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Sehgal Our offer is simple; clear uncomplicated legal advice delivered from our offices in Birmingham and driven by two basics: expertise in the areas we specialise in and in-depth knowledge of our city, its business community and its people. The firm has an in-depth knowledge of the region's commercial property landscape. Our team has developed considerable experience working successfully with third parties and institutions for the benefit of clients.

Our Solicitors are specialists in dealing with matters such as VAT, TOGC (Transfer of a Going Concern), Option to Tax. We provide clear, uncomplicated advice, after having taken the time to get to know our clients and their business. Having the right legal support can make all these things much easier and let you get on with your life. Mac McCreery is a photographer based in Birmingham.

We've chosen to feature his images throughout our website as we recognise them as a true reflection of our city. Based in Digbeth, Mac criss-crosses the city, shooting mainly black & white photos of things that interest him.

read more › We promise the same, but we won't take a job we can't deliver on, and we don't overpromise. Our offer is simple; clear uncomplicated legal advice delivered from our offices in Birmingham and driven by two basics: expertise in the areas we specialise in and in-depth knowledge of our city, its business community and its people. Our clients are individuals, families and businesses who need help with all sorts of issues, ranging from buying or selling property, immigration, tenancy rights or commercial disputes.

read more › Sehgal & Co Solicitors are based in the rapidly developing Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. We work with property developers and investors, both big and small, in the Midlands and throughout the UK. We provide clear, uncomplicated advice, after having taken the time to get to know our clients and their business. Understanding our client's commercial drivers ensures they get the most appropriate and timely advice - focusing on a profitable outcome. Sehgal & Co Solicitors and their team are also active in helping clients seek investment opportunities where appropriate.

read more › Companies or investors buying or selling commercial property, need solid, dependable legal support and expertise. Solicitors that not only understand how to process property transactions but are also able to get to grips which how businesses work and give commercial guidance. Sehgal's solicitors can offer astute commercial advice on a wide range of property transactions; commercial sales and purchases - including acquisitions of new developments, regeneration projects or one-off local deals. Whatever sort of commercial property you are buying or selling, be it industrial units, office premises or unoccupied land for development, you can be confident, if you come to us, that you will get the best legal advice and tailored support for your business.

read more › Many businesses still need a physical location to operate from, be it a shop, offices, workshop, factory or storage facility. Whilst some businesses may also own the premises they use, many will be leasing their facilities for an agreed rent. When businesses lease a property or take on a lease for a property there many factors to consider. Rental value is often just one of the considerations, businesses also need flexibility so they can grow and some flexibility to move on to alternative premises if the business needs change.

read more › Commercial property disputes, however large or small, need to be handled carefully. At worst they can damage the value of an investment, but given the potential of uncertain outcomes, all disputes, however large or small, need managing very carefully. At Sehgal & Co, we have a team of property litigation experts who can bring the required knowledge, sensitivity and expertise to advise landlords and tenants on all disputes concerning property. Our astute solicitors will fight for your interests and we are confident there are very few situations where we won't have had previous experience.

read more › Commercial property leasing can be very complicated. So, if you are running a business or renting property, you will really benefit from good legal support. Good support that means landlords can manage multiple tenants easily. If you are a tenant, you can just get on with running your business without worrying about the small print. Securing the advice of a good lawyer means the potentially tricky process of leasing a property can be make so much smoother; agreements can be signed faster and both parties can get where they need to be, with a minimum of fuss.

read more › Our Real Estate Finance team is available to clients 24/7 - recognising that access to funds is often time sensitive and can make or break a project. At Sehgal, our team of Real Estate Finance lawyers works with both borrowers and lenders across the UK. Our lawyers are embedded into the property and finance communities, so able to introduce buyers to the best finance partners or even introduce other clients to form joint ventures. We take a very proactive approach with our clients. We believe we are not just advisors, but a part of the client's team.

read more › Planning is probably the most important stage in any project - be it a redevelopment or a new building. Both large and small projects will impact upon the local community, existing and future infrastructure and need careful planning and expert legal guidance. Being in the heart of Birmingham, in the Jewellery Quarter, which is undergoing a property development boom, we have a great deal of experience of working in partnership with developers of all sizes on a wide variety of projects. Some of these are very local, but many are for larger developers working across the UK.

read more › Life can be stressful at times - you might be buying or selling a house, making a will or dealing with an accident and feeling overwhelmed. Having the right legal support can make all these things much easier and let you get on with your life. You need to find the right advice at the right price, so building long term relationship with a solicitor makes a lot of sense. Whatever your situation, Sehgal & Co has a solicitor who will understand exactly what you need and offer you affordable support.

read more › Our residential property team will explain the buying or selling process to you, simply and in plain English. We will also make sure you are clear about all fees and charges, so you can be confident about what you need to budget for the purchase or sale of your property. To ensure consistency, we make sure you have the same solicitor acting for you throughout the process. We also know how worrying the process of house buying and selling can be, so we will make sure you can track the process of your transaction at any point for peace of mind.

read more › If you are personally involved in a dispute, you will be in no doubt of the negative impact it can have on you and those around you. Disputes can arise over all sorts of problems; for example, debts, boundary issues with neighbours, wills or something you've bought that isn't what you expected. Any dispute that is so serious that you feel you need legal help, is going to be a big distraction and very often, emotionally draining. So, you need solid, understanding and well-priced legal support. We have an extremely experienced team of solicitors, who have an excellent track record of helping clients solve their disputes.

read more › If you've suffered an accident or injury at work, you may also have suffered financial hardship due to no fault of your own. Not being able to work or support your family means financial compensation and medical care is often essential to get you back up and running. Accidents resulting in a personal injury or illness can sometimes be life changing for the victim and those closest to them. Our personal injury solicitors make it their business to ensure you get the most suitable medical care alongside a tailor-made rehabilitation programme to give you the support you need during a difficult recovery period.

read more › When someone dies, you will need to 'apply for probate', which means getting the legal right to deal with someone's property, money and possessions, known as the 'estate'. If the person has left a will and appointed an Executor, they can apply for the 'grant of probate'. As an Executor of an Estate, or Administrator under the Rules of Intestacy, you must comply with provisions of the deceased's Will or administer his/her Estate in accordance with the Rules of Intestacy (if no Will exists). At Sehgal & Co, we have a dedicated Probate and Estate Administration specialists with many years of experience in administering Estates of all sizes and complexities.

read more › Losing a loved family member is always hard. Whilst we can't help people with their grief, if you've made a Will your loved ones have less to worry. We can help you to make sure your wishes are followed without disputes or misunderstandings. If you have a Will, your money, property and other assets can be distributed in accordance your wishes. This is very important if you want to make sure you give your money to the people that need it most. Without a Will, your assets could end up going to the wrong people or even the State, as your family will lose control of the process.

read more › The cost of conveyancing for buying, selling, or remortgaging a property will include legal fees, search expenses, freeholder fees and Land Registry fees. The exact fees you must pay will depend on the size and nature of your transaction. Our Conveyancing Calculator will give you an instant conveyancing costs quote for your own situation. Stamp Duty is also payable on certain property transactions and we can give you guidance on that too. We provide you with a fixed fee quote at the outset of the transaction.

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