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We are solicitors specialising in motoring, traffic and criminal law with offices in Norwich, Great Yarmouth and King's Lynn. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional, honest and attentive service that delivers the outcome you desire. Meet our team of experts. The Breydon's team have a range of skills and experiences, and are here to offer an honest and attentive service to help deliver your desired outcomes, whatever the case.

Your data will not be disclosed to any third parties without your consent or as otherwise allowed by the relevant Data Protection legislation and will only be used for responding to your query (or purposes associated with that purpose). You have the right to be informed about what data we hold about you along with other rights set out in the legislation.

read more › Chambers and Partners, which identifies and ranks the most outstanding law firms and lawyers in over 180 jurisdictions throughout the world, describes Breydons Solicitors as "a boutique firm, who has established itself as a sound choice for criminal work." Our specialist advocates appear in all Norfolk and North Suffolk Courts and regularly represent cases heard at Crown Court throughout the region. Our qualified Prison Law representatives also attend and regularly represent clients at establishments across Norfolk and Suffolk.

read more › Rob qualified in 1994 and founded Breydons in 2004. He is a duty solicitor and higher courts advocate, and regularly appears at Magistrates Courts. Richard qualified in 1999. He has been a Director of Breydons since 2013 and appears in the Magistrates' Court and Police Station on a daily basis. He has a large and loyal following in Norfolk and Suffolk. Arthur qualified in 1993 and was a joint founder of Breydons solicitors in 2004. Arthur is a popular and well regarded advocate who represents Breydons clients at police stations and magistrates courts throughout the region.

read more › Exceptional client care is the cornerstone of our practice and we are proud of our commitment to offer a professional, sensitive and flexible service. We have a team of experts who can help answer any of your questions. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page and if you still have something to ask, feel free to get in touch. Our 2016 acquisition of Fraser Dawbarns criminal law department led to the opening of new Breydons premises in King's Lynn. As well as strengthening our capabilities nationwide, this expansion places Breydons at the forefront of criminal legal services in Norfolk, making us the largest criminal firm in the county.

read more › Lexcel Accreditation is the Law Society's legal practice quality mark for excellence in legal practice management and excellence in legal client care. Accredited law firms undergo rigorous independent assessment every year to ensure they meet required levels of excellence in client care and deliver a consistently high quality of service. Lexcel accreditation is recognition of our focus on client care and customer service. Clients choosing a firm accredited by Lexcel should feel assured that the practice is managed to a high standard and that they will be dealt with professionally and to the highest standard.

read more › Some cases are so serious they can only be heard at the Crown Court. At Breydons we have a designated Crown Court Department, complete with multiple in-house advocates who are able to deal with your case from start to finish. We also have access to some of the leading Barristers locally and nationally. Breydons are regularly involved with serious, sensitive and highly complex cases in the Crown Court, including allegations of sexual offences, serious violence, robbery, theft and drugs. We have gained an excellent reputation for providing outstanding service and delivering exceptional results when involved in these types of challenging cases.

read more › The breakdown of a relationship can be a difficult time for those involved. Recent legislation and the widespread use of Social Media has opened up a raft of potential new offences. Some actions or behaviours which in themselves are not criminal can, as part of a course of conduct, now lead to a criminal case being taken against an individual. Such charges can have a long lasting impact on relationships and families. The police have significant powers to remove you from your home, even when you have not been charged with a criminal offence.

read more › At Breydons Solicitors we have the knowledge and experience to support those accused of drug related offences. We have access to experts who can aid our clients in rebutting quantities, purity, classification and mobile phone evidence. If you have been accused of an offence involving illegal drugs please contact us immediately on 01603 616000 for more advice and to find out how we can help you. Your data will not be disclosed to any third parties without your consent or as otherwise allowed by the relevant Data Protection legislation and will only be used for responding to your query (or purposes associated with that purpose).

read more › Finding yourself accused of a crime by the police or other agency can be incredibly distressing. Other than the police, many agencies have the power to interview people under caution with a view to bringing criminal proceedings against them, including local councils and Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. Cases can be won or lost at the police station, so it is critical that we are involved at the earliest opportunity. The advice is available 24 hours a day, 365 days if the year and is free under the legal aid scheme.

read more › Our expert Criminal advocates cover Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge Courts and we have the largest team of advocates in Norfolk, as well as Specialist trial lawyers to guide you through the process. Our specialist lawyers can provide you with the highest levels of representation possible and guide you through this challenging process. We deal with both Legal Aid and Private Clients and we will always offer transparent advice on funding prior to a hearing. We have an excellent success rate and reputation demonstrated by our high number of retained clients.

read more › At Breydons we appreciate how much motoring freedom means to many individuals and their dependents. Motoring convictions can severely affect not just your personal life but also your professional life as well. We provide expert Motoring Law services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to both private and legal aid clients. Your data will not be disclosed to any third parties without your consent or as otherwise allowed by the relevant Data Protection legislation and will only be used for responding to your query (or purposes associated with that purpose).

read more › Breydons Solicitors have many years of experience in successfully dealing with offences against the person, which range from common assault to murder. Whether dealt with in Youth Court, Magistrates Court or Crown Court, we have expertise to guide you through the process, as well as access to nationally renowned Barristers. We have our own team of Crown Court advocates available, providing continuity, knowledge and understanding of you and your case. Your data will not be disclosed to any third parties without your consent or as otherwise allowed by the relevant Data Protection legislation and will only be used for responding to your query (or purposes associated with that purpose).

read more › Whether or not you have been arrested, if the police wish to question you about a criminal offence you are entitled to have a criminal solicitor present. You should never agree to be interviewed without legal representation. Critical decisions about a case are often made at the police station. If we are involved at the early stage of an investigation we are often able to affect the outcome. You are not obliged to say anything to the police and we advise all clients to maintain their right to silence until they have had the opportunity to seek legal advice.

read more › As specialists in historic sexual allegation we appreciate the significant stress sexual offence cases can place on those accused and their families. We pride ourselves on approaching all cases with the sensitivity they require. Sexual crimes can be incredibly challenging to deal with in court on your own and we recommended that anyone who requires representation instructs a reputable solicitor with experience in this sensitive area. The personal and professional reputational impact of an allegation of a sexual offence can be devastating.

read more › Charges of Careless Driving or Driving without Due Care and Attention include tailgating, undertaking, colliding with another vehicle or emerging from a side road into the path of another vehicle. The penalty for this offence includes a fine of up to 5,000 and the endorsement of between 3 and 9 penalty points or discretionary disqualification. If you find yourself with a fixed penalty notice or summonsed to appear before the Magistrates' Court for this offence please contact us on 01603 616000 for more advice and to find out how we can help you.

read more › A motorist commits the offence of dangerous driving if the standard of their driving on a road or in a public place falls far below that expected of a "competent and careful driver". Dangerous Driving is a serious offence that attracts a sentence of imprisonment for up to 2 years and disqualification for a minimum of 12 months. If convicted you will also be ordered to sit an extended test. Most cases of dangerous driving will proceed to the Crown Court. We specialise in the representation of motorists charged with dangerous driving and have successfully defended many motorists.

read more › Drink or Drug driving is a strict liability offence, which means that if you are found to have alcohol above the prescribed limit you are guilty of the offence. If you are convicted of Drink or Drug driving then the Court must impose a mandatory disqualification of a minimum of 12 months. Drink or Drug driving is a complex area of law and there are a range possible defences for those who are charged with a Drink or Drug driving offence, ranging from factual defences to technical arguments surrounding the operation of evidential breath testing equipment.

read more › It is illegal to use a phone or satellite navigation device while driving or riding a motorcycle. The maximum penalty for using a mobile phone whilst driving is a fine of 1,000 and the endorsement of 6 penalty points. If you commit this offence within 2 years of passing your driving test you may lose your license. Any driver can be charged with this offence if they are caught using their mobile phone whilst in their vehicle - even if they are in stationary traffic. Passengers can also be charged if they use their phone whilst supervising a learner.

read more › Motorists who are at risk of accumulating 12 Penalty Points or more within a three year period will be summonsed to appear before the Magistrates' Court and face disqualification for a minimum of 6 months. This is commonly known as a "totting up" disqualification. In some circumstances motorists can make an application to the court not to disqualify on the grounds that to do so would lead to "exceptional hardship" for the motorist or third parties who would be affected. Any application for exceptional hardship will be heavily scrutinised by the Court and must be presented with thorough attention to detail.

read more › When the driver of a vehicle is alleged to have committed an offence the police may make a request to the registered keeper to provide information about the identity of the driver of the vehicle. This typically occurs when a vehicle is detected committing a speeding offence by an automatic speed detection device, where the identity of the offending vehicle is known by the police but the identity of the driver is not. If the registered keeper (or other person) fails to respond to a Notice of Intended Prosecution and Request for Driver Detail and identify the driver of the vehicle at the time of the offence they will be prosecuted for "failing to provide driver information", which can lead to a fine of up to 1,000 and the endorsement of 6 penalty points.

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