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Greenhouse Stirton We deal with complex financial situations advising family members of the appropriate course of action. Greenhouse Stirton & Co. Solicitors have been established for 40 years as a Private Client firm specialising in Court of Protection, Probate and Mediation. We are located in the City of London a minutes' walk from Farringdon Station served by the London Underground, Thameslink and shortly Crossrail.

We are regularly appointed by the Office of the Public Guardian and the Court to act as the 'Deputy' to persons who have lost mental capacity. We advise and help families of persons lacking mental capacity. We apply for Statutory Wills and have been involved in some of the leading reported cases. Michael Stirton is a member of the Panel of Deputies for the Office of the Public Guardian.

The Court of Protection protects the interests of those who suffer with mental incapacity and are unable to look after their own affairs. This can include persons of all ages and many differing circumstances. It ranges from children with severe educational needs to those who have suffered brain injury and, of course, the largest group are elderly persons

Mediation is a way of resolving disputes by having an independent third party (the mediator) assisting the parties to reach a settlement to their dispute. This can avoid having the matter decided by the Courts. Geoffrey Greenhouse is an accredited and registered mediator with the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) and the Civil Mediation

Probate is the general term used in obtaining the authority of the Court to deal with and settle the affairs of someone who has died. This includes preparing the Inheritance Tax Return for HM Revenue and Customs, paying any tax outstanding and then administering the Estate. For over 40 years we have acted on probates of both large and small, complicated

With increased life expectancy, extended families and the dramatic increase in the value of property, the importance of making a Will and having a Power of Attorney cannot be over-emphasised. The Government has substantially reduced the number and types of tax savings schemes so that it is more important than ever to receive proper advice on Inheritance

Probate is the general term used for the administration of an estate where a person has died. The work includes advising the Personal Representatives and the Beneficiaries as to the general procedures. We then prepare a list of assets and liabilities and file an Inheritance Tax Return with HM Revenue & Customs. Having paid the tax we then apply to the

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