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Hammond & Trotter Solicitors We're a Law Firm specialising in ALL aspects of Motoring Law, Driving Offences and nothing else! Being specialists who lead the field in Driving Defences has allowed us, over the thousands of cases we have advised upon, to develop unique methods to ensure that you get the result you want. This website is packed with information about driving offences and road traffic related laws.

If you want to read up on subjects such as Drink Driving and Drug driving before you call us; then you are in the right place. We will be on hand all hours of the day and night to answer your legal queries about any road traffic related situation, you may be facing. Our advice is straight forward. Our advice will leave you with more knowledge and greater peace of mind about any offences.

Our practice only deals with road traffic law cases which allows us the time and client base to develop insight that others simply do not have. Also we don't think every case should be defended. Some cases clearly require a not guilty plea, but often the best result in a case can be achieved by other methods such as negotiation and mitigation.

Our team here at Hammond and Trotter Solicitors have many years experience in the defence of the motorist and use all our skills and experience, and that of the solicitors and barristers who work for us, to ensure the best results. Our single focus is defending YOU the client. Not only are we members of the Society of Motoring Law, our managing partner

Here at Hammond and Trotter Solicitors, we are leaders in Traffic Offence Solicitors, representing clients across the whole of England and Wales. We're a law frim who specialise in all aspects of Motoring Law and nothing else. We are without a doubt, the countries leading Motoring Lawyers with a record of 87% of trials run by our team were won. Martin

Drink Driving is an offence that carries severe punishment and if you fall foul of drink driving law (drink driving lawyers), you can at least expect to be handed a lengthy disqualification and a heavy fine. You are also at risk of being imprisoned. Most people who are charged with drink related offences are charged with driving or attempting to drive

In the drinking culture of today, it can be alarming to think that you could be charged with a drink driving offence without actually driving a vehicle. The right drink driving solicitor can help you with any drink driving offence but, first let us help you understand exactly what the main offences are. Drink driving offences are split into four main

Should a breath reading be 39 micrograms or less, current Home Office Guidelines state that no action should be taken. Sentencing regarding the drink drive limit inevitably depends upon the circumstances of your case and the level of alcohol that is discovered. Without defending the case, the amount of time you would be disqualified for would usually

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