning right towards the War Memorial roundabout, Burrell Row is situated on the corner by The White Horse pub.

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