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Our specialist employment lawyers have been advising both corporate clients and individuals on employment law matters for a number of years. JFH Law's specialist dental lawyers have been representing dentists and advising dental practices for over 10 years; giving us unrivalled expertise to advise you with any problems you may face. We are one of the few London firms that have experienced barristers and solicitors working under the same roof.

read more › Founded in 2010 by barrister, Julia Furley, and solicitor, John Howey, JFH Law were one of the first 'Legal Disciplinary Partnerships' to be formed, bringing together the collective experience of the solicitors' profession and independent bar under one roof. Collectively, the partners have worked within the justice system for over 25 years. JFH Law have quickly expanded, and now boast an impressive team of some of London's brightest legal minds, including dental lawyers, barristers and solicitors.

read more › We continually monitor the service we provide because we understand that client feedback is often the best indicator of success. As a specialist employment and dental law firm, we are always grateful to clients who take the time to tell us when we have met and exceeded their expectations. As professional advisors we understand that working with you is better than just working for you. We will take the time to understand your individual needs. Modernity should be a given in business, but it is not in many law firms.

read more › JFH Law's dedicated employment law department understands how effective and robust advice is essential to everyone involved in business. This is particularly vital considering the continued development and updates in employment law, which are growing steadily vaster and more complex over time. Regulations between employers and employees are consistently changing, and there is a plethora of legislation to keep abreast of, such as data protection, recruitment, health and safety, discrimination, pay, dismissals and more.

read more › Our legal support for businesses spans from routine advice relating to contracts of employment and equality issues, to complex complaints, dispute resolution and tribunal work across a range of sectors, including dental employment law. At JFH Law, our specialist employment lawyers understand that your business needs to avoid expensive and lengthy litigation. We can help you to implement and manage policies and practices to do this. We tailor our advice to your business needs and offer a range of services from one-off advice on a specific issue, to business support packages, training and seminars.

read more › JFH Law provides employment law advice to individuals working in a business. Whether you are an employee, consultant or freelance worker, you have legal rights and our specialist employment lawyers can advise you what they are and how to enforce them. Employment law can be complicated; we try to avoid using complex legal terms, making our advice to you clear and easy to understand. We understand that facing the might of a large corporation alone can be daunting. Whether you need help to understand the specifics of dental law or have a more general employment query, JFH Law is here to support and strengthen you every step of the way.

read more › A settlement agreement is a legal document, which means it can contain complicated legal terminology. It is also considered a 'full and final' settlement of any claims against an employer. At JFH Law, we have vast experience in drafting and advising on settlement agreements in Camden, Kings Cross and all of London. It is important that employees understand the consequences of signing the agreement, but also that the agreement offers the correct protection for both parties, and the appropriate level of compensation.

read more › At JFH Law, we understand that sometimes those relationships falter, and when they do, you need to act quickly to ensure that your business does not suffer. Resolving business disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner, with minimal risk is our primary commercial focus. JFH Law's expert lawyers in our dispute resolution team will give you clear advice as to the options available and the best strategy to deal with disputes to prevent financial and reputational damage to your business. We recognise that court action will not always be the appropriate resolution, and our specialist lawyers will try wherever possible to resolve issues without the need for litigation.

read more › Business owners, professionals, and individuals are all subject to increasingly burdensome regulation, whether from executive government agencies or independent professional bodies. At JFH Law, our experienced barristers and solicitors can provide expert, efficient and effective advice to anyone facing an investigation or prosecution by a regulatory body. Our specialist lawyers are proactive in their approach to regulatory concerns, including CQC legislation and regulations, and wherever possible will advise you and your business on measures that can be taken to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.

read more › JFH Law's specialist dental solicitors have been representing dentists and advising dental practices for over 10 years; giving us unrivalled expertise to advise you with any problems you may face. With so much regulation to comply with and business law to understand, our expert dental solicitors can support you when dealing with the CQC, GDC, NHS and internal staff matters. We are independent of any insurer or defence union, meaning our advice will be tailored for your needs and your desired outcome.

read more › Running a successful dental practice requires more than excellent clinical skills. Like any small business owner you will need to have excellent communication and organisational skills. JFH Law recognises how frustrating it can be when you have to spend too much time managing poorly performing staff members, arguing over contractual disputes with associates or suppliers, dealing with patient complaints and complying with regulatory requirements, rather than being able to practice dentistry. We aim to take the stress of this away from you through our practice support packages that provide a range of dental business solutions to you.

read more › Establishing and maintaining effective commercial and contractual relationships is paramount in the dental industry. When a commercial relationship breaks down it is our goal to ensure that matters are resolved both quickly, and with the minimum of disruption and cost to your business. JFH Law's expert lawyers will give you clear advice as to the options available to resolve private or NHS contract disputes, and the best strategy to deal with disputes to prevent financial and reputational damage to your business.

read more › In a competitive market, Dental Practices need to be more business focused, to ensure the needs of the business are met and the partners in a Practice are protected. Whether you need to implement a dental law partnership, shareholder or LLP agreement, at JFH Law, we can help you take the stress out of this, leaving you to focus on dentistry. Whether you are looking to set up a Partnership with other dentists, have shares in a Dental Practice or need to create a Limited Liability Partnership ('LLP'), JFH Law's dedicated team of lawyers can advise you on the best possible options for your Practice and draft the necessary agreements to ensure your interests are protected.

read more › It is therefore essential to ensure regulatory compliance to avoid unnecessary damage to your future income and prospects. If you are facing Fitness to Practice action by the GDC, we can help. We have many years' experience of defending dentists against actions by the GDC and work tirelessly to protect your livelihood and reputation. We understand the dedication and sacrifice which goes into creating a practice and will help you protect the reputation and business you have built. Our lawyers can help and advise on all stages of a GDC investigation, from receipt of the initial complaint, the processes of the Investigating Committee, to the Practice Committee and any GDC hearings and appeals.

read more › GDC regulations state that for a dentist to refer to themselves as a specialist in any particular discipline, it is necessary to be registered on one of the GDC Specialist lists. The traditional route for entry onto the list is by completing the three year specialist training programme and associated exams, resulting in the grant of the Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST) and registration onto the list. Our expert lawyers will provide you with commercially focused, clear and pragmatic advice that you can rely on.

read more › Data Protection Officer (DPO) service for dental practices. Addressing advanced data protection issues to protect your corporate and patient data for GDPR compliance. The JFH Law Data Protection Officer (DPO) for dental practices assists internally on all matters relating to privacy and data protection as well as GDPR compliance. The JFH Law DPO takes over privacy and data protection tasks, staff training, and can serve as an independent expert both internally as well as towards customers or the Data Protection Authorities.

read more › At JFH Law, we understand the value of your professional reputation and registration, and will do everything possible to protect it, and help you to resume your career without a blemish on your record. Individuals who work in business or a professional environment find themselves increasingly regulated by their professional bodies. Complaints of professional misconduct or inappropriate behaviour are always extremely stressful and may result in an investigation and possibly a prosecution GDC fitness to practice proceedings or tribunal hearings.

read more › Whether you are buying an existing business, setting up your own company, need support with managing your employees, dealing with regulatory matters, drafting a business plan or drafting commercial contracts, at JFH Law we can assist you at each step of the way. With one of our business support packages you know that you have access to a qualified lawyer at any time, assisting you with the day to day running of your business and giving you piece of mind. Our lawyers will work with you, gaining an understanding of your business specifications.

read more › Accreditations: Julia was called to the Bar in 2000 and is accredited by the Bar Council to provide Public Access services. Julia Furley is a senior barrister and founding partner of JFH Law, bringing with her a wealth of experience gained from over 10 years at the Independent Bar before establishing JFH Law in 2010. Julia advises businesses in all aspects of company law and employment law, and represents companies and individuals appearing before the courts, employment tribunal and appeal tribunal.

read more › John Howey is a senior solicitor and founding partner of JFH Law. John qualified in 1999 and spent many years as a partner in a top London law firm before establishing JFH Law in 2010. John advises businesses and individuals in relation to regulatory law, with a particular focus on quasi-criminal proceedings, including environmental offences, health and safety prosecutions and corporate manslaughter. John's meticulous case preparation ensures that his clients receive the highest level of service, as well as clear, pragmatic advice throughout the case.

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