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Whatever the size of your business, we can guide you through the law and help protect your company or investment. We can help both employees and staff find out how to protect themselves and advise on what steps they can take to improve their position. From co-habitation agreements to divorce proceedings, our solicitors are there to help guide you through and ensure your interests are taken care of.

We can help produce a tailor-made will for you, and help you consider all your options, such as leaving some of your property in trust. Whether you are being charged for assault or harassment, our solicitors have the experience and expertise to deal with your case professionally and efficiently. With a wealth of legal and commercial experience, Stephanie and her team provide advice, support and assistance on a wide range of matters.

Although we have listed our core services here, if your enquiry relates to anything else, let us know. If we cannot help you we may be able to recommend someone who can.

read more › David is responsible for the implementation of the firms strategy and business plan. He ensures the business runs smoothly and takes care of all non-legal matters including the financial management of the business. He has a background in Financial Services having held senior management positions with Commercial Union Plc (now part of Aviva Plc) and Scottish Life (now part of the Royal London group). David has previously owned a successful Management Consultancy which includes FTSE 100 companies within its client list.

read more › Whatever the size of your business, we can guide you through the law and help protect your company or investment. Many small businesses set themselves up as limited companies, but don't always have the time or experience to understand the legal implications of being directors, like having shares or getting people to invest in them. Whether you are new to this, or fully conversant with the law, whether it's a new or existing company, whatever the size of the businesses or investment in a business, we can guide you through the law and help protect your company or investment.

read more › We can advise both creditors and debtors, corporate and personal, in a situation involving insolvency. If you or your business are struggling to pay your debts, we can advise you as to your options. If you are a company, there are three main options available to you; entering into administration, a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA), or liquidation. Conversely, if you are an individual you can either enter into a Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) or bankruptcy. What is most suitable to you will depend on your circumstances and we will be willing to speak to you to discuss your needs.

read more › From small local organisations to large multi national funder raisers, Charities all have one thing in common, the need to not only do the right thing, but be seen to do the right thing. If a company does something wrong (such as having a website that breaches the Companies Act) the consequences are unlikely to be serious. For a charity, getting it wrong can significantly affect their standing in the eyes of the public, which can have a significant knock on effect on public support, and therefore on their funding.

read more › Here at Kleyman & Co Solicitors we understand the everchanging needs and demands faced by educational institutions and aim to provide practical and commercial solutions both in routine and in the most challenging of times. For more information or to arrange a free consultation, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

read more › Almost every business has staff, whether it is a part-time secretary to a whole team of salesmen and support staff, and your rights and obligations will be governed by a raft of legislation. Even temporary or casual staff have rights, and so does the employer. We can help both employees and staff find out how to protect themselves and advise on what steps they can take to improve their position.

read more › At present an unfairly dismissed employee with more than two years service can claim up to 85,200. The average award is around 5,000, although you might have to pay your legal costs on top. Even these figures can be crippling for a small business which is why we are here to help. If an employer goes through the correct procedures at the right stages they can significantly reduce the risk of a claim and increase the chances that any claim bought against them will not succeed. We may not be able to get you your job back, but we may be able to obtain a reasonable level of compensation for you either by negotiation with your employers or through mediation or tribunal proceedings.

read more › When you hear the word "contract", many employees, particularly small businesses, assume it means a long, complicated and expensive account. It doesn't need to be. In order to comply with your objectives under section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996, you only need to confirm 12 basic facts such as notice periods and holiday entitlement, although we would often recommend a little more detail. Due to our range of experience and detailed precedents we can put together a legally compliant contract, at a very cost effective price.

read more › Most (although not all) employment cases are heard in an Employment Tribunal, who deal with matters such as unfair dismissal, discriminations and non-payment of salary. Unlike most courts, a claim in an Employment Tribunal must be bought very quickly. Often as early as within 3 months of the matter being complained of with extensions being very rare. However, like all courts a good knowledge of the law, preparation and understanding of the case is essential, as well as the ability to negotiate a good settlement for your clients.

read more › Whilst we can never guarantee that you will not end up in a tribunal, a good set of rules and regulations gives a degree of certainty to both employer and employee and so significantly reduces the risk of the employee wanting, needing to or being able to bring a claim. The most obvious policies that every employer should have are grievance and discipline procedures. It is inevitable that at some stage an employer will want to discipline a member of staff an employee will want to bring a grievance.

read more › Redundancy is simply a form of dismissal. Like all dismissals, it is either fair, or it is not. If the employee has sufficient length of service, the redundancy is not genuine and/or the correct procedures have not been followed, the employer is open to a claim for compensation. If you are an employee who believes that they have been made redundant unfairly or if you are an employer who wants to know how to go through a proper redundancy process, then call us for impartial advice. Act NOW - Employment claims must be bought quickly, and proceeding can move very fast through a Tribunal.

read more › Large claims (over 50,000) or claims involving complex areas of law should be brought in by the High Court. From the beginning of our instruction, we can explain the course that a claim will take, we will help you to prepare the documents, draft witness statements and advise on any experts that may be necessary. Although we have an experienced team of barristers we can call on, we often undertake advocacy ourselves if it provides a more cost effective service to our clients. High Court is also where we can apply for other types of proceeding, such as injunctions and freezing orders.

read more › In many respects, County Court process is very much like High Court. The sums at stake might be less, but the steps that need to be taken are the same, so the costs can easily become disproportionate. At Kleyman & Co. we work hard with our clients to make sure the service they receive is appropriate both from a legal and a commercial point of view. There are many courses of action we can employ to help reduce the costs without reducing the level of service. We can undertake advocacy in house, which can sometimes be more cost effective, although at other times we delegate work out to specialist barristers.

read more › There are a variety of different enforcement proceedings, from freezing assets, and sending in the Bailiffs (or preferably the High Court Sheriffs), to possession proceeding over property or obtaining funds from their bank account or employees. If it is obvious that they don't have the money, bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings may be appropriate. In every situation we can advise on the most appropriate course of action for your circumstances and take the steps necessary to bring the claim to a swift conclusion.

read more › When people talk about debt collection they may have images of door step collectors, picking up weekly installments for their local gangland boss! That's obviously NOT a service we offer. When we talk about Debt Collection we have two services in mind, although they can often amount to the same thing. Firstly, we have clients coming in to us with outstanding invoices for goods or services rendered, where there is no real dispute but they just cannot get the other side to pay. Secondly, we have clients who have obtained judgments (either on their own or through us) but they need help enforcing it.

read more › The costs involved for debt recovery can be hugely variable depending on several factors. The costs are affected by whether the debt is contested or uncontested and at what stage in the collection process we are able to collect the debt on your behalf. The first stage of the process would be to issue the debtor with a letter before action at a cost of 400. If the debtor does not pay at this stage then the next step would be to issue proceedings at a cost of 850. If this then proceeds to court the court fee will be 455 for a claim up to 10,000 and our fees will be 2000 for the preparation and then 1700 to enable us to attend court on your behalf.

read more › Whether you are married or in a civil partnership, the consequences of the breakdown of a relationship are often highly emotive and confusing and can have far reaching effects on the family as a whole. Whether you have made the decision that your relationship is over, or you are still contemplating, it can be emotionally exhausting and financially draining. We will guide you through the process of the options available to you in plain English and provide you with value for money for our services.

read more › If a divorce is undefended, our cost estimate will be 3600 plus a court fee of 550. This will involve us drafting your divorce petition (which we will hopefully agree with the other side where possible), around an hour to liaise with the court throughout the case, lodging the petition, dealing with any formal response from the other side, filing your decree nisi and applying for the decree absolute. These break down of costs concern Divorce only and do not include financial settlement or child access matters.

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