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Dyne Solicitors Deborah heads the Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department, Deborah also undertakes Public Inquiries. Kathryn Specialises in environmental and planning law and trained at Dyne Solicitors before qualification. Kerry trained with the Crown Prosecution Service and trained with Dyne Solicitors whilst on. At Dyne Solicitors, we understand the importance of providing first-class, cost-effective legal advice.

Our team of highly experienced solicitors are specialists in regulatory law and use their extensive industry knowledge and expertise to supply added value advice and guidance. We specialise in serving a range of niche industries, including Road Transport & Haulage, Environmental & Waste, Health & Safety and more, providing litigation, dispute resolution, and other legal representation services.

We offer depth from with our legal teams and industry connections and technical 'know-how' to benefit our niche industry clients. Aside from servicing operators and organisations in the above niche industries, we also provide public legal services including representation for speeding offences, drink and drug driving offences, and careless driving cases.

Meet our team of highly experienced, industry specialist solicitors. Our solicitors come from various backgrounds and specialise in different areas of regulatory law including Road Transport, Environmental Law, Health & Safety, Commercial Litigation, Dispute Resolution and more. When assigning a solicitor to your case, we evaluate your needs to match

Our company needed help with a complicated case, so we contacted Kerry Pepperell from Dyne Solicitors to help us. The fees are transparent and agreed. We feel that his service provides real value for money, and although no-one likes paying a bill, I can honestly say I have never received what I would consider to be an extortionate invoice for the service

Solicitors4Transport is Dyne Solicitors' specialist brand offering you expert, dependable, clear advice giving you the certainty that you are acting within the regulations and in a manner that best serves you and your haulage business. Transport legislation is notoriously complex and highly regulated, so it's no surprise that so many companies find

Under the new Regulation, it is possible for the same person to act as an 'internal' Transport Manager for more than one Operator, and therefore be named on more than one Operator's Licence. However, in each case, the Traffic Commissioner would need to be satisfied that the person had a genuine link to the Operator and satisfied the requirement of effective

Pollution is a local, national and global issue - think waste plastic and that is just the tip of the iceberg. The emission of pollutants can cause significant harm to human health and to ecosystems and any activities giving rise to potential emissions to land, air and water are heavily regulated. Our environmental law specialists regularly advise companies

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