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Porto Bella Solicitors From the moment I was referred, I received a phone call in a quick time frame and I was listened to. I received a convenient appointment which reflected the flexibility of the service so I was immediately at ease. So far, I have been advised on the best course of action and I am currently receiving a service from Fariha who is warm, friendly, approachable and cares!

Porto Bella was recommended to me by a friend who said they were excellent. I used Porto Bella Solicitors when I was having issues with my rented business property. They were thorough, prompt, professional and trustworthy. The communication I had from them at all stages was excellent and made me feel like a valued client. It gave me peace of mind during a stressful time.

Their knowledge and expertise really put me at ease. I'd highly recommend this firm without reservation. A very professional service and I would recommend their services to others! I have been highly satisfied with the friendly and efficient service I have received from Porto Bella Solicitors.

read more › Porto Bella Solicitors seeks to provide an approachable, accommodating and client focused service, putting you at the heart of our business. Our mission is to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, reliable and tailor-made advice to suit their individual needs. Calling on our pool of extensive knowledge and expertise, we create a service that is as unique as your personal circumstances. We want you to experience a relaxed and "at home feel" from the outset. This is demonstrated in our comfortable environment, with our friendly and approachable team.

read more › It is a criminal offence if a child is taken out of the UK without the consent of everyone who has parental responsibility. Our team can help in obtaining urgent orders to prevent a child from being abducted. It is imperative that you obtain advice from specialist solicitors in this filed, so the right advice can be given to you quickly. Prevention of abduction is done in a number of ways and by making emergency applications to the Court. If a child has been abducted already but remains in the UK then you should contact us for advice as to obtaining appropriate orders for location of your child and to ensure that they are safely returned to you.

read more › At Porto Bella Solicitors we understand that Abuse and Domestic violence can be a very emotional and damaging time. We can advise you on how the law can protect you and discuss options available to you to enable you to decide what you wish to happen. We pride ourselves in offering out of hours appointments at your convenience understanding that an emergency is an emergency. A Non-Molestation Order (also known as an injunction) is a court order, that prevents someone from being violent towards you and your family.

read more › We offer expert legal advice, when social services become involved with you and your family. We understand that this is a stressful time for everyone involved and our expert solicitors are on hand to help you through this difficult time. This is the last step before the Local Authority considers issuing proceedings. If you have received a letter from the Local Authority inviting you to a PLO meeting, contact us and we will attend this meeting with you. If you are informed by the Local Authority that your child is being removed from your care, you should contact us straight away.

read more › If you are cohabiting and are facing difficulties within your relationship, or are entering into a new relationship and intend to cohabit, contact our team today to seek advice. The breakdown of a relationship is a difficult time and can become even more stressful if you are unclear as to your financial situation. The law is the same, whether you have lived together for 2 years or 22 years. Once you separate, you will only ever get what you owned. There is no duty for one partner to maintain the other partner and you will not be entitled to claim for a share of what your partner owes.

read more › We have expert children solicitors who will help you with all aspects of children matters. We cater for individuals based on their own personal needs, rather than generalising, as we understand every situation is different. Where proceedings have been issued at court, the court will not take the side of any party involved, but will do what is best for the child. A Prohibited Steps Order which is granted to ensure a child's safety. This is usually granted where the child is at risk of being removed out of the jurisdiction of England and Wales.

read more › Getting divorced is a stressful time. When you have made the decision that your marriage is over, it is best to act swiftly in starting the divorce process. The divorce process itself can seem quite straightforward, however the practical procedures are where matters can become complicated, such as financial issues arising from a divorce. It is best for you to contact us, to discuss the options available to you. Our divorce lawyers can guide you through the process of a divorce and provide advice on matters relating to finances and children along side this.

read more › We believe our clients should receive specialist, simple and clear legal advice of the highest quality, which is why we only have experienced solicitors, skilled in their areas of expertise. Our family solicitor Fariha, has been practicing for over ten years and prides herself in successful outcomes for her clients. We ensure you receive reliable and realistic advice delivered in a timely manner. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The information you provide will be only used by us to administer your enquiry and any response.

read more › Document certification is where an authorised body is able to verify and agree that a particular document is a true copy of the original. At Porto Bella Solicitors our solicitors are able to offer this service. We will stamp, date and add our details to your document and provide you with a photocopy once we have approved of the original. We are a fast-paced law firm, so your work will get done quickly. We often offer availability immediately, so you are not waiting for an appointment, meaning you can get on with your day!

read more › Porto Bella's divorce team can help with financial matters surrounding a divorce or separation. When you are ready to get divorced or separated, it is important that you also deal with the finances. We know that this can be the most complicated and intimidating part of your divorce and the thought of costly legal expenses are likely to add to the difficulties you are currently facing. Reaching an agreement is never easy. In order to reduce the stress surrounding divorce, we can help with you all aspects of your financial situations.

read more › A forced marriage is a marriage which takes place without the consent of both parties. You have to be willing and consent to the marriage, without any emotional pressure, blackmail or threats. Our forced marriage team understand the issues surrounding this area of law and understand that it can be a difficult time for the victim. This does not make it right for anyone to be forced into a marriage that they do not consent to. The Forced Marriage Act 2007, gives the Court powers to make Forced Marriage Protection Orders.

read more › At Porto Bella Solicitors we are firm believers in helping people. A Lasting Power of Attorney will provide you with peace of mind at a reasonable cost. We can lose our mental capacity at any time and it is essential to plan your future by setting up lasting power of attorneys. Our service means that you can spend more time with your family, while we get your work done. Our experienced solicitors are fast to act, and we only offer law in manageable pieces. We pride ourselves for being able to offer such a fantastic service where you may need it most.

read more › A prenuptial agreement (also known as a prenup) is a written document that is made before a couple get married. These act as a barrier to protect you. These agreements are usually entered into before a marriage takes place. Both parties agree to specific terms which must be complied with, these are presented in a written document. The agreement also includes details on what would happen if a divorce or breakdown in relationship was to take place, such as distribution of assets. Although pre-nuptial agreements are not legally binding, if they are drafted fairly with full and frank disclosure from each party and in the absence of duress, the Court is likely to take the terms of the pre-nuptial agreement into account.

read more › At Porto Bella Solicitors we offer a fixed fee service for preparation of Wills. We pride ourselves for being able to offer such a fantastic service where you may need it most. We will express your wishes clearly. We believe that every adult should have a will, yet 70% of the population do not. If you would like our help please contact a member of our team. Making a will is very important for you and your loved ones. The main advantage is that it allows you to pass your Estate to those you wish to benefit.

read more › Porto Bella offers a no obligation half hour free advice, by appointment at our office 43-45 Beckside Road, Bradford, BD7 2JN. Please call 01274 502814 to arrange a meeting. We can assist with assessing your eligibility for Legal Aid, advise you of legal costs and assist with explanations on a host of legal matters, including providing you with free material that can assist you with your legal problem. You also get the chance to meet us and decide if we are the solicitors for you! Our firm is franchised by the Legal Aid Agency to provide legal services in Family Law.

read more › In certain circumstances, it may be possible to apply for public funding to settle your case through Legal Aid. Legal Aid is only available for cases where Social Services are involved with your children or if there is evidence of domestic abuse or child abduction. However, you may also be entitled to advice and assistance under the Legal Aid scheme for certain other aspects of law. Please contact a member of our friendly team for advice. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The information you provide will be only used by us to administer your enquiry and any response.

read more › This code of conduct summarises the procedures of Porto Bella Solicitors Ltd and its subsidiaries to ensure all Porto Bella Solicitors Ltd associated persons, including employees and those acting on our behalf, do not facilitate tax evasion. Tax evasion, tax fraud and attempts to facilitate such actions are antithetical to the ethos of Porto Bella Solicitors Ltd. These crimes cheat the government out of revenue it needs to create the conditions for our business to flourish. It amounts to little more than stealing from our customers and from ourselves.

read more › Porto Bella understands that financial constraints can be an inhibiting factor when it comes to seeking legal guidance. We believe everyone is entitled to honest, affordable advice, so offer a range of services at a fixed rate. Our fixed fees allow you to budget from the outset, putting you in control and we are confident that you won't find the same value for money elsewhere. We will agree what work needs to be done, how much it will cost and when it will be paid, meaning you will never incur any unexpected charges.

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