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Higgs Newton Kenyon Solicitors HNK Solicitors is a specialist civil litigation law firm, with a team of multi-disciplined lawyers who have extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in various aspects of civil law. We pride ourselves on being client-focused, putting their needs first as we fight to get the compensation they deserve. HNK Solicitors demonstrate our progressive and proactive approach in every case we handle.

Our main aim is to ensure every client we represent is happy with the service provided and the outcome of their case. If you have fallen victim to a data protection breach, where your personal and private information has not been kept safely you could be entitled to compensation. Our actions against the police and public bodies team are here to help you every step of the way if you have been mistreated.

We ensure government bodies are held accountable for their actions and ensure the rule of law is maintained. HNK Solicitors specialise in handling criminal injury claims and dealing with applications to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

read more › My main motivation is to represent the underrepresented in the community and take on the large government bodies and multi-national corporations'. HNK Solicitors is a specialist civil litigation law firm, our lawyers are multi-disciplined and have extensive experience and expertise across a wide range of matters. We put our clients' needs first and we understand that every case and each person is different. That's why we always take the time to listen to you and understand what it is you want to achieve, to ensure you are completely comfortable and confident in us acting on your behalf.

read more › Here at HNK Solicitors, we have extensive experience with data breach cases. We have supported many clients who have been negatively impacted by the misuse of their personal information to seek the compensation they deserve. As a result, we understand the long-lasting and significant consequences this can have. Safeguarding your personal information is particularly important. Here at HNK, our solicitors have extensive experience in pursuing both data breach claims and civil actions against the police.

read more › If you have fallen victim to a data protection breach, where your personal and private information has not been kept safely you could be entitled to compensation. A data protection breach can cause emotional and financial suffering to those affected and claiming compensation can help to get your life back on track and recover any losses that may have come because of it. HNK Solicitors are specialists in pursuing claims for data protection breaches. We have years of experience in successfully holding public bodies and private companies to account and obtaining compensation for victims of data breaches.

read more › The breach resulted in a range of sensitive information being exposed. This included bank details and National Insurance numbers. However, the payroll provider, Symatrix Ltd, has not announced which of its customers were affected. At present, only Arup have publicly acknowledged the breach. If you are or have been an employee of Arup, your data may have been exposed by the breach. Further, if you work for a company that has also used Symatrix for its payroll services, you may also be affected. If so, you could be entitled to compensation.

read more › If you are concerned about how a company or organisation uses your personal information, you can make a complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). Any company in the UK that stores personal data has a legal responsibility to keep it safe. This includes following data protection regulations. Companies are required to keep your data safe and secure. They should only use it in appropriate ways, and with your agreement. If an organisation fails to protect your data, you can face significant personal consequences.

read more › It is believed that personal data may have been breached as a result. If you have been affected by the Skinners' Kent school's data breach, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Our expert solicitors are specialists in pursuing data breach claims and can help you get the compensation you deserve. As part of the breach, hackers not only obtained the personal data of staff and students but also encrypted some of the schools' data. As a result, the schools could not access vital information, such as medical information and emergency contact details for students and staff.

read more › Hammersmith Medicines Research revealed last year that they had suffered a ransomware attack where the private and personal data of thousands of patients was breached. If you have been affected by the Hammersmith Medicines Research data breach, you could be entitled to claim compensation up to 5000. HNK Solicitors have a team of expert data breach solicitors who can help you pursue a claim on a no-win, no-fee basis, and they will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. The cybercriminals accessed the data of more than 2,300 former volunteer patients and demanded payment in return for not making this information public.

read more › In a written statement, The Transform Hospital Group has announced that some of its patient data has been compromised. This will likely lead to substantial compensation claims made by the affected patients. You could claim compensation if you are a victim of the Transform Hospital Group data breach. The Transform Hospital Group has 11 private clinics across the UK. They specialise in a variety of procedures such as bariatric weight loss surgery, breast enlargements, nipple modifications, and other cosmetic procedures.

read more › British Airways have announced that they have been subject to several data breaches, where hundreds of thousands of customer's personal information and financial details were compromised. If you have been subject to one of these data breaches, you could be entitled to claim compensation of up to 6,000. Whilst investigating this breach a second data breach was spotted affecting a further 185,000 people. In 2019 a third British Airways Data Breach was uncovered through their e-ticketing system, where hackers could access and change the flight booking details and personal information of passengers.

read more › Dixons Carphone (Currys PC World) announced that it had been subject to several data breaches, where around 14 million of its customer's personal information and card payment details had been compromised. If you have been subject to one of these data breaches, you could be entitled to claim compensation. The retailer discovered the huge data breach last summer, where it found that an attacker had installed malicious software on 5,390 tills in branches of its Curry's PC World and Dixons Travel chains.

read more › The 'highly sophisticated cyber-attack' has affected approximately nine million of the airline's customers. It said that personal information such as names, email addresses, and travel details had been stolen and that 2,208 customers had also had their credit and debit card details accessed. If you have been the victim of the EasyJet data breach, you could be entitled to claim compensation. After a forensic investigation to understand the scope of the attack, in April, they notified customers whose credit card details had been stolen.

read more › Virgin Media have confirmed the database was left unsecured and accessible online for 10 months. Virgin Media have also confirmed the database was accessed 'on at least one occasion' by an unknown user. Virgin Media have confirmed the breach was not due to a hack or criminal attack but because the database had been 'incorrectly configured' by a member of staff not following the correct procedures. The breach, which was ongoing for 10 months, was only noticed when spotted by a security researcher at TurgenSec, a cyber-security company.

read more › It is believed that everyone who received this email now has access to this highly sensitive personal data. Those who have had their data breached may include vulnerable people, those subject to witness protection orders, people who are ex-directory, and many others who do not want their home addresses, contact details, and sexuality made public. These people have a right to have their information kept private, and a breach of this kind of data can be incredibly distressing. The circumstances of this data breach would also bring into question several human rights breaches also.

read more › By law, employers have a duty to ensure the health and safety of their staff in the workplace to avoid accidents at work. If you have suffered an injury, accident or ill-health due to your working environment, you could be entitled to claim compensation. Recent statistics from the HSE show that 28.2 million working days were lost due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries in 2018/19. The current annual costs of work-related injuries and illnesses are estimated to be at 15 billion.

read more › We understand that catastrophic injuries can be hugely traumatic and a life-changing event for you and your loved ones. Those suffering may never fully recover and they may suffer long-term medical problems, meaning their life will never be the same again. That is why we here at HNK Solicitors ensure you get the best quality rehabilitation and treatment and work tirelessly to offer round the clock care and support to help you adapt and look to the future. Catastrophic injuries are serious life-changing injury that can leave a person with a permanent disability, long-term medical problems or a reduced life expectancy.

read more › You may be repaying a debt that you do not legally owe. If you are in a debt management plan where you are paying off several creditors each month, your agreement could be void depending on whether the consumer debt has been purchased correctly by another company. There are many ways in which loan agreements can be challenged and, in some cases, written off. HNK Solicitors have a team of expert lawyers who have years of experience in handling consumer debt cases and helping clients to significantly reduce their debt or get out of debt completely.

read more › If you have been a victim of police misconduct, harassment or have been mistreated by the police whilst in police custody, you could be entitled to compensation. You do not have to accept poor police conduct, if your civil liberties or human rights have been infringed, HNK Solicitors can pursue your police complaint for you. We have a team of experienced and dedicated Actions Against the Police and civil liberties solicitors with specialist knowledge in this area, who can help provide advice and support with your police complaint.

read more › If you have ever been the innocent victim of a violent crime or assault, you are entitled to compensation for your criminal injuries. Suffering from a violent crime can be devastating and cause physical and emotional trauma, and claiming compensation after such an ordeal may be daunting. However, HNK Solicitors are here to help you every step of the way, making the process as easy and stress-free as possible. You can make a criminal injury claim from the government-run Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) and compensation ranges from 1,000 to 500,000, depending on the severity of your injuries.

read more › HNK Solicitors can help people who are applying for a review of their criminal injuries compensation claim from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). Our expert CICA solicitors can help you to get the compensation you deserve to help you move on with your life after you have fallen victim to a violent crime. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority rejects or refuses to award compensation on a high volume of all submitted claims. In a lot of cases where compensation is awarded, the CICA regularly make the wrong decision, which results in the level of compensation awarded being far too low.

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