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Ian has worked in the legal profession since 1989. Prior to that Ian was a member of the Armed Forces, often serving in politically volatile situations. Ian has been with Murray's solicitors since 2005 when the company was formed. Ian specialises in complex crime and is usually the first person to see clients when they are at the Police Station. His experience representing and advising clients at Police Stations is second to none.

With over 30 years experience Ian has been instructed in 42 murder investigations and 4 terrorist cases. Ian is a down to earth individual with great communication skills. Ian excels in dealing with complex cases, where attention to detail has resulted in successful defences and acquittals before the jury. All our lawyers and support staff are open, approachable and transparent in their dealings with clients so that clients never feel as if they are sitting on the side-lines, mere observers.

This inclusive approach generates the team attitude that we have found so important delivering the positive results and outcomes.

read more › Murrays Solicitors are specialist Criminal Defence Solicitors based is Bradford, although we deal with clients throughout England & Wales. Whatever situation you find yourself in, we can help. Right from the outset we can represent you from Police Station interviews, mounting a vigorous defence on your behalf, to ensuring that you have the best chance of a favourable outcome at Court. We deal with cases at Magistrates and Crown Court as well as the Court of Appeal. Our solicitors have many years experience in all types of criminal cases and we will ensure that you have the best representation available.

read more › Most criminal cases which end up in court start with an arrest and interview at the police station. We at Murrays Solicitors take pride in the advice we give. Our advice will always be in your best interests, so it is imperative that prior to answering any questions you speak to one of our staff. Regardless of your position in life, be it Nurse, Doctor, Teacher it is important that you have the services of a solicitor whilst at the Police Station. We at Murrays Solicitors can help you through this difficult time and steer you through the complex legal procedures.

read more › Here at Murrays Solicitors we deal with all types of criminal offences. If you have been arrested or charged with any of the offences listed below, or any other offence, please contact us for advice. In England, criminal cases are split up into categories. The nature and seriousness of the offence will determine which part of the Courts system the case is heard in. The Magistrates Court is generally the Court that people first have to go to when they are facing a criminal case. As a general rule the Magistrates Court will deal with less serious offences and they will refer more serious offences to the Crown Court.

read more › We act for persons accused of various public order offences from intentional harassment to violent disorder and riot. If you or a family member is charged with a public order offence it is important that you contact our expert public order offences solicitors straight away. This applies where 12 or more people acting with 'common purpose' use or threaten violence. Their behaviour must have the affect that a normally firm person would be afraid. Section 1 Riot must be heard in a Crown Court, with a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment.

read more › At Murrays our solicitors have extensive experience of defending Murder, Attempted Murder and Manslaughter cases and will represent you from the beginning of the police investigation right through to Crown Court and the Court of Appeal. If you or someone you know has been accused of any of the above offences it is vital that they contact one of our experienced solicitors at the earliest opportunity. Murder is when a person of sound mind unlawfully kills any human being with an intention to kill or cause grievous bodily harm (under the Queens Peace).

read more › Murrays solicitors represent clients both on a legal aid basis and also for privately funded work, where legal aid is not available. In England and Wales, when a person is arrested they are always entitled to free legal advice at the police station. This free legal advice is available to everyone, regardless of your financial circumstances. You have the right to a fair trial and you should always get legal advice if you have been charged with a crime. You will need a solicitor to help prepare your case and to represent you at a Court when you're charged with a crime.

read more › Whatever type of offence you have been charged with, you will need effective representation at Court from a specialist lawyer. Here at Murrays Solicitors we have a wealth of experience in all types of criminal cases and we will offer you the highest quality legal advice and representation available. We offer Legal Aid for qualifying applicants; we will assess your circumstances and tell you if you are eligible to receive legal aid to cover the costs of your Court case. If you are not eligible then we will explore other funding options with you.

read more › We at Murrays Solicitors are one of a small number of recognised specialist Law firms appointed to the very high cost case and specialist fraud panel. Members of our legal team have a vast wealth of experience and expertise in handling fraud cases of all types and complexity. Our experience defending these types of cases has enabled Murrays Solicitors to utilise the services of the very best defence forensic experts in fields such as accounting, voice recognition, computers, facial mapping, DNA, handwriting, and other evidence gathering specialists.

read more › We at Murrays are officially recognised as being one of a small number of specialist legal firms capable of dealing with large scale commercial frauds. We do recognise and appreciate, however that not all commercial or "white collar" frauds involve allegations of large scale criminality. Whether the case involves the Serious Organised Crime Agency or the local CID the impact upon company officers, businessmen and employees can be devastating for the individual. Our vast experience of these matters will support, assist and guide you through the complexities which these investigations involve.

read more › A visit from the Taxman is a stressful experience at the best of times. An official visit from Officers of H.M. Revenue & Customs (HMRC) can have far reaching consequences for company officers, businessmen and employees alike. Murrays Solicitors have many years' experience in dealing with HMRC investigations. We are able to 'cut through' the complexities and provide the comprehensive help and guidance you will need to deal with the allegations being levelled against you. Our Legal Team possess the necessary expertise coupled with the required business acumen to formulate and advance your defence to the allegations.

read more › Murrays Solicitors have a wealth of experience in relation to allegations involving irregularities relating to Mortgages, Mortgage applications and allegedly false or misleading valuations. Our legal team know what it's like to live in the real world and recognise that not everything is black or white when these types of complex cases fall for consideration. We are able to see time and again allegations made against respectable, law abiding members of the public who, through no fault of their own, find themselves caught up in the alleged criminality of others.

read more › Missing Trader Inter Community (MTIC) or Carousel fraud is the name given to the theft of Value Added Tax (VAT) from a government where the allegation is that the way VAT is treated has been exploited when the movement of goods between jurisdictions is VAT-free. Carousel refers to a more complex type of fraud usually involving small high value items (such as mobile phones) which are then passed around and traded between companies and jurisdictions. Prosecutions of this type are often long and complex involving many expert witnesses and legal defence representation.

read more › Committing fraud is easy! Not only those who intend to commit fraud manage to do so. Saying something that is not quite accurate, forgetting to mention something that is required or relying on someone else who lets you down have all led to honest and unwitting people being arrested and charged with fraud or conspiracy to commit fraud. Deceiving someone is not always done deliberately. If you do find that you have fallen foul of the law do not think you are a criminal; others have made mistakes before you.

read more › If you are arrested and are to be interviewed by the police or matters have proceeded to court, we are highly experienced in dealing with all manner of sexual offences including sexual assaults, rape, possession of indecent images or extreme pornography and breach of trust offences. We at Murrays pride ourselves in our professional and sensitive handling of such matters. We have experience in representing clients from a professional background and will ensure that the prosecution evidence is scrutinised in detail.

read more › 1 of the Protection of Children Act 1978 (PCA 1978) and section 160 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (CJA 1988). The acts penalise the making, distribution, showing, possession of and advertising of indecent photographs or pseudo photographs of children. The word indecent is not defined but is left to the jury to decide based on the recognised standards of propriety. Possession of indecent images relates to child pornography and sentences vary depending on the number of images found and their content.

read more › The Sexual Offences act 2003 replaces older sexual offences laws with more specific and explicit wording. It also created new offences such as non consensual voyeurism, assault by penetration and causing a child to watch a sexual act. The act also now includes provisions against sex tourism where people who travel abroad with intent to commit sexual offences can have their passports revoked or travel restricted. Going to court when charged with a sexual offence can be intimidating and stressful.

read more › We act for people accused of various sexual offences from possession of indecent images to the most serious rapes and historic allegations of sexual abuse. We have acted for people accused of possessing indecent images and the distribution of indecent images of children over the internet. Allegations which result in being arrested for a sexual offence can be an extremely harrowing experience that can affect your personal relationships with loved ones and seriously damage your reputation. We also understand the trauma and anguish that is caused by having personal details entered on the sex offenders register for relatively minor offences.

read more › Keeping your driving licence is not just important to you, it is probably essential. Think of getting the kids to school, yourself to work and back, your partner to work and back, doing the weekly shopping, taking the kids to football practice. Are you facing doing it all without a driving licence? If you have a court date looming for a road traffic offence of any sort you are no doubt worrying about the penalty points you may get; you may be thinking of the driving ban you may get. We at Murrays Solicitors will spend the time to take your instructions, advise you and represent you effectively.

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