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Summit Law We can assist you with all commercial and company law matters, debt recovery, director disqualification claims, employment law and HR issues, insolvency law and business restructuring matters, shareholder disputes, litigation and dispute resolution and white collar crime advice and representation. Our service areas include defended director disqualification claims, all forms of bankruptcy law advice, employment law and HR issues, family law, dispute resolution, probate litigation claims and white-collar crime.

Our professional team of solicitors are dedicated to providing our clients with the most efficient and effective service, ensuring we minimise risk and maximise results. We also act for three of the UK's top five insolvency practitioners, which means we can see both sides, know how they might act, and can therefore stay one step ahead. Having gained knowledge and experience over the years, we are recognised leaders in our in the legal industry.

Our dedicated team of solicitors will manage your case from start to finish, relieving you of stress and giving you time to focus on what is important.

read more › Summit Law is a London based Law Firm, specialising in dispute resolution and commercial litigation services for business owners, directors and shareholders. We provide specialist legal advice for individuals facing insolvency and bankruptcy with multi-lingual Solicitors, and the ability to undertake matters in the UK and abroad, with a national and international client base. Our experienced litigation solicitors also provide specialist advice on legal matters concerning employment law, family law, insolvency and commercial legal advice and litigation.

read more › For more information please call us on 0207 467 3980, complete a Free Online Enquiry or email and one of our business lawyers will contact you. Summit Law LLP holds the Lexcel award (the internationally recognised quality mark for law firms) - this independent recognition demonstrates the high level of customer care you'll receive when you instruct us.

read more › Our specialist business recovery solicitors are some of the most experienced in the industry; providing legal advice for businesses and individuals facing insolvency and bankruptcy. We are a London based law firm, with multi-lingual Solicitors, that has the ability to undertake matters in the UK and abroad. Our expert commercial litigation team offers specialist advice on insolvency and dispute resolution, covering a wide range of directorial and shareholder issues. Summit Law LLP also provide a wide range of other business law services, including the drafting of legal documents that all companies should have in place to ensure they are not only compliant but that the business is protected.

read more › We appreciate that you need to know what costs are likely to be incurred, and at what stage, so that you can budget accordingly. As part of our Law Society Lexcel Accreditation and client care procedure, we'll give you an estimate of the cost at the outset of your case. We'll update the estimate at regular intervals as the case progresses. Litigation funders and insurers also need to know the quantum of the costs required, and they will use our estimate to assist them. The rules of court also require detailed cost estimates.

read more › However, the funding is provided in return for a share of the litigation recoveries (being either a settlement with your opponent or through an award), or an agreed multiple of the costs advanced. Such funding arrangements used to be considered illegal in the United Kingdom but are now accepted by the Courts and there has been an emergence in the market with several highly respected funders operating in the marketplace. The funder will probably require an assessment of the merits of your case and also a detailed costs estimate.

read more › If you are not successful, the usual order made is that the loser pays the winner's costs. ATE insurance can help reduce this financial risk. Although the ATE insurers will make their own assessment, they will usually ask us to provide a summary of your case, and possibly also Counsel will have to give an opinion on merits. Under current law, the insurance premium can be recovered from your opponent, but only where the insolvency exception applies. Often the levels of ATE premiums are staged so they rise as the case progresses.

read more › Litigation is very much a team effort between solicitor, client, Counsel, and experts if relevant. In simple terms, a CFA is an agreement between lawyer and client to share the risk by combining the outcome of the case with the fees payable to the lawyer. For example, we might agree to discount our standard fees by a certain percentage (say 35%). If the outcome of the case is unsuccessful, you would only pay 65% of our fees. If the outcome is successful, you would pay a pre-agreed success fee on top of our standard hourly base rate - this is our reward against the risk of not getting paid.

read more › A damages-based agreement (DBA) is a form of "no-win, no fee" agreement between a lawyer and client, under which the lawyer is paid an agreed proportion of the sums the client recovers in litigation. This kind of arrangement is perhaps more often described as a "contingency fee", but in England and Wales that term would also cover a "conditional fee agreement". In commercial cases, the payment a lawyer may agree to receive under a DBA will be subject to a cap of 50% of the sums recovered by the client.

read more › At Summit Law LLP, we understand that confidence and trust with clients is essential to meeting clients' needs. For this reason, Summit Law LLP has applied for and been granted Lexcel Accreditation status. Lexcel Accreditation is the hallmark of a truly professional, transparent and responsible legal practice. Lexcel Accreditation is the Law Society's practice management standard; obtaining it means that a practice has satisfied certain standards during an independent assessment. The Lexcel standard is awarded to solicitors who meet only the very highest management and customer care standards and accreditation is no light matter.

read more › I have worked with Jeremy on a number of insolvency cases and for a number of IP's over a period in excess of 10 years and have always found him to be thorough and efficient. He is always a pleasure to work alongside and is an all-round good chap. Jeremy is a truly remarkable solicitor. His instructions are always clear and to the point. His grasp of insolvency law and practice, together with his energy and drive, make him a formidable lawyer and one of the best I have worked with. In short, he is the solicitor you want leading your team - you certainly do not want to be against him.

read more › Our offices overlook Russell Square, just a 15-minute walk from Covent Garden, the Royal Courts of Justice and Inns of Court. Whether you're a fee earner or part of the support team, we'll give you a dual screen to work on, with modern document management systems for a paper-lite environment. We don't expect you to wear a formal business suit unless you're in court or seeing clients. Our relaxed dress code applies every day (not just dress-down Fridays), meaning no more tedious trips to the dry cleaners!

read more › Keen to work at the highest level AND earn a great income AND form part of a friendly team? Do you feel as though you're treated like a robot, and wish to work for a firm that genuinely practices work/life balance?. Are you expected to constantly be in the office, but would prefer to work from home sometimes?. Are you feeling undervalued for your skillset and the work you do, and deserve proper rewards and incentives?. In your covering email, please explain how we might help you to achieve your career aspirations, as well as what you think you could bring to the firm.

read more › These are particularly suitable if you are an undergraduate or have passed your Legal Practice Course. As our people are our greatest asset we are always looking to attract the brightest legal talent, with good academic qualifications but also candidates that are resourceful and who are team players. In your covering email, please explain how we might help you to achieve your career aspirations, as well as what you think you could bring to the firm. Summit Law LLP holds the Lexcel award (the internationally recognised quality mark for law firms) - this independent recognition demonstrates the high level of customer care you'll receive when you instruct us.

read more › In accordance with the Solicitors Regulation Authority guidance on price transparency, we have set out our pricing and fees below. We offer a fixed fee initial consultation in all employment matters in order for us to assess and agree the overall work involved. The day-to-day running of your employment matter will likely be conducted by Alex Ferrigno, supervised by Alice Lithgow, although you shall be notified of who will be assisting at the outset. Advice can normally be provided within two to four weeks.

read more › In a competitive marketplace, businesses of all types and sizes require expert legal support. With over one hundred years of combined legal experience, you can be confident that your business is safe with our commercial lawyers at Summit Law. Our legal aptitude is only part of the reason why you should choose us as your commercial solicitors. In addition, our business acumen means we can assist with any commercial problem. Indeed, being a business ourselves, we fully appreciate the daily commercial pressures you face.

read more › In an increasingly regulated world, disputes are unavoidable in business. We aim to prevent and resolve disputes by providing in-depth, tailored, and practical advice to suit your requirements and focuses on your personal strategic and commercial objectives. Our commercial litigation solicitors are able to assist in all ranges of disputes in ways to suit you, whether that is by negotiation, mediation or a vigorous courtroom strategy. We will implement a plan without delay which will, in turn, maximize your chances of success.

read more › Despite the very best intentions, from time to time, commercial contract disputes do happen. And, when this happens, you need the very best contract dispute solicitors in your corner if you want to save costs, prevent damage to your business and reputation, and get back to normal as quickly as possible. At Summit Law, our clients come from a wide range of businesses and professions, across all sectors. So we understand what it takes to resolve any contractual dispute. And we always do this in a way that aligns with your overall business goals.

read more › Commercial contracts are essential to the operation of a business, defining expectations and providing security that your business interests will stay protected. Where a contract is breached, it can be very frustrating with the potential to cost you a lot of time and money. However, with an expert breach of contract solicitor on your side, it is usually possible to resolve contract disputes quickly and cost effectively. And with Summit Law on your team, we always do this in a way that aligns with your overall business goals.

read more › Construction disputes can hold up progress and cost you a lot of money, as well as risking damage to important business relationships and your reputation. However, taking the right strategic approach, guided by experienced commercial litigators, can often see these disputes resolved quickly, amicably and cost effectively, allowing you to get your projects back on track as soon as possible with minimal disruption. At Summit Law, our commercial litigation solicitors offer more than 100 years of combined experience in resolving commercial disputes.

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