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Beck Fitzgerald Beck Fitzgerald is a specialist family law firm with offices near Chancery Lane, central London. Giving expert advice and representation to our clients in all areas of family law and working to shape a fairer family justice system. Its founders, Jenny Beck and Susan Fitzgerald, are award winning experts and have been providing family law advice, representation and assistance for many years.

We have built and managed law firms large and small and have brought our deep understanding of the needs of our clients with us. We have embraced an innovative approach to delivering our services so that we can help as many people as possible. We believe that access to justice should be everybody's right and have made family law as affordable and accessible as we can.

By working together we are able to help our clients get the service they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford. We champion changes to law and policy to make the law fairer for our clients and more accessible for everyone.

read more › Jenny is a founding director and an award-winning family lawyer committed to accessible justice and the rights of the individual. She specialises in complex financial disputes and helping resolve arrangements for children. She is an accredited Resolution specialist and an Advanced Family Law Panel member. Susan is a founding director and a Specialist Family Practitioner with particular expertise in care work, adoption and child abduction cases. She is an accredited member of The Law Society's Children Panel and a Resolution accredited specialist.

read more › Our team of solicitors and consultants include some of the best known and experienced legal professionals in the business. We offer bespoke training and consultancy which can be tailored to your individual needs. You may be facing a crisis, prepping for an imminent audit, streamlining your business or wishing to apply for a quality mark, we can help with all these and more. We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of 'modern law' but we have all worked at the coalface in our industry so we understand your time and budget restrictions, and we are happy to roll up our sleeves to help you progress.

read more › At Beck Fitzgerald we provide expert advice and representation to clients in all areas of family law. Our service is personal and affordable. By working together with you we can provide you with the legal assistance you need, when you need it, at a price you can afford. As experts in the field with many years experience we recognise the need to deliver services in a modern, yet personal, way. You can be assured that we will listen and work with you to choose the best outcome for you and your family.

read more › Agreeing arrangements for children on separation is probably the most important aspect of relationship breakdown. It can feel like an emotional minefield, you may not see eye to eye on important decisions such as where the children will live and who they will see, or specifics such as which school they should go to or whether or not one of you can take them on holiday. Protecting the children from the harm of sparring parents is every parent's responsibility. You may no longer love each other but doubtless you both love your children and they need a safe and secure relationship with you both.

read more › Splitting up is never easy and can be deeply distressing. You may both want to agree a fair division of what you have owned together you may not see eye to eye on what 'fair' looks like. Although you might agree the relationship is over, but the emotions involved can often make reaching agreement quite difficult. The legal position for married couples and unmarried couples is quite different and it is very important that you fully understand what the law says about your particular situation so that you can try to negotiate a fair and sensible way forward.

read more › There are enormous advantages to taking a co-operative and collaborative approach to settling finance and property disputes without court proceedings. Litigation is unpredictable, expensive and can be stressful. There are, however, occasions where all options are exhausted and an application to court is necessary. This guide gives you an overview of the procedure and what to expect. Once an application to court has been made, the court fixes a First Appointment (FDA) not less than 12 weeks and not less than 16 weeks from the date of filing the application.

read more › To apply for a divorce you must have been married for at least a year. It doesn't matter where in the world you were married but you can only apply for a divorce in England and Wales if either you or your spouse meets certain resident conditions or are domiciled here. We will speak to you about this to ensure the necessary conditions are met. The divorce process is generally administrative. This means that it is most unlikely that you will need to go to court and your divorce will usually be agreed by a Judge based on the paperwork.

read more › In order to reach a fair settlement in respect of property and finances, it is essential that there is full and frank financial disclosure so that both you and your ex know exactly what the matrimonial assets are. We try to ensure that this disclosure is made voluntarily by the exchange of standard financial statements (known as Form E's). These forms are usually exchanged voluntarily on an agreed date so that you and your ex can compare your respective positions. It is often the case that you have questions following this exchange and again, it is usual to seek answers from one another so that you are placed in a position of full understanding on a voluntary basis.

read more › We are wholly committed to a transparent pricing structure so that you understand the likely costs of your case from the outset and can make informed and cost effective decisions as to how your case is run. We work together with you to provide you with the legal advice you need at the time you need it so you can stay in control. We have a range of hourly rates depending on the qualification of your legal adviser. We work together in teams so that you can have the benefit of the expertise of a Senior Solicitor whilst still keeping the costs down by having any appropriate work done at a more junior level.

read more › At Beck Fitzgerald we aim to provide excellent legal advice in all areas of family law in a way which is affordable and accessible. We work with the police, and other key workers, including those working in health and social care, education and the armed forces, offering special rates and expertise tailored to their needs. We offer preferential rates and an initial options discussion free of charge to help people understand their choices and work out the best way forward. Our aim is to provide pragmatic and cost effective help to all our clients when and where they need it at a price that they can afford.

read more › Our offices are ideally situated near Chancery Lane and Tower Bridge in central London, near to the tube stations and the courts. We would love to chat more about how we can help you. We can arrange appointments at a time and location that suits you, so you can fit it in around work and family commitments. In these difficult times we have temporarily closed our offices to protect our staff and clients but we remain fully operational and continue to work remotely. We can still be contacted on our office numbers and by email and we are happy to arrange skype/zoom or telephone meetings.

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