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Rawlins Davy Rawlins Davy Ltd trading as Rawlins Davy Solicitors & Mediators is a leading Bournemouth based firm of commercial solicitors with the benefit of a specialised private client department. The solicitor directors are committed to offering their clients a professional service of the highest calibre and proven excellence.

They advise company and business clients, from start-ups to those with a turnover in excess of 100 million, on both general and complex transactions and including commercial property law, company sales, mergers and acquisitions and dispute resolution.Rawlins Davy's dedicated Private Client team offers a wide range of personal advice, with particular expertise in tax issues and estate planning.

Rawlins Davy have a long history, and a great deal of experience, of dealing with all aspects of commercial law. We can support and advise throughout the life of your business from start-up/incorporation, throughout your trading lifetime and then finally the sale or closure of your business.

read more › Rawlins Davy have helped us with a number of business legal services - they are professional, friendly and extremely helpful. Would certainly recommend them as the best Solicitors in Bournemouth. A huge thank you to Rosemary Bowman for the highly efficient and professional way she handled the conveyancing of my late mother's property. Would happily recommend her services to anyone wanting a top-class Solicitor.

read more › We believe that it is important to offer competitive prices, but we would not expect to be the cheapest. It is not uncommon in a property sale or purchase for an estate agent to receive a referral fee from a solicitor in return for a recommendation. Whilst such payments are not prohibited when properly explained and disclosed to you, the client, at Rawlins Davy we do not pay fees. We receive referrals because of the quality of our work, not because we must pay for them. We have an active "youth team" policy to enable us to recruit, train and promote the next generation of lawyers.

read more › They identified problems in the market, including that "those requiring care need greater support in choosing a care home and greater protections when they are residents." The CMA have made it clear that they expect the advice to be followed, and in an open letter to care home providers announced that they and other enforcers will take action against homes that are not complying with consumer law. The expert team at Rawlins Davy can help to ensure that you comply, regardless of your starting point.

read more › Whether you are a landlord or a tenant of residential or commercial properties held under Assured Shorthold Tenancies or short or long leases, we can help you with a number of legal services from assistance in the management of your rental property if you are a landlord to peaceably enjoying your interest in the property if you are a tenant. We understand that as landlords of Assured Shorthold Tenancies, there are a number of reasons when you will need legal assistance. These include the recovery of rent arrears, stopping a tenant from causing a nuisance to others and regaining possession of your property.

read more › You may have a good relationship with your tenant and wish to maintain this. By agreeing to a lease extension outside the formal legal procedure, almost invariably, the process will be completed sooner and at lesser cost to the tenant. There is not necessarily a financial benefit to refusing to entertain an offer from the tenant. This is because a tenant can, subject to eligibility, compel you to grant a lease extension. However, if you do advise the tenant that the formal procedure is necessary, your own reasonable legal and valuation costs are effectively covered from the date the procedure is commenced until completion.

read more › Our director Patricia Smith and her colleagues Sue Gardiner and Sue Hickman pride themselves on ensuring that our private clients receive professional and experienced services tailored to their individual needs and circumstances. Whether you are moving home, planning for your future, making provisions for your family, either in terms of your business or personal assets, we can offer you innovative and personal solutions. We will work with you using our personal legal services, keeping you informed throughout the process and we will always respond promptly to your concerns and queries.

read more › Buying or selling a home can be a difficult process, especially without proper legal advice. We aim to make the entire conveyancing process easy and stress free from start to finish. Rawlins Davy has spent years assisting with property conveyancing Bournemouth. We are the best choice for conveyancing solicitors Bournemouth, going above and beyond for our clients. Our experienced team of property lawyers undertake all aspects of property conveyancing, including freehold and leasehold sales and purchases of houses and flats, in a friendly and efficient manner.

read more › An Attorney is when you give another person power either to make decision relating to your finance and assets or to make decisions regarding your health and care. If you want those Powers of Attorney to continue once you are incapable of making decisions yourself, for example due to the loss of mental capacity, illness or injury, then you have to use a special form of Attorney, which is a Lasting Powers of Attorney. They are more complicated that a basic Power of Attorney because they have to comply with a set of rules.

read more › Here at Rawlins Davy, we can handle your wills & estate planning to give you peace of mind. If you don't make a will you die intestate. If you die intestate the beneficiaries of your estate are prescribed by a set of legal rules not chosen by you. Sometimes it won't make any difference, but in a lot of cases it can make a radical difference. Very often people assume that everything will pass to their spouse, but this is not necessarily true. So it is very important to make a will. The will drafting process is about understanding what you want to happen in terms of your property and future maintenance of your relatives and dependents after you have gone.

read more › Mediation is a means of encouraging parties who are in dispute to sit down together with a third party mediator. The mediator is an unbiased party who does not make a judgement or decision on the merits of the party's cases, but is trained to encourage the parties to negotiate and talk with each other. The objective of Mediation is to try to help the parties involved reach a negotiated settlement rather than pursuing a dispute to court. It is confidential; anything you say at the mediation is never disclosed in the court proceeding if the mediation doesn't work and the claim continues.

read more › RD now recommends to all charitable companies that it is desirable for those documents which provide for its governance to be updated to take into account recent changes in the general law. A. BACKGROUND The Companies Act 2006 ("the new Act") changes the law applying to companies in very many respects but it doesn't change the basic structure of them save that: 1. Mediation services allow parties to discuss and resolve disputes alongside an unbiased mediator, avoiding expensive court proceedings.

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