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Landau Law Philip Landau and the employment team at Landau Law are one of the best known specialist employment law solicitors in the UK, acting only for employees, senior executives and high profile individuals. Our regular contribution as experts in the media is testimony to our recognition as leading specialists.

This includes the BBC, The Guardian, Sky News, LBC News Radio, ITN, Radio 4, Radio London, Channel 4, Talk Radio, ITV News, The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, The Sunday Times, The Independent, CNN and The Telegraph.In fact, we are practically the only law firm in the UK which acts solely for individuals in the field of employment law. This distinguishes us from the more general firms, where other areas of law are also carried out or where firms act for employers.

Our website is also one of the UK's most comprehensive and visited sites about your employment law rights- in easy to understand language. This is up to date as at 2021. We have collectively acted for more than 25,000 individuals over 30 years.

read more › Philip Landau and the employment law team at Landau Law are one of the best known specialist employment law solicitors in the UK. We are one of the very few firms in the UK which act exclusively for employees, senior executives and high profile individuals in the field of employment law. We are not a bolt on team in a firm where other areas of law are also practised. Our website is also the most comprehensive in the UK for any law firm in relation to your employment rights. We are regularly called upon as expert solicitors on employment law for radio, television, national newspapers, financial and legal websites, and conferences.

read more › Sanya is an Associate Solicitor with experience in all aspects of employment law - particularly in negotiating settlements with employers and preserving goodwill with employers, wherever possible. She regularly advises on performance issues, gross misconduct, unfair/constructive dismissal and discrimination. Sanya is well versed in protecting your interests and advising on the appropriate strategy relevant to your circumstances. She also has vast experience in advising on settlement agreements, restrictive covenants and contracts of employment.

read more › Mark is a Consultant solicitor and has a wealth of experience in acting for employees and senior executives in employment law matters. Mark has particular experience in dealing with whistleblowing and discrimination matters, redundancies and re-organisations and unfair dismissal. Mark has negotiated hundreds of settlements successfully on behalf of clients. Where a settlement is not possible, he is an equally experienced advocate with high degrees of success in the employment tribunal.

read more › Isabelle is an Associate Solicitor with significant experience in advising on employment law issues, particularly in relation to performance improvement plans, constructive dismissal and discrimination. She also has a great deal of experience in reviewing grievances, restrictive covenants and advising and negotiating on settlement agreements. Isabelle provides clear and strategic advice, which is practical and free of legal jargon.

read more › This will be an agreed (fixed) fee which will not be varied upwards or downwards- whatever the outcome of the case;. No win no fee which is known as a "damaged based agreement" (we will need to assess your case first). We always do our best to be as accommodating as possible, including accepting payment by instalments. This could be an ideal solution for you, especially if it enables time for a negotiated settlement to be made with your employer- which in turn can fund the balance of instalments.

read more › Landau Law is one of the best known and leading employment law firms in the UK, acting solely for employees and senior executives. We are practically the only employment law practice in the country who specialises in only acting for individuals. We have very high success rates. As specialist UK employment law solicitors acting only for employees and senior executives, we are always willing to consider taking cases on a no win -no fee basis if this is your preference. In doing so, we appreciate that this is often an attractive option at a time when financial security is uncertain.

read more › We have a national reputation in the UK as specialist employment law solicitors acting for employees and senior executives, and one of the best known. We are practically the only firm in the UK which only specialises in this area, and we have very high success rates. How would an employment tribunal determine if it was reasonable for me to make bullying accusations?. Can my employer defeat my constructive dismissal claim by upholding my grievance or by simply apologising?. What is the impact on my restrictive covenants if I make a claim for constructive dismissal?.

read more › Our "1 day policy" concerns the free legal advice service as set out on our free employment law advice page. Our one day policy says if you haven't heard from us within 1 working day of submitting your enquiry, it means we are unable to provide the free service due to existing commitments and your details will be deleted. This provides certainty for you, so you are not left waiting. In most cases, however, we are able to let you know the same day, and often within hours if we can take your matter forward.

read more › Please use the Landau Law redundancy calculator to calculate your redundancy entitlement. If you are not sure of your exact employment commencement date, please estimate this. The "calculation type" field allows you to ascertain what your entitlement is where your employer has a more generous redundancy payments policy- typically 1-4 weeks for every year of service. The total number of weeks pay you are entitled to is subject to a pre-determined multiplier.

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