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Isadore Goldman Isadore Goldman is a specialist boutique bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring practice. It is one of the leading UK law firms in this sector. Our model is about a true hands on, high quality service led by our experienced senior lawyers, rather than the traditional large firm offering where most work is delegated down to juniors. With offices based in London, Norwich and Portsmouth we cater to a clientele across the UK and around the world.

Our insolvency and restructuring lawyers are considered experts in their field and are consistently recognised in both Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500. They have built up many years of experience in advising a wide range of clients in relation to all forms of insolvency and restructuring procedures and related disputes. Our lawyers are expected and encouraged to be creative problem solvers and to work in a manner that maintains a hard-won reputation as an exceptional, outcome-focused law firm.

read more › We are a firm of specialist insolvency and restructuring lawyers - based in London, East Anglia (Norwich) and South of England (Portsmouth) but work with clients based across the United Kingdom and the world. As a boutique legal practice we aim to provide a true 'partner led' service via our experienced lawyers who are all experts in their fields. We understand the need to provide our clients with high quality, innovative advice, which is efficient and provides value for money. Where Isadore Goldman is different is that we recognise that each case we handle is always about you, the client.

read more › Our insolvency and restructuring lawyers are focused on helping you resolve your issues and getting you the best outcome. Whether you need a quick piece of advice or are involved in complex litigation or restructuring, we will be on hand to help and guide you every step of the way. Our insolvency solicitors regularly advise businesses, individuals and insolvency professionals across the full range of bankruptcy, corporate insolvency and business restructuring matters. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for our leading expertise and experience, as well as our friendly, collegiate approach to working with clients.

read more › Here at Isadore Goldman we understand that being a stakeholder in a business with financial difficulties, whether as a director, partner or sole trader, is a very lonely and distressing place. The temptation can be to bury your head in the sand or to simply pass the papers to your accountant in the hope that the problems will go away. All too often we see one or more of the following scenarios. A stakeholder might pump more of their own money or their family's money into a venture with little hope of being repaid, or give yet further personal guarantees to the bank and other creditors.

read more › Isadore Goldman has extensive experience in advising on and arranging rescue options for individuals in financial distress. As a specialist insolvency firm we also have the knowledge and expertise to assist you if you are owed money, if you are a sole trader business or in a partnership experiencing financial difficulty, if you are or have been a director and/or a shareholder of a company that is or has been experiencing financial problems, or if you require advice in relation to a personal guarantee.

read more › Isadore Goldman are specialists with a very long pedigree of providing personal insolvency advice. If you or a family member are a bankrupt, or about to be made bankrupt, and need advice on the duties and restrictions relating to bankruptcy, alternatives to bankruptcy, advice to your partner or whether you can cancel your bankruptcy (an 'annulment application'), speak to us as soon as possible. Bankruptcy is a process that is intended to achieve two purposes. Firstly, it provides a fresh start for the honest but unfortunate debtor.

read more › Entrepreneurs are vital to society and our aim is to help directors and business owners survive company failure so that they can continue with other business ventures. Setting up and running a business is hard work, stressful and risky. As a director you owe various legal duties to the company and its creditors The risks that directors take have never been greater, with a concerted effort by Government, HMRC and Insolvency Practitioners to take directors disqualification proceedings or bring financial claims against directors of failed companies.

read more › We provide a specialist bespoke service to lenders and creditors that includes preparation and review of security and facility documents, debt and asset recovery and assistance to creditors dealing with an insolvent debtor. We appreciate that chasing customers, clients and companies who owe money can be time consuming, infuriating and damaging to cash flow. We work with a variety of lenders and businesses to recover money owed by customers. We also work for lenders to assist with recoveries linked to leased and secured assets.

read more › Isadore Goldman has a long standing and strong reputation for its work with Insolvency Practitioners. Insolvency and working with Insolvency Practitioners is a core part of our business. When you instruct Isadore Goldman you work with genuine insolvency specialists who understand not only the technical and tactical aspects of the work but who also understand the importance of the relationship between an Insolvency Practitioner and his or her legal team. We understand the need to value and respect the relationship we have with our Insolvency Practitioner clients.

read more › Isadore Goldman has real expertise in dispute resolution and litigation - particularly in relation to all aspects of insolvency. We aim to understand your goals from the outset and then devise and deliver the most cost-effective and commercial strategy to achieve that outcome. Our team will consider all available methods to resolve your dispute including mediation, arbitration or simple negotiation. If proceedings are necessary, then our experience will enable us to successfully navigate the courts to maximise your position.

read more › We have particular experience in assisting creditors, shareholders, lenders and Insolvency Practitioners in other jurisdictions with UK based corporate insolvencies (particularly administration and liquidation), restructuring issues and personal insolvency. Interaction with official, unofficial and ad hoc groups of multijurisdictional creditors and shareholders. The information contained within this website is for information only and should not be construed as an accurate summary of the law or legal advice on any matter.

read more › In addition to the information generally available on this website, we have prepared a number of more detailed 'Factsheets'. These contain more detailed information on a number of subjects and are free to download. In order to download the factsheets you will need to register. Registration is quick and free (we only require a few basic details such as your email address and phone number), and will enable you to read, download and print all the Factsheets. Please note that by registering your details you agree that we may contact you in the future to follow up on your enquiry.

read more › We are based in East Anglia (Norwich), South of England (Portsmouth) and London. Any data collected on your behalf will be stored securely. Incoming and outgoing calls may be recorded but will be deleted after a maximum of 30 days. The new statutory "breathing space" scheme to help personal debtors - will it help or hinder?

read more › We are a boutique legal firm in London that specialises in insolvency, bankruptcy and restructuring matters. Our expert team support clients including company directors, insolvency practitioners and businesses and individuals facing insolvency across a wide range of areas. We provide a director-led service, with all our lawyers being experts in their respective fields. This guarantees that you will be able to access the highest quality legal advice no matter what legal matter you require support and guidance with.

read more › We are a boutique legal practice of specialist insolvency, bankruptcy and restructuring solicitors, with an experienced team of lawyers who are all experts in their individual fields. Our aim is to provide a true 'director led' service that means all of our clients are able to access our high quality, and efficient legal advice. Our Norwich office is located on St Andrews Hill, right in the heart of the city centre, and is easily accessible via car, public transport or on foot. We also have additional offices in London and Portsmouth.

read more › We are a boutique legal practice specialising in insolvency, bankruptcy and restructuring. We support clients across a wide range of areas, including company directors, insolvency practitioners, businesses facing insolvency and individuals facing bankruptcy. We offer a 'director led' service and our experienced lawyers are all experts in their fields, guaranteeing that you will always have access to the highest quality legal advice. Our Portsmouth office is based at One Port Way just at the entrance to Port Solent Marina Village.

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