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You can read through our solicitor's specialisations here to help you find the best lawyer to help with your legal matter. If you need legal advice or legal services, pop by our office on Barnet high street and meet the MHHP law solicitors in person. For my corporate clients, I can add value by combining my expertise in commercial leases and business acquisitions with a detailed knowledge of my client's business objectives.

I take care to listen and understand the operational matters and form an appropriately commercial view of the legal technicalities so the advice they get makes sense to them. This work demands a highly organised and efficient approach and excellent communications with the client. Very often for my clients, the most important thing is to respond to their needs quickly and effectively.

Time is valuable and they do not welcome being tied up in red tape or buried in legal technicalities. I love the challenge of facing all the hurdles head on, clearing each with minimum fuss and reaching for the finishing line in the quickest time the circumstances will allow.

read more › In relation to all family law matters, your initial, informative half-hour consultation with a lawyer is only 60 plus VAT. Find the answers you have been looking for, today! Whether you're looking for advice in regards to division of matrimonial assets or guidance in regards to domestic abuse our dynamic team can resolve the issue in a timely manner. We understand that you want to enjoy confidentiality, and peace of mind in relation to cost. That is why we keep proceedings straightforward and transparent and help you navigate the muddy waters of a divorce without issue.

read more › If you are involved in a dispute at home or in relation to a service you've received, you may not know where to turn. At MHHP, our Solicitors can help you resolve the dispute quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal risk. Our skilled team of lawyers possess formidable experience working in contractual disputes, debt recovery, and much more. We are ready to study, learn and strategise towards an effective solution. They are the experts and work with a friendly, open attitude to help you find a solution right for you.

read more › Disputes happen in life. Perhaps you entered into a partnership agreement full of hope and with the best of intentions, but now the relationship has deteriorated and both partners need a reasonable and fair solution to end their business relationship amicably. When parties agree to disagree, the next step is usually litigation. The role of a litigator is to bring the dispute to light and take the steps necessary to preserve their client's legal rights. Court proceedings can be lengthy costly and emotionally draining for all parties involved.

read more › Need redundancy advice, worried about settlement agreements, think you're suffering at the hands of discrimination at work? We can provide you with expert advice and guidance at MHHP, our experienced employment law solicitors resolve all types of employment or workplace issues, working hard on your behalf. Employment Law is often a complex and confusing process, we specialise in unravelling the intricacies of employee or employer disputes, helping to achieve the best results, whilst delivering a satisfactory outcome for our clients.

read more › MHHP Solicitors can guide and assist you with our range of property services including conveyancing to declarations of trust. Our dynamic team of lawyers are on hand to provide advice in a variety of ways. We are approachable, friendly, and aim to apply our expertise to help you in legal property matters.

read more › What would happen if you or an elderly relative reached a point in their life when they were incapable of making decisions for themselves due to a lack of mental capacity? Not only would this be a worry, it could become rather complex from a legal perspective, unless lasting powers of attorney were in place. A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document which gives you greater control over what happens to you in life. If you have an accident, become injured, start to suffer from memory issues, or lose cerebral capacity, you could have a person appointed in a position of trust, to act on your behalf, and make important decisions about your financial or personal welfare.

read more › After a person has died the law requires that someone takes responsibility for all their personal affairs and worldly possessions and ensures that they are passed on to their new owners. Responsibility to carry out these final duties exists whether or not a person has made a Will. Who takes this responsibility? The person, or more usually the people (there can be up to four), who takes on the task is called the deceased's Personal Representative. In a Will they are usually named as the executors.

read more › There are numerous factors to consider if you are buying, selling or leasing commercial property and we can guide you through all stages of the process here at MHHP Solicitors. Thanks to our expertise as commercial property solicitors in Barnet we can give you all the advice you need in this complex area, liaising on your behalf with agents, financial institutions, and lawyers acting on behalf of other parties. We'll conduct contract negotiations, raise queries and make important enquires, complete searches and report back to you at every single stage.

read more › MHHP Solicitors understand the ever-changing landscape of business and the hurdles involved in setting up and running a company. Our team make the complicated matters of business law straightforward and easy to understand. We want your business to be a success and so offer expert advice in a number of areas. We can aid in establishing partnership agreements and advise on business sale & purchase, shareholder agreements, and standard terms. A broad concept that describes the Substantive Law that governs transactions between business entities, with the exception of maritime transportation of goods (regulated by Admiralty and Maritime Law).

read more › Disputes at work can be disastrous for business. We understand this and can help you resolve the issue quickly and with minimal risk. Our steadfast team have a wealth of experience working to resolve disputes within business and understand the sensitivity of the matter in hand. Whether you are struggling with a tenant, suffering a shareholder dispute, or involved in a contractual disagreement we offer specialist advice and guidance to businesses from all sectors.

read more › MHHP specialise in all areas of employment law for businesses, our expert guidance and advice helps to resolve many workplace disputes. Should you require assistance with discrimination claims, or have wrongful dismissal cases pending, we aim to deliver the right outcome for you. We can provide you with expert counsel to help you resolve all types of employee issues. Our aim is for you to achieve the best possible results, with a satisfactory outcome that resolves the issue as quickly and cost effective as possible.

read more › After years of successfully delivering results for hundreds of clients, we understand what it takes to provide clients with the excellence they deserve. At MHHP law, we believe expert counsel requires more than offering practical legal solutions. Thus, at the core of how we do business is a commitment to sound judgement, inquisitive research, intelligent analysis and compassion for the plight of our clients. Our client-centric method is one of the reasons clients have come to expect both intelligence and creativity from our expert solicitors.

read more › Contact our friendly and welcoming team of lawyers today for expert and confidential legal advice. You can schedule a phone consultation right now using the form to the right. Alternately, you can call us at 0203 667 4780, send us an email or pop in for a face to face visit to our Barnet office. Dealing with legal matters from employment law to property law, and everything in between, we are dedicated to finding you a resolution. Our partnership team has over 60 combined years of experience as solicitors in Barnet and North London.

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