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Belmores Belmores are specialist criminal defence and road traffic solicitors and we excel in both fields - so much so that a large proportion of our business arises from personal and professional recommendation. In fact, 97.5% of our clients would recommend our services to others and that's a hard-won statistic that speaks volumes about our strong commitment, our insistence upon quality and excellence - and our approachable, no-nonsense style.

We take on both private and legal aid cases, nationally and locally in Norfolk, and bring the same level of determined professionalism to both. Unusually, one or other of our directors can be contacted at any time, day or night, 365 days a year, to ensure that expert legal help is available when it is needed most. That's quite a personal commitment, but& we think typifies the passion and professionalism that runs throughout our hard-working team.

Our dedication has paid off in terms of the reputation that only a track-record as successful as ours can bring.

read more › Belmores Solicitors is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). The SRA Transparency Rules require that we publish price and service information for summary motoring offences dealt with at a single hearing. Summary motoring offences can only be dealt with by a Magistrates' Court. Certain cases may be dealt with through the Single Justice Procedure but if disqualification is being considered or if you plead not guilty a Magistrates' Court will be required to hear your case. Summary motoring offences include speeding, drink and drug driving, no insurance, failing to provide driver details (S172), driving without due care and attention, using a mobile phone whilst driving and failing to provide a specimen.

read more › As signatories to the Law Society's Diversity & Inclusion Charter Belmores is fully committed to the Charter and each of its principles. At Belmores we embrace diversity and encourage our employees to share their views and lifestyles, thereby broadening everyone's awareness of difference. We believe in fostering an environment of inclusion that encourages directors and employees to be successful. By valuing our differences we build upon the strengths of our individuals, the team and the Company.

read more › Whatever the allegation; theft, assault, drugs, robbery or even murder, we are here to help and provide a Criminal Defence Service and expert advice when you most need it. We have dedicated teams dealing with Police Station Work, Youth Court, Magistrates' Court cases, Crown Court cases and Courts Martial. If you are under investigation by the Police or other statutory authority, getting the correct legal advice from criminal defence solicitors at the outset is essential. The tactical decisions made at this stage often determine the outcome.

read more › Everyone who drives is at risk of getting into trouble with the police over motoring offences, whether it is by speeding, having no insurance, drink driving or causing death by careless driving, as examples. For many people staying on the road is essential. Tactically we will work out what is best for you, whether it be in contesting a S172 notice or successfully arguing special reasons or exceptional hardship. We represent a diverse range of clients alleged to have committed motoring offences - including professional drivers, business people, celebrities and sports personalities.

read more › Allegations may arise for a number of reasons. It may be that you have not kept the Department of Work and Pensions informed about changes in your circumstances which has resulted in you being overpaid benefits. In other cases it may be that you have intentionally misled the DWP in order to gain benefits that you were not entitled to by, for example, working and earning money above the benefit threshold, having undisclosed savings or living with a partner. Investigators use sophisticated methods to detect potentially fraudulent claims and during the investigation stage you may be called to attend an interview under caution.

read more › An accident in the workplace or a breach of health and safety regulations can lead to investigation and prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive, Local Authority or Police. Health and safety issues can affect any employer or employee. Immediate decisive action is essential and our specialist team will guide you through every aspect from initial accident, inspection or complaint through to resolution. Workplace incidents have potentially far-reaching consequences for both businesses and individuals.

read more › We have considerable expertise in defending individuals and companies accused of breaching trading standards regulations and legislation. Trading standards legislation is complex. Investigations are disruptive and can have a hugely detrimental effect on business. It is important that your rights are protected from the outset if you find yourself subject to investigation, it is vital that you contact our team straight away. If we decide that you should agree to be interviewed under caution, we will accompany you during the formal process.

read more › A surprising number of people do not ask for a solicitor at the police investigation stage because they do not believe that they have done anything wrong. These sexual offences investigations and prosecutions often become extremely protracted. In our experience it is in the best interests of the suspect or defendant to have specialist legal advice and representation from the outset. Reputations, careers and relationships are on the line and instructing us will ensure that your case is handled proactively and tenaciously to ensure the best possible outcome.

read more › If you or your business is suspected of a financial crime, advice and representation from lawyers with expertise in this field is essential. Reputational damage can have a devastating effect on a business or individual so, if you are being investigated by the authorities or face prosecution, contact us straight away. These fraud cases can often take many months or even years to come to trial. Our involvement at an early stage may make all the difference in bringing the fraud investigation to a swift and successful conclusion.

read more › With positive arrest policies and designated domestic violence Courts, what starts as a minor argument can quickly develop into something which has long-lasting and far-reaching consequences for couples and families. Legal Aid is likely to be available subject to means but many of our clients choose to instruct us privately because of our success rate in achieving acquittals and resisting applications of Restraining Orders. The Prosecution may well decide to continue to pursue a case even though the 'victim' is no longer supportive.

read more › We are experienced in dealing with these types of internet offences on a daily basis. If you are under investigation or being prosecuted we are here to help. From the outset we will put in place a strategy and use our considerable skill and expertise to ensure that you are best-placed to achieve a successful outcome. We undertake this type of case both privately and legally aided and have access to specialist barristers and experts.

read more › Yes, and it's not means tested, though interviews held under caution, but not by the Police, are not usually covered. Generally, you'll have to pay for these yourself. For Magistrates' Court cases you will get Legal Aid for solicitors' fees provided that you pass a means test and a merits test, both set by the Court. Legal Aid is available for most Crown Court cases provided that your annual disposable household income does not exceed 37,500 but you may have to pay a contribution. We estimate the likely costs of the legal case with you.

read more › Provides high quality legal aid criminal defence and also accepts private client instructions. Handles a range of serious criminal matters such as murders and drugs offences. Simon Nicholls and David Foulkes at Belmores are 'trusted to get results'. Nicholls regularly represents footballers and actors in high-profile motoring offence matters.

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