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They will check, gather and organise your supporting evidence and submitting it into the Home Office, making the application less likely to be delayed or refused. At the The Legal Guys, we understand that UK Immigration can be a stressful time for those involved. Therefore, we strive to handle your case with the core values of care, compassion and professionalism.

Our case handlers and lawyers hold themselves to an exceptional high standards so you can be sure that everything in our power is done to assist you. Having composed a team of highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable lawyers in UK immigration laws, we know how to meet the immigration rules and requirements. We have expertise at all levels of immigration law and we pride ourselves in providing you with the best legal advice we possibly can.

We help clients in Haringey, Enfield, Walthamstow Islington and through out the UK. If you are aleady settled with indefinite leave to remain, or you are a British Citizen and you are hoping for your children, partner or husband or wife or other family member to gain a residence permit with you in the UK, our top immigration lawyers the expertise to provide advice, practical assistance, and professional representations or court representation from start to finish.

read more › We specialise in all areas of immigration law and can assist both individuals and businesses with their immigration problems. We regularly represent clients in the First and Second Tier Immigration Tribunals in appeals against deportation from the UK or on their Leave to Remain applications. We also represent clients who wish to claim asylum in the UK because they are in fear of their life's if they go back to their home country. Olive holds a Doctorate in Theology and a Master's degree in marketing.

read more › The present goverment has created a hostile environment for people who are in the UK illegally. If you are illegal in the UK you are unable to work. You may have difficulty renting accommodation. You will be unable to use the NHS. If you arrested by the police your immigration status will be checked and you will be passed over to the Home Office for deportation. Our specialist immigration lawyers have extensive experience and expertise in processing successful applications from around the world, in particular, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa and Thailand.

read more › An immigration matter can be very destressing expecially when you get a refusal letter from the Home Office that askes you to leave the UK, thereby seperating you from your family and friends and possibly returning to a country where where you do not know anyone. The Legal Guys immigration lawyers are regularly sucessfully appealing against Home Office refusal decisions and we have a high sucess rate. We will prepare your case to a high standard and instruct barristers who have a proven track of persuading judges at appeal hearings.

read more › The Legal Guys is a private firm and our fees are competitively priced. A copy of our fee scale is available upon request. We have a published fixed price fee scale, but we always tailor our fees to reflect the amount of work that needs to be done on a client's case and offer a discount on our fixed price if we can. Even if we do more work than what we originally envisaged we will always stand by our fix fee and will not charge anymore. After an initial consultation, if the client instructs us to proceed with their immigration matter we will issue the client with a client care letter and this will contain a fix quote for the work required.

read more › The rights of free movement of Europeans citizens in the UK is coming to an end as a result of BREXIT. Europeans who wish to remain in the UK WILL need to apply for setlled status or pre settled status. Our experiance lawyers can help you to apply. Contact us today on 0208 801 7422. Applying for a UK Spouse Visa (Marriage Visa) to live with your British partner in the UK can be a difficult and momentous and our lawyers understand that applying on your own be a stressful experience. For a start the British national needs to be working in the UK and earning a minimum of 18,600 before they can sponsor thier partner.

read more › EU law provides some protection against deportationthat a person can use to challenge a decision to deport them. The EEARegualtions2016 state EU National can only be deported on grounds of publicsecuritypublic policy and public heatlh. Different test appply depending on the length of time the EU national has been in the UK. After 5 years Thw EU national obtains permanent residence and can only be deported on serious on serious, grounds of public policy or public health EU national is under 18 years old or has lived in the UK 10 years continuously prior to the decision to deport.

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