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Convey Us Convey Us are a property conveyancing law firm based in Birmingham with several years of experience providing excellent legal advice throughout the buying and selling process. Our lawyers friendly and professional approach to all clients has meant we have become a highly recommended Property conveyancing firm in Birmingham. All our lawyers strive to exceed client's expectations by providing excellent legal advice and representation.

After two mortgage lenders have announced they're increasing their maximum lending age, is it time for lenders to consider removing maximum age limits completely? Halifax and Nationwide have reveal. Nationwide are to raise their maximum age limit for their mortgages from 75 to 85 which is the highest set age a lender has set. The building society's move has overtaken Halifax who last week ex.

Co-operative Bank has been ordered to pay compensation to a man they turned down for a mortgage extension, on the grounds he was too old. Peter Day was 59 at the time he requested a mortgage extens.

read more › When it comes to behind the scenes of buying and selling process, conveyancing helps to determine the success of selling the property. Convey Us understands that working with a solicitor helps to provide piece of mind to people looking to buy or sell a home. Based in Birmingham, Convey Us are a team of expert residential conveyancing solicitors, with several years' experience in providing the important legal advice needed whilst buying and selling a property. Our lawyers' friendly and professional approach to all clients has meant we have become a highly recommended property conveyancing firm in Birmingham.

read more › Sajida is a qualified solicitor and the Director of Convey Us Limited. Sajida graduated from the University of Birmingham with an LLB (Hons) in 2005 and completed the Legal Practice Course in 2006 at the highly regarded College of Law in Birmingham. Sajida has been a qualified solicitor practising in conveyancing since 2009 and has always practiced in the area of Conveyancing. Having worked as an employee for several years at a reputable Birmingham law firm, Sajida set up Convey Us Limited in 2016 as a specialist conveyancing practice as she saw a gap in the market which she believed she could fulfil with her exceptional legal expertise and client care skills.

read more › Please note if you are paying a higher price than quoted above please contact our offices for a quote. Please note if you are selling at a higher price than quoted above please contact our offices for a quote. N.B Due to the different types of Transfer of Equity matters we deal with the price quoted may be different for your matter. Please contact our offices to discuss your Transfer of Equity matter with us in order that we can provide a specific quote to you. Convey Us Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers under Licence Number 2745.

read more › Once you've let us know you'd like to use our services then we will send you a letter of Confirmation of Terms of Business which you will need to sign and return back to us before we can begin our work. Your estate agent will need to know that you've chosen us as your lawyer so they are able to send us the 'Memorandum of sale'. Once we have received the title deeds and the standard forms, these are then sent to the buyer's lawyer for their approval, along with relevant documents such as planning and any guarantees.

read more › Are you buying a new home? Our experienced team of lawyers will make buying a property a smooth and easy procedure for you so all you will have to concentrate on is the move. We will send you a Letter of Engagement which we will need you to sign and return so we can begin our work. We will get in contact with the seller's lawyer to confirm they have been instructed and we will also request the draft contract. We will need to know if you're also selling a property as we can tie both transactions together.

read more › Do you want to remortgage your home and you're unsure of what to expect or how much it will cost? We will receive your redemption statement and title deeds from your existing lender to find out the outstanding balance on your mortgage. Some lenders may require full searches against the property. Once this has been completed, we will review your mortgage offer and will advise you on any necessary conditions on your new mortgage. If there is any outstanding monies owed, this will be payable at this point.

read more › Our team of lawyers offer straight forward advice if you are looking to buy or sell a property. We understand it can be a stressful time for you and we aim to make it as simple as possible for you. We have a wealth of experience in buying and selling homes, including both leasehold and freehold. We have a wealth of experience in buying and selling properties for a range of clients. We understand that each sale is individual and we will strive to make your house move as simple and straight forward as possible.

read more › If you're thinking of buying the freehold of your property, contact one of our lawyers today for expert information and advice. The purchase of the freehold gives the individual the ability to extend their own lease on any terms they desire as well as being able to decide their own affairs and management of the building where the property situates. We also act in the purchase of freeholds to houses as well as flats and can act for for you if you are extending your lease. There are some conditions that you will need to be aware of before purchasing the freehold.

read more › Right to Buy is a scheme backed by the Government which gives tenants in the social housing sector an opportunity to buy their home at a lesser price. A council tenant may have the option to buy the property they live in at a reduced price if they qualify for the scheme. The individual has had the council or housing association as their landlord for over 3 years. Assuming you qualify for all of these factors, you can buy your council home if you are a single tenant, in a relationship or even if you have lived with up to 3 members of your family in the property for a minimum of 12 months.

read more › Shared ownership schemes are usually run by housing associations. It gives people the option to buy a share of their home from 25% to 75% of the home's total value, and the remaining cost is amassed by rent. For example, if the house costs 100,000 and an individual bought 25% of it, they would put a minimum deposit down of 2,500 and get a mortgage of 22,500, and then pay a fixed monthly rent on top. It is a great way for people to get on the property ladder, with a low deposit and low mortgage option.

read more › A Transfer of Equity occurs when you are looking to Transfer your legal ownership in a property in your name into someone else's name or even if you want to remain the legal owner but want to add a new person to the Title, with whom you want to own the property. There are a number of situations which may require a Transfer of Equity, some examples of the types of Transfer of Equity matter we deal with are (not an exhaustive list); a property is Transferred for love and affection within a family for no money, a divorce situation pursuant to a court order or you wish to Transfer out your legal ownership for some value or be released from a mortgage.

read more › People who are looking into purchasing land often wish to 'lock in' the other party to the accepted offer which is normally done by granting the pre-emption rights over its acquisition or giving the prospective buyer the option to purchase the land. The use of options to purchase the land is subject to the occurrence of certain events for a limited amount of time. If these events occur, the right to purchase is absolute. If the owner of the land decides to sell within a pre-emption period, the pre-emption agreement gives the prospective buyer the right to be 'first in line' ahead of others.

read more › Buying or selling a house at an auction may seem daunting to those who've never experienced an auction house before. Our team of lawyers are here to guide you if you are successful at an auction. It is important that all prospective buyers are familiar with all of the houses for sale before attending an auction. Once you have researched and found the properties you are interested in, you should get a legal pack that the vendor's lawyer will have. The documents should be examined by a lawyer and then returned to you with any potential problems.

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