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MJP Solicitors Our criminal law solicitors have a combined experience of over 150 years so we know that people do things that are completely out of character and that people are accused of offences that they have not done.

We have represented politicians, local and national, senior members of the medical profession, general practitioners, premiership footballers, solicitors, barristers, surveyors, software pirates, police officers, customs officers, corporate clients, charity officials, business men and women of every type, university lecturers, teachers, local authority executives, county council members, private companies, directors, secretaries, pop stars, artists, publicans, international and national companies, men, women, children or all ages.

We can not and do not disclose the details of any client or their case or business to anyone and do not communicate with the media unless expressly instructed by a client to publish a prepared statement.

read more › Our criminal law solicitors have a combined experience of over 150 years so we know that people do things that are completely out of character and that people are accused of offences that they have not done. Every year, there are more new laws. These laws add to the number of ways in which people can be imprisoned, penalised or fined by Government. There are more police officers and more Government agencies empowered to prosecute people who live in or visit the UK. Techniques for the detection of offences also improve with new technology and the risk of being wrongly accused is growing with the threat of identity fraud arising from insecure handling of data.

read more › Our criminal law solicitors have a combined experience of over 150 years so we know that people do things that are completely out of character and that people are accused of offences that they have not done. Request a callback today from MJP solicitors and have us call you back at a more convinient time. MJP solicitors is the trading name of Mark Jones and Partners Limited company number 9997609 | SRA Number 659225. List of directors available upon request.

read more › Our Criminal Law Solicitors have defended clients facing criminal investigations, interviews and charges and have over 150 years of combined experience within the UK legal system. MJP solicitors are a criminal law firm who specialise in the defence of criminal accusations and are nationally recognised for representing our client's interests in a variety of criminal cases throughout the UK. With offices based in Liverpool city centre and Wirral our experienced criminal defence team, consisting of solicitors and advocates, are able to represent clients through all stages of a criminal law case, whether it be a police station interview or a crown court trial.

read more › Our criminal law solicitors have a combined experience of over 150 years so we know that people do things that are completely out of character and that people are accused of offences that they have not done. This is the overall term for Assault, Wounding, Grievous Bodily Harm and other offences against the person. All of these offences are governed by laws which are over 150 years old but are still used today. Self defence is the defence that is most commonly put forward but to succeed, the defendant needs to show that he has done everything possible to avoid having to defend himself and that his assault is the last resort.

read more › False Imprisonment - Kidnap - cases require tremendous care and attention from experienced lawyers. MJP solicitors have dealt with cases involving the detainment of a person against their will and can offer advice. False imprisonment (or kidnap) means detaining a person against their will and can occur in very serious circumstances or sometimes by accident where police officers do not understand their duties. These cases require extreme care and lawyers of great experience to walk a dangerous line between their clients immediate concerns for relatives or friends and their own position in the case.

read more › Getting advice before being interviewed can often be vital to the outcome of the investigation. Our Firearm Lawyers can offer specialist advice and representation on firearm matters throughout the UK. There is no tolerance to the possession of firearms and other weapons and tarrif sentence applies to the mere possession of guns, pistols, rifles, machine guns and CS gas canisters etc. There are still large numbers of such weapons in circulation and possession is strict interpreted so that the prosecution do not have to prove knowledgeable possession and the defence is usually that the defendant was not in fact in possession of the weapon.

read more › Our lawyers have represented a broad range of murder / homicide cases and have successfully defended clients involved in murder and manslaughter investigations that consist of firearms and violence. MJP solicitors have dealt with the widest range of murder / homicide cases including high profile cases attracting the attention of the World's Press. We regularly deal with cases involving firearms and violence as you might expect as experienced criminal practitioners. We specialise in cases involving a mental health aspect and have had considerable success on behalf of our clients.

read more › MJP solicitors have dealt with a variety of immigration cases such as the use of a false instrument to human trafficking. Interpreters who recognise the value of MJP's services often recommend us to clients. Please note that we only deal with criminal immigration matters that are being dealt with at a police station (interview under caution) or at the Magistrates' or Crown Court. We do not represent those who have tribunal appeals. MJP solicitors are familiar with offences in involving Immigration law and have dealt with cases involving human trafficking and conspiracies to obtain UK citizenship by deception.

read more › MJP liaise with lawyers and / or attorneys throughout Europe and The United States of America to help UK citizens who are in need of advice and representation on International Crime matters. MJP solicitors are used to dealing with cases with an international element securing the release of UK citizens from custody in foreign jurisdiction and liasing with lawyers or attorneys in Europe and USA. Many cases now involve a variety of jurisdictions requiring the use of in house or sub contracted language skills and confiscation cases now often involve a variety of jurisdictions and conflict of laws.

read more › Investigations into Sexual Offences can cause a great deal of stress and worry. MJP solicitors treat these cases with total confidentiality and respect throughout the whole investigation. Being involved in a sexual offences investigation is a very stressful and worrying time. It can lead to a lot of pressure being put on family and friends relationships and therefore it is important that you have a solicitor who can help throughout the investigation. MJP solicitors deal with every type of crime in this area of the law, such as sexual assault, rape and indecent images, and we meet people who find themselves exposed to the risk of prosecution for all types of reason including malicious allegations that are aimed at causing trouble for an ex partner or cases where consent to the sexual act is the issue.

read more › Our Benefit Fraud Solicitors can provide advice and represent you on all Benefit Fraud, DLA and DWP matters from the initial Interview Stages right through to Court Appearances. In these times of austerity there is more scrutiny than ever before by government departments in terms of their expenditure. As a result there are an increasing number of benefit fraud prosecutions and investigations into cases of fraudulent receipt of benefits. This is partly because the DWP (Department for Work & Pensions) now have full time investigators and a legal department who are part of the Crown Prosecution Service and the investigators have more surveillance tools available to them than ever before.

read more › Investigations into corruption can have life changing consequences, even if you are not convicted. It is therefore important that corruption cases are dealt with great care and attention by experienced lawyers. MJP solicitors have dealt with every type of alleged corruption cases relating to members of Parliament, Local Government officials and businesses dealing with public officials. Corruption is offering a reward for a favour from usually a public official and now even small gifts and corporate entertaining such as football tickets can be treated as corruption for which expert early advice is essential.

read more › Our solicitors represent corporate clients and individuals faced with charges under the Environmental Law. Fines by local authorities can be punitive and without regard to personal resources. Environmental legislation is now quite draconian in that the penalties for infringing environmental laws can involve community penalties and occasionally a custodial sentence or fines issued by local authorities. These fines can be punitive and without regard to personal resources. To minimise or avoid the consequences of an investigation early involvement by an experienced environmental law solicitors firm can often vital.

read more › The penalties for breach of Health & Safety laws can be severe. If you are under investigation or charged with breaching health and safety laws MJP solicitors can advise you on how to proceed and provide representation. MJP solicitors have been involved in advising major PLC's in connection with Health and Safety legislation, and the liability of directors in corporate manslaughter cases, as well as representing in defence prosecution brought by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The penalties for infringement in Health ands Safety cases are severe both in financial terms and in respect the terms of imprisonment that may be imposed.

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