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Gordons Partnership LLP was formed in 1994 by three lawyers from leading City practices who were fed up with the 'factory' approach to law. They liked the law but not the way law firms operated. The founding partners' philosophy was to provide high quality and practical legal advice at an affordable rate, in an environment that was professional but also friendly and accessible.

If you are worrying about making a Will, updating the terms of your existing Will and/or making Powers of Attorney, we are still here to help you, whilst observing social distancing rules. Please call 01483 451900 to arrange a telephone appointment. We advise on a wide range of general commercial contractual matters including terms of trading, e-commerce outsourcing, franchising, licensing, consumer protection, trade regulation and supply, procurement and distribution contracts.

We advise on prosecuting and defending litigation including dealing with general disputes, international trade and commodities disputes, bankruptcy and insolvency, corporate and shareholder disputes, consumer & property disputes, professional negligence claims and enforcement of judgments.

read more › We have been working since 1994 as many law firms are now aspiring to work - experienced lawyers working straight to screen using the available technology to the full. Our experience and efficiency means that we can provide quality advice at economic rates to all of our clients. Our approach allows us to consistently "punch above our weight" and provide a unique combination of expertise and value for money in an increasingly competitive market place for legal services. We are the main or sole legal adviser to numerous UK listed companies and we provide advice, both domestically and internationally, to many household names across the spectrum of personal, corporate, commercial and medical fields.

read more › The firm has two offices, one in Holborn, London and the other in Guildford. The two offices are used to working together to provide a seamless service to clients for businesses and individuals. Our corporate, commercial, employment, intellectual property and dispute resolution work is dealt with by our London office. Our family, healthcare, wills & probate and property work is dealt with by our Guildford office. It's important for you to know who will deal with your work on a day to day basis.

read more › We deal with a wide range of general commercial contractual matters for a broad range of clients. Our clients range from "household names" to owner-managed businesses and start ups and our clients are based in the United Kingdom and overseas. We are also retained as virtual 'in-house counsel' for a number of small to medium size enterprises and often support other much larger legal concerns with either their day to day legal affairs or other specialist contractual matters. Please contact Jude Barter, James Gordon, Derek Robins or Victoria Cochrane for further details.

read more › Commercial property law covers all aspects of the purchase, use and management of property used for business purposes. This includes the granting, purchase and sale of commercial leases, commercial funding, complex investment and development agreements. Commercial property has its own complex set of rules which control the use of property and govern the relationship between landlords and tenants. These rules differ from those governing residential property transactions. Commercial property solicitors are tasked with explaining and applying this complex area of law in many different situations.

read more › We assist both companies and individuals with all aspects of the purchase and/or sale of freehold and leasehold commercial properties including shops, warehouses, factories, care homes and other business premises. We provide pragmatic, helpful commercial conveyancing advice throughout the transaction - from advising on initial heads of terms, setting out the basic parameters of a transaction to completion. A freeholder of a property owns the property outright, including the land it is built on, whereas, a leaseholder owns the property subject to the terms of the lease and only for the length of the lease term.

read more › Whether you are looking to start a new nursery business or expand your current portfolio, we are here to help. We have extensive experience in advising clients of all sizes in acquiring and starting businesses in the care sector, from care homes to children's day nurseries. We can advise you from the beginning of the transaction, throughout the due diligence process and to a successful conclusion. Have you considered the following? A confidentiality agreement and/or exclusivity agreement with the seller?

read more › We act for numerous investors, with portfolios of office, warehouse, retail and manufacturing properties of varying sizes and provide ongoing advice to meet their short-term and long-term objectives through investment portfolio management. For further information regarding a purchase or sale of either a freehold or leasehold commercial property, please contact our commercial property solicitors on 01483 451 900 or make an online enquiry.

read more › Whether you are seeking a new lease or renewing a current lease of a care home, school, sportsground, children's day nursery or a shop, lease negotiations are crucial. We have experience acting on behalf of and representing both landlords and tenants and have assisted a range of clients from large businesses to individuals. We can provide timely and practical solutions to your business needs, including advice on the heads of terms and the best way to structure the transaction to your advantage at the outset of any transaction and dealing with the negotiation of documents during the transaction itself.

read more › Sometimes it might become necessary for a commercial lease of an office, warehouse, health centre or care home to be brought to an end before the end of the fixed term, because of changes in the business environment. There are a several ways this can be achieved, and we can advise which method is most appropriate to you. If both parties agree that the lease can be ended early, then a formal surrender is the preferred option - we always advise that a surrender be carried out by way of a formal Deed of Surrender (perhaps with an Agreement for Surrender), although we can advise on the other ways a termination of lease can be achieved.

read more › We will explain complex environmental matters in plain and understandable language and offer practical advice for any environmental issues you may have in your property transactions. As a tenant, will I be responsible for contamination at the property which occurred before the start of the lease term? Tenants normally take on repair of the property as one of the tenant's covenants in a lease. When negotiating a new lease, it is possible to apportion liability (including the obligation to carry out decontamination works) for prior contamination to the landlord, or to place a cap on potential liability for a specific time period or limited to a specific sum, but this will need to be agreed early on in the transaction.

read more › Secured lending is utilising a loan with money borrowed which is secured against an asset, usually a property. We act for both borrowers and lenders. We are experienced in dealing with a lender's requirements and work not only with banks, but also senior and mezzanine finance providers. Understand the importance of satisfying the lender's requirements, from energy efficiency requirements to the use of indemnity policies for defects in title;. The process for a secured loan varies from lender to lender, but a standard loan usually takes between three to six weeks to process.

read more › We are experienced in helping both buyers and sellers in drafting and completing options, overages agreements and promotion agreements and in explaining the complex nature of these documents in clear and pragmatic language. We are adept at understanding our client's needs and preparing the appropriate document to fit those needs. Draft clear and simple provisions to avoid conflict or dispute when the option or overage is exercised. The most common type of option allows a party (such as a developer) to "call on" or oblige a landowner to sell them the property in question on the terms of the agreed contract.

read more › Bridging loans and short-term property finance are common lending types. We understand the need for quick completions, when clients are under significant time pressure to complete a deal. The process varies from lender to lender, but it could be as little as a few working days. The lender will raise enquiries which will need to be resolved, although in some cases bridging lenders may take a more pragmatic approach then other secured lenders. Bridging finance, by its nature, is usually quite expensive and short-term borrowing and it is important to consider how you will pay off the loan at the end of the loan period.

read more › We provide a comprehensive and practical service covering all aspects of public and private corporate law, corporate finance and banking work, ranging from the incorporation of new companies to advising on complex M&A and finance transactions. Our clients range from household names to owner-managed businesses and start-ups. Our commercial and responsive approach allows us to consistently "punch above our weight" and provide our clients with what we feel is a unique combination of expertise and value for money in an increasingly competitive market place for corporate legal services.

read more › Advising both employers and employees on how to approach and/or avoid disputes or potential disputes within the workplace. Advising employers and employees on claims for discrimination, wrongful or unfair dismissal and other statutory and common law rights. We also frequently act as an 'in-house' HR resource for a wide range of employers, from small start ups to larger businesses with many hundreds of employees, advising them on the wide variety of issues that arise in the day to day management of their workforce.

read more › Alternative options to a divorce include Judicial Separation, which is procedurally similar to a divorce, or an Annulment of the marriage, which may be applied for during the first year of marriage. Your spouse has committed adultery and you find it intolerable to carry on living together. Your spouse has behaved in such a way that it would be unreasonable for you to carry on living together (unreasonable behaviour). You and your spouse have been living separately for a period of two years or more and your spouse consents to the divorce.

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