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Specs Partnership Our highly experienced team of legal experts offer quality advice to protect your interests. When a medical professional is negligent, the consequences can be life changing for the patient. We help victims get justice and rebuild their lives. When entering a dispute with another party, obtaining legal support and advice is essential. We can assist in a wide range of disagreements.

We are experts at claiming compensation for serious injury cases, where the injured party's life is permanently changed as a result of the accident. We have been successfully settling personal injury cases for over 25 years, with specialist expertise in claims involving motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians. Divorce is a daunting process no matter how amicable your separation, which is why we offer an initial 30 minute consultation free of charge.

Whether you are buying, selling or simply remortgaging a home, our reliable team can guide you through your property transaction with ease and efficiency.

read more › Get to know the expert legal team at Specters, including their unique experience, memberships and interests. As the Managing Director at Specters, Ken oversees major financial decisions, is involved in key litigation matters and assists clients with funding options. Soyab studied Law at Liverpool University, completing the Legal Practice Course at The College of Law in Chester and was admitted as a solicitor in 1995. Initially, he dealt mainly with Commercial Litigation concentrating on the Law of Contract, before expanding his practice to include Personal Injury, Professional Negligence and Employment Law.

read more › At Specters, we pride ourselves on our customer service; our advisers are friendly and knowledgeable and we believe in putting you, the client, first. Our head office is located right in the heart of Farringdon, London, a short walk from Farringdon station. We also have an office located in the North West of England. Our full address is 49 Britton Street. Farringdon, London, EC1M 5UL. You can contact us by calling our free line on 0300 303 3629, or by sending us an enquiry using our contact form.

read more › These costs apply where your claim is in relation to an unpaid invoice which is not disputed and enforcement action is not needed. If the other party disputes your claim at any point, we will discuss any further work required and provide you with revised advice about costs if necessary, which could be on a fixed fee (e.g. if a one-off letter is required), or an hourly rate if more extensive work is needed. The costs quoted above are not for matters where enforcement action, such as the bailiff, is needed to collect your debt.

read more › Psychologists can provide counselling and clinical services which help individuals adjust to injuries, flashbacks, nightmares, mood changes, poor concentration or post-traumatic stress disorder. These are often symptoms or conditions that remain long after the physical body has healed; the effect on the individual's daily life can be distressing and should not be left untreated. A psychological assessment is important and should only be conducted by a Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatrist; they will diagnose and prescribe the correct course of treatment or therapy.

read more › We have a wealth of experience dealing with compensation claims for professional negligence, including solicitor negligence, conveyancing mistakes and barrister negligence. As a business or individual seeking professional advice, often at great cost, you rightly expect this advice to be reliable and accurate. Whether it be from an accountant, a broker, or a solicitor, when advice from a professional turns out to be incorrect and below the expected standard, it is not only extremely frustrating, it can also cause significant financial loss and distress.

read more › Clinical negligence leads to the pain and suffering of many people throughout the UK, resulting in the need for compensation. If you have suffered as a result of clinical negligence, you may be entitled to claim compensation. When we require medical advice or treatment, we have to trust that the professionals in charge will ensure we receive optimum care. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen, and there are a multitude of negligent practices that can occur in a medical environment. These instances of medical negligence can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering.

read more › For over 25 years, Specters Solicitors has specialised in Dispute Resolution and Litigation. Whilst no case is ever exactly alike, our approach remains consistent, which is to focus on getting the best outcome for our clients, considering their objectives and circumstances. Dispute Resolution refers to the process by which two parties reach a solution to their dispute. Parties must find the best process and medium to voice their grievances, narrow the points of dispute and identify practical solutions.

read more › We can help you claim compensation for personal injury and we specialise in cases involving vulnerable road users. Our seasoned team of personal injury experts have over 25 years of experience in seeking claims for a variety of injuries such as whiplash, head trauma, industrial disease, work injury and surgical errors. Our solicitors have successfully assisted thousands in their personal injury claims, and always strive to get the best compensation possible to ensure you can get the required care and treatment you and your family may need.

read more › If you have become seriously injured due to no fault of your own, negligence may have been at play. Accidents can happen anywhere, at any time, and often the injuries sustained can have serious, life-altering consequences. You can never fully prepare for the changes a serious injury can make to your daily life, but there are people who can help. Following a serious accident, bringing an injury claim can be a stressful process. If you don't have proper advice, you may not get the support you require, nor the outcome you deserve at the end of a claim.

read more › At Specters, we recognise that divorce can be an emotional and stressful experience, and that no two divorces are the same. At Specters, our experienced team of solicitors will provide you with first-class service and advice tailored to your situation. When looking to start divorce proceedings, you must first be sure that you have grounds for divorce. If any of these grounds apply, a petition for divorce can be issued. If you are unsure whether you want to go through with your divorce, there may be other options open to you.

read more › Whether you are buying or selling, we can guide you through your property transaction with ease. Our conveyancing team can guide you through your property transaction with confidence and ease. Ensure your conveyancing tasks are completed efficiently and correctly by choosing the experienced Specters legal team, trusted property solicitors. Specters conveyancing solicitors offer over 25 years' experience, widely considered a commercial property solicitor of choice, as well as dealing with many residential property transactions.

read more › Unpaid debt can prove extremely expensive, particularly for smaller business, creating cash flow problems and placing financial pressure on the business. If your business provides goods or services to another business or an individual on terms where payment is made after delivery of those goods or service, it is an unfortunate fact that sometimes buyers do not pay their debts. Unpaid debt can prove extremely expensive, particularly for smaller business. The temptation may be to write off the debt but if this happens too many times, this creates cash flow problems and, in extreme circumstances, can lead to the failure of a business.

read more › Our expert Wills & Probate solicitors based in London and the North West assist clients across the UK. A Will is a legal document, which reflects your wishes and lets you determine who will inherit your assets and possessions after you pass away. If you die without making a Will, the intestacy rules will apply and a surviving relative who you didn't want to may inherit from your Estate. A Will can help reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax payable on the value of your property and assets. Anyone over the age of 18, as long as they have the understanding of making a Will (this is known as 'testamentary capacity').

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