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Elizabeth Caple Solicitor With extensive experience in the regulation of heavy goods and public service vehicles we aim to balance your commercial needs with your ongoing obligations in law. In turn, we seek to achieve increased commercial profitability for your business through more effective legal compliance systems. Our services range from advice and representation on Office of the Traffic Commissioner and DVSA matters to examining your current systems to make the management of your transport operation more effective and compliant.

We also offer extensive advice and support to legal and other professionals with clients finding themselves in need of specific road transport advice. Further, we work proactively with businesses to grow their transport operations and to troubleshoot to minimise the risk of regulatory action against the company and individual directors, in the event of a serious incident occurring.

Elizabeth Caple Law Limited maintains professional indemnity insurance in accordance with the rules of the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

read more › Director, Elizabeth Caple Solicitor, has run this niche legal practice in Bristol for over 14 years, specialising only in Commercial Road Transport Law, in particular the regulation of lorry and bus operators. Operator Licensing is the mainstay of her work and she is an experinced advocate in front of the Traffic Commissioners. Elizabeth says My clients consist of companies or individuals who operate heavy goods vehicles or buses as part of their businesses. These businesses may range from haulage to construction, waste and recycling, engineering, outside broadcasting and the entertainment industry, food and beverages to public transport, to name a few.

read more › The potential effects of Traffic Commissioner imposed penalty action or not obtaining the desired Licence for your business can be commercially devastating. Failure to properly address or respond to requests for information from the Traffic Commissioner can lead to significant sanctions. We maintain a good working relationship the Office of the Traffic Commissioner and this has frequently assisted in resolving matters and disputes. Facing criminal prosecution or having received a criminal conviction requiring disclosure to the Traffic Commissioner.

read more › The increased activity of the DVSA "Remote Enforcement Office" is resulting in more and more problematic vehicle operators being dealt with in the first instance by DVSA as opposed to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner. Serious roadside prohibitions or other concerns relating to the way a business manages its transport operation my be acted upon by DVSA and vehicle operators can not afford to ignore it's requests. DVSA will also keep a track of your compliance scores and annual test performance.

read more › The law requires you to continually assess the effectiveness of your systems in place to mange the conditions of the operator licences. Sometimes systems may only need simple updating or restructuring or, in some cases, a complete overhaul and 'rehabilitation' is required. Our advice stems from the extensive experience we have gained from working with the Office of the Traffic Commissioner and DVSA on what standards they expect of UK Operators. Perform initial in depth systems Audits at your premises to assess your overall approach and compliance with the stringent operator licensing conditions.

read more › As your business grows or changes so too will your Operator Licence requirements. Often commercially critical situations or opportunities may appear requiring immediate or prompt amendment to your Licences to ensure you can run the fleet you require. As business Groups develop and grow, the positioning of Operator Licences within the Group will need re-assessment, perhaps to allow for subsidiary companies to also have permitted use of the licence. Applying for a new or amending an existing licence is by no means a straight forward task and there are many pitfalls and hurdles involved.

read more › Since 2013 there have been a number of successful prosecutions of companies and individual directors following death caused by internal systematic failures. These prosecutions have far reaching affects on the road transport industry as highlighted in the Bristol Crown Court case relating to the Bath tipper disaster where four members of the public lost their lives. What is now clear is that key individuals will face lengthy prison sentences where they have failed to oversee vital systems and procedures within their organisations.

read more › Most businesses which operate or intend to operate heavy goods vehicles or buses will require either a Goods Vehicle Operator licence or a Public Service Vehicle Licence. We are regularly instructed by other solicitors to provide road transport expertise either where their client faces regulatory action or in the case of commercial sales, acquisitions and group re-structuring where the longevity of the road transport needs are paramount. Without the correct licences companies often find themselves unable to operate hgv or buses from completion or end up operating illegally.

read more › I am committed to providing high quality legal services to all my clients and dealing effectively with any concerns is part of that service. Whilst I sincerely hope you never have cause for complaint, if something does go wrong, I need you to tell me. I aim to respond in full within 21 days, if I cannot give you a full response within that time I will let you know how long it will take. A thorough investigation will be conducted into the issues raised - an independent review will be carried out of the file and the associated circumstances.

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