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Clarilis Our industry-leading platform liberates lawyers from routine, mechanical, and inefficient drafting. Get the greatest return on your lawyers with faster, more consistently accurate drafting of complex legal documents. Our matter-based intelligent drafting platform helps both law firms and in-house legal teams work with greater speed and efficiency, without compromising accuracy and consistency.

Free up fee earners for higher value activities. Clarilis speeds up complex drafting by up to 90% when compared to manual methods and existing document automation toolkits. Empower the business by reducing contract turnaround times. Clarilis helps you get more value from your legal team, delegate more effectively, and manage risk better. Achieve more, faster, with our managed service delivered by experienced professional support lawyers (PSLs) and automation experts.

All too often, technology implementation is problematic, time-consuming, and far more expensive than anticipated. Clarilis provides a fully managed service to ensure success.

read more › Industry-leading technology delivered by experienced professional support lawyers and automation experts. Straightforward, sophisticated, and structured - the automation platform you've been waiting for. With up to 90% faster, more accurate drafting than manual methods and existing document automation platforms, Clarilis gives the greatest return on your lawyers. Clarilis uses dynamic, rules-based questionnaires to quickly gather information on a legal matter, then rapidly produces all the required documents for that matter, ensuring 100% house style compliance.

read more › We combine a market-leading platform with the UK's largest automation team, led by professional service lawyers, to ensure your success. Clarilis was co-founded by two brothers, James and Kevin Quinn. James previously practised as a corporate tax lawyer at Slaughter and May and believed it was possible to capture best practice drafting methodologies in an intelligent software solution. Kevin, as architect of the Clarilis platform, made that vision a reality. Our matter-based intelligent drafting platform makes life easier for lawyers, in both law firms and in-house legal teams.

read more › A dedicated senior management team combining experience and expertise in law, business, technology services. Richard is a Corporate lawyer by background and was a Partner at Wragge & Co (now Gowling WLG) for 25 years, serving as Managing Partner of the firm. Richard now acts as a non-exec chair of Clarilis and one other PE-backed tech company. Richard is also Deputy Pro Chancellor of the University of Birmingham. Kevin co-founded Clarilis. He is our CTO and technical architect of the Clarilis system.

read more › We don't just license the technology and leave you to it. Clarilis handles the entire automation project, from conception through to development, implementation, and beyond. Traditionally, implementation of document automation has been unexpectedly time-consuming and expensive, particularly for complex projects. That's why at Clarilis we have invested in a highly expert team to offer a fully managed service to all our clients. You'll work with our professional support lawyers (PSLs) who have, on average, more than 15 years PQE.

read more › Our intelligent drafting platform provides lawyers with a deeper level of automation than previously seen in the market, saving significantly more time than other toolkits. Get a greater return on the lawyer with a more sophisticated intelligent drafting platform. Faster, more accurate drafting than existing document automation platforms - particularly when it comes to complex suites of documents. Improve margins by reducing the time to first draft by up to 90%, freeing fee earners to work on higher value activities.

read more › Our intelligent drafting solution helps law firms improve margins, deploy resources more efficiently, and improve quality and consistency. Intelligent document drafting helps law firms get a greater return on lawyers - automate so they can focus on higher value work. Instead of spending time on routine, mechanical drafting, your fee earners could be working on strategy, client relationships, and new business. Our industry-leading platform makes this possible, delivering a solid ROI for drafting automation at all levels of complexity.

read more › Discover a structured, well-controlled way to draft complex contracts accurately and efficiently. The result is high-quality work, delivered fast. The ideal intelligent drafting solution for in-house legal teams. With intelligent document drafting, in-house legal teams cut turnaround time, drive deal velocity, and deliver greater strategic value to the business. Our team of professional support lawyers (PSLs), document analysts, and document automators develop, implement, and manage your automation projects for you.

read more › Deliver contract automation to your clients, provided and supported by us, to enrich your offering and add greater value. Our goal is to enhance the client-firm relationship. You remain focussed on providing high-quality advice and bespoke solutions to your clients, while Clarilis delivers and implements the automation technology to guarantee a successful outcome. We can work behind the scenes as your technology partner, allowing your firm to deliver innovative automation solutions directly to your clients, on a white-label basis.

read more › An intelligent drafting solution, to help you prepare contracts and other legal documents with ease, quicker and with less risk - delivering better outcomes for your business. Drafting contracts for your business can be a time consuming, disjointed and lengthy process, requiring a lot of in-house lawyer time. Successful businesses need accurate, well drafted contracts, prepared in a fast and efficient way. Often limited resources, constrained budgets and a lack of integrated technology and expertise, can make meeting these expectations a challenge.

read more › Fast, efficient, and risk-mitigated document production for a wide range of share sale and purchase transactions. Best-in-class, fully maintained automated legal documents, with comprehensive drafting guidance. Harnessing the expert knowledge and experience of pre-eminent barristers from Erskine Chambers and their team of experienced professional support lawyers, together with Clarilis' powerful automation platform, this M&A document suite is available now to the corporate market and will be used by law firms, accountants and large corporates.

read more › A Value Analysis report can quantify the ROI and value of automation for your firm or organisation. Use the report to establish or enhance your business case or to better understand if deep automation is right for you. A 30 minute discovery session with one of our team results in an instant report that will be sent to you same day. This will cover so much more than time savings, it calculates a full impact analysis from reduced time to first draft, to improved margins and predicted increases in recovery rates.

read more › Take our short online survey to discover whether your contract drafting processes are enabling your fee earners to make the most of their time and deliver maximum value. While some firms are relying on outdated document automation toolkits and manual drafting, progressive firms are using innovative solutions to gain competitive advantage. These are the firms that are maximising the return on their lawyers, enabling them to add considerable value to the firm and its clients, while also providing greater job satisfaction and a higher quality of work.

read more › I like working at Clarilis because I get to combine my legal background with my passion for technology. It's fantastic to be part of a rapidly growing company. Work with cutting-edge technology and a team of talented graduates, professional support lawyers, programmers, and technology professionals. We are a fast-growing, multi-disciplinary team working together in a genuinely collegiate environment. We are building a diverse, passionate, and close-knit team who are inspired by transforming clients' businesses.

read more › Legal process automation centres around the application of tools such as document automation, artificial intelligence and others to automate increasingly complex legal tasks. This panel session will review common pain points faced by law firms focused on process automation, how they can be addressed and how to build the business case for increased process automation in law firms. Legal Innovators is back in person for a two-day conference. The event brings together the industry's leading law firms, in-house legal teams and technology professionals.

read more › Get to first draft 90% faster, improve efficiency, and enable your lawyers to add more strategic value. Find out how Clarilis is different. By automating the entire matter, not just a document, Clarilis is capable of drafting even the most complex suites of documents. Improve consistency, quality, and compliance, ensuring a high-quality draft is every time, no matter who is producing it. Our team of experienced professional support lawyers and automation experts design, build test and maintain the automation for you to ensure success.

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