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Atta Rehman is a duty solicitor and fully accredited police station representative. His experience and knowledge of the law is exceptional and he ensures that he offers the highest level of service at all times. He has represented clients from all ages, professions and backgrounds and gives each case his individual undivided attention ensuring that the interests of the client is paramount.

He has had many years of experience dealing with the very minor and most serious cases. His knowledge and ability has astounded fellow colleagues and professionals and he is ambitious and motivated in every aspect of his work. He is the founding partner of the firm and has had dealing with regulatory bodies such as the NCA, Complex Crime Unit, CTU and many more.

He has dealt with both professional and lay clients and treats each case with an eye to detail. He was recommended by the legal 500 UK 2015 as a 'star of the firm' and received the legal 500 UK 2015 award for leading individual, His work has been recognised nationwide and his experience and knowledge is proven from his success rate and ability to tackle all aspects of a case.

read more › Harris Solicitors specialise in complex and high value fraud cases. Our defence lawyers routinely advise and represent clients in all matters of fraud, including VAT fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud and benefit fraud. If you are being investigated or have been charged with acting dishonestly, it is important you get expert legal advice as soon as possible for the greatest chance of a satisfactory outcome. Contact the experts at Harris Solicitors today for immediate and dependable legal advice.

read more › Our lawyers have many years of combined experience to reach the ultimate goal, client satisfaction and the most effective outcome and solution to any prosecution. We are recognised for our expertise and we are strong competitors within the legal market. We have provided specialist legal advice to our clients in relation to matters of serious fraud and complex crime and we have served the needs of our clients both nationally and internationally. We have successfully represented clients both individuals and businesses in the largest prosecutions in England and Wales.

read more › POCA's implications are far-reaching and complicated; proceedings often involve the thorough examination of years' worth of financial transactions. Consequently, when dealing with this area of the law, assistance from experienced and skilled professionals is invaluable. Harris Solicitors routinely defend clients in proceeds of crime cases. If you are facing investigation under POCA, or you know someone who is, contact our firm today for expert advice and assistance. Here you will find an overview of the proceeds of crime legislation and the implications the law can have on someone who is accused of profiting from criminal conduct.

read more › The terms of a restraint order can have an overwhelming impact on an individual's financial situation and in many cases can also negatively affect third parties, such as family members and business associates. While restraint orders are very restrictive, there are actions that can be taken to limit their impact. Harris Solicitors is a firm of POCA experts who specialise in forcefully challenging all aspects of restraint orders in order to minimise the disruption to the personal and professional lives of all those affected.

read more › It is considered morally wrong to take the life of another human being. Accordingly, convictions for murder are met with severe punishment. Specifically, in England and Wales murder carries a mandatory life sentence. Cases that involve loss of life at the hands of another person must be handled with care by the courts, in order to gain justice for the victim's family but also to ensure the defendant is given a fair trial. With the possibility of life imprisonment, there is a lot at stake for someone facing allegations of murder.

read more › In recent years, the criminal law relating to terrorism offences has become vaster and more complex as it continues to deal with the actions of terrorist groups and individuals. Legal instruments have created wide definitions and extended powers relating to the investigation and prosecution of those suspected to be involved in terrorist activities. What this means for people who are under investigation or have been arrested is that the assistance of skilled terrorism defence solicitors is more important than ever in order to navigate this complicated body of law and preserve the fundamental principles of the right to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence.

read more › As a result of greater public awareness of allegations of sexual abuse and technological developments that have made it easier to commit sexual crimes online, we have seen a rise in the number of allegations and prosecutions of sexual offences in recent years. Under the law, the police and prosecution service have extensive powers and courts are given discretion to hand down significant sentences. The gravest cases of rape are likely to result in life imprisonment. However, it's not just lengthy custodial sentences that defendants face: judges can require an offender to sign the Sex Offenders' Register and can issue a Sexual Offences Prevention Order to restrict an offender's conduct.

read more › We understand the importance of legal advice and assistance at the police station. We are available to attend at the police station 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are always available for our clients on our emergency numbers. Harris Solicitors do not acquire the services of agents or police station representatives to attend the police station for its clients and always ensure that in house duty qualified and accredited solicitors attend at the police station. This is to ensure a personal and professional service from the outset of any investigation.

read more › Why choose Harris Solicitors for your police interview and why have us there in the first place. Harris Solicitors hold a legal aid contract with the government and as such when we attend at the police station for you regardless of the amount of time that is taken to assist you with your case it is all completely free to you. We are available to attend at the police station nationally and will attend for you day or night. We hold a legal aid contract with the government but we are entirely independent of the police and the courts.

read more › The advice that you receive at the Magistrates Court is important as it means the difference of a criminal conviction or indeed an acquittal following a trial. Our advocates are trained to understand the law and apply it to the case for which they are dealing. We understand the importance of the question of a criminal conviction and as such we ensure that you receive expert legal advice at all times. Every part of the prosecution case is analysed in order to ensure we defend our clients properly and appropriately.

read more › We instruct barristers from the national circuit and ensure that each case is dealt with by the appropriate barrister. We understand that each case is different and requires different levels of expertise. The choice of barrister is important and we take this responsibility very seriously. You can rest assured that the appropriate barrister with years of experience will be selected to deal with your case. Our experience has shown that we have dealt with many cases and have instructed skillful barristers and experts from across the circuit.

read more › Harris Solicitors believe in the criminal justice system and believe that fair trials ought to take place. This is a right afforded to anyone being investigated for any type of offence. There are the unfortunate situations which arise where a person is either convicted for an offence which is continually denied or the sentence they have received is an excessive sentence and ought not to have been given bearing in mind a defendants circumstances and the nature of the offence. Harris Solicitors have had a great deal of experience with the Court of appeal.

read more › Sexual Grooming is regarded as one of the most serious forms of criminal conduct in our law and, depending on the seriousness and extent of the conduct, if you are convicted of an offence relating to Sexual Grooming, you could face a significant prison sentence as well as being subject to registration on the Sex Offenders Register. Sexual Grooming includes conduct which can ultimately involve committing a number of statutory and common law offences along the way, including but not limited to offences such as Rape, sexual intercourse with a child under 16 or threatening communications.

read more › Online Fraud covers any kind of fraudulent activity which is conducted online or with the use of devices which will assist the commission of Online Fraud. It comes in various guises and is often referred to or incorporates criminal conduct including Internet Fraud, Computer Misuse or Cyber Crime. The Annual Crime Survey for England and Wales which is published annually by The Office of National Statistics reported that Online Fraud is now the most common offence in the country with over 5 million cases of cybercrime taking place each year.

read more › The essence of the crime of Fraud is that monies have been received dishonestly usually through misrepresentation or other form of criminal conduct. Tax Evasion is the term used where individuals or businesses have fraudulently paid no tax, too little tax or are accused of claiming back tax repayments to which they are not entitled. The criminal conduct can amount to falsifying records or entire documents as well as involvement in sophisticated and complex multi-defendant Tax Evasion schemes. We are highly experienced in handling all types of Tax Evasion cases, and can assist and advise on HMRC enquiries; tax tribunals; offshore tax issues; Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs); Code of Practice 8 notices and Code of Practice 9 notices.

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