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Bullivant Law We are Solicitors and Advocates specialising in criminal law and are based in the City of London, in the heart of the Square Mile and the UK's financial sector. We advise and act for individuals and corporate clients when they are accused of committing a crime by law enforcement agencies (such as the Police, HMRC, SFO, Trading Standards and even foreign governments).

As a firm we specialise in criminal defence, and offer a quality service to our clients. Thank you for all the support, care, respect and compassion shown to me during my Court ordeal.

read more › We are one of the best known criminal law defence specialists in the London legal world. We provide independent advice. We are proud to take cases under the Legal Aid scheme wherever possible and our standards have not been compromised by funding cuts. Our operations are based on legal aid rates and where legal aid is not available then we will provide you with a cost effective solution at private rates.

read more › Bullivant Law assists thousands of people each year when they contact us after they have been arrested. We run a 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service available to all held in police custody. When inside a police station, a detained person is interviewed on tape. It is very important to have legal representation when this happens. When you have a legal representative on your side inside the police station then that representative will be given disclosure by the police as to what the case is about and an indication of the nature of the evidence.

read more › NB: most lawyers will tell you that fraud is complex. This is not necessarily so. Despite the presence of large documentary trails that cloud many a mind, most fraud is simple at its core, and what is at issue is whether the prosecution can prove dishonesty. We possess the relevant resources and experience and to defend any fraud case in the country. Where necessary we co-ordinate forensic accountants, telephony and computer data analysts and any other experts needed to promote the client's defence.

read more › Bullivant Law provides a full service for those clients appearing in the Magistrates Courts be it on criminal law matters, road traffic cases, extradition or regulatory/ health and safety matters. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your case and provide preliminary advice. Please contact us on 0207 332 8250 or mail@bullivantlaw.com and ask to speak to a Lawyer.

read more › It is simply not sufficient to have a conference with a lawyer and then turn up at court for a trial. Court cases require thorough preparation. This preparation needs to be undertaken and completed well before any trial date. Such preparation entails ensuring that all the relevant information in the case has been considered and evaluated. Defendants are now required to file Defence Statements and give advance notification of the name and address details of defence witnesses to be called by the defence.

read more › Over the years our lawyers have been involved in some of the largest drugs cases in this country whether its concerning the production, importation or supply of drugs - often measured by the tonnes. We also act for those at the bottom end of the supply chain who are prosecuted as users. Whether you are an innocent person wrongly accused of involvement with drugs or genuinely involved but in extenuating circumstances, we can help you present your case. Our lawyers have years of experience and a wide range of experts are on hand to assist with the interrogation of telephone evidence, the testing and analysing forensic evidence and the provision of scientific know how.

read more › The court room is where the weeks/months of preparation by our lawyers sees a resolution of the client's case. Whilst it should always be remembered that a lawyer cannot change the evidence, a persuasive advocate can achieve a good outcome for a defendant. At the very outset, all our clients are offered a choice of an advocate who will give their own independent advice. The client is free to choose an advocate from within the company or an external one at other firms or at the self-employed bar.

read more › In our considerable experience allegations of sexual assault or rape are made for a variety of complex and often deeply personal reasons. They are especially distressing to those accused and their friends and family, destroying families, careers and reputations. Those suspected of sexual wrong doing are often incarcerated on what appears to be simply the word of one person and although every person accused of a crime in this country is innocent until proved guilty, the defence of those suspected of sexual offences often requires particularly detailed investigation and preparation.

read more › Solicitors in this firm have extensive experience in advising and assisting young people from the police station through all stages of the criminal justice system. This firm regularly attends Youth Courts in and around Central London providing specialist advocacy services in all areas of crime from minor offences to the most serious and grave crimes. We have dedicated Youth Court specialists to guide both the young person and parents through the system to achieve a best outcome. If you or a family member require advice or assistance with a Youth Court matter, please do not hesitate to contact us on mail@bullivantlaw.com or call us on 0207 332 8250 during office hours and ask to speak to a specialist Youth Court Lawyer or 0207 332 8251 in emergencies [24 hours].

read more › Restraint Orders [better known as freezing orders] are often made long before a trial or at about the time of charging -certainly well before a final determination has been made in a case. But they have the effect of causing great hardship on a person's life both domestic and business. We have experience of negotiating with prosecution authorities to increase allowable expenses for clients and also of successfully applying to vary or discharge restraint orders, helping you to lead as normal a life as possible during the life of a freezing order.

read more › You don't have to be notorious to need specialist advice and representation when facing extradition proceedings. Bullivant Law specialises in fighting requests for Extradition, and keeping our clients updated on their case so they understand what is happening and be able to make informed decisions on how their case progresses. Under The Extradition Act a European Union country need not provide any evidence whatsoever of the offence alleged against you, but there are means to counter even European extradition requests.

read more › Whether you need your drivers license for your work, or simply just to do the school run, losing it can cause immeasurable inconvenience and sometimes even have much larger effects on your life, and that of your family and loved ones. Road traffic law is a particularly complex area. Many offences carry mandatory points on your license and/or disqualification. Specialist advice is usually necessary at an early stage to try to miminise any fine or driving ban. Even some relatively minor matters carry a three point penalty and can result in disqualification under the "totting up" provisions.

read more › We handle appeal cases whether they are from the Magistrates court to the Crown court or from the Crown court to the Court of Appeal. We have even taken cases beyond and all the way to the final Court in the land as well as working on cases referred by the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), an independent organisation which investigates alleged miscarriages of justice. We can consider your case and identify miscarriages of justice, or adduce what is referred to as 'fresh evidence' in your case where it exists and therefore allow an appeal to be launched on behalf the client.

read more › Our lawyers combine professionalism with approachability and give you independent legal advice. We are proud of our impressive team of specialist experienced lawyers and support staff who are dedicated and determined to do everything possible to achieve the best outcome for you. Don't take our word for it, just see the testimonials we have received from clients.

read more › Anyone suspected of committing an offence can be arrested. Once arrested they must be taken to a police station within a reasonable amount of time, and the police then have 24 hours to interview/decide how to proceed. This time can be extended under certain circumstances. While at the police station the arrested person has the right to free and independent legal advice, free of charge, over the phone and in person. Any interview with a suspect will be taped, and if the matter goes to Court, a copy can be used in evidence of what the arrested person said.

read more › A Preliminary Hearing may take place in indictable only cases, when the judge deals with basic issues like when evidence should be served by. This is usually the first appearance at the Crown Court when the charged person will be expected to formally enter a plea of guilty or not guilty to the charges on the indictment. The indictment is the formal list of the offences that the client has been charged with. In the Crown Court, the Defence are under a duty to supply the Court and the prosecution (also known as CPS or Crown Prosecution Service) a document called a Defence Statement which outlines the clients defence, and also lists requests for further information.

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