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Juliette Kinsey is now a Consultant Solicitor with Chivers Solicitors, continuing to offer expert legal advice to clients on a range of family law issues including divorce, matrimonial finances, parental disputes regarding children (such as ongoing contact arrangements and where the children will live), cohabitation issues and child maintenance disputes.

Juliette Kinsey has over twenty years' experience dealing with family law issues. She is a Resolution Accredited Specialist, a qualified Collaborative Lawyer and Accredited Family Mediator. The breakdown of a relationship can be an upsetting and confusing time for you and your family.

Whilst Juliette cannot take away the pain, she will ensure that you receive specialist family law advice, access to associated professional services and a high level of client care service which is tailored to your individual needs and requirements.Juliette Kinsey endorses the approach of Resolution and the Collaborative Family Law Group and has throughout her career adopted a constructive and pragmatic approach in resolving issues that arise following the breakup of a relationship.

read more › For 13 years I was the Principal Solicitor of Kinsey & Co Solicitors. I continue to practise as a Consultant Solicitor and Accredited Family Mediator at Chivers Solicitors providing clients with expert legal advice in relation to all aspects of matrimonial and family matters including divorce, separation, financial matters and issues that arise regarding children. I have over twenty years' experience in family law, (with some of my cases having reached the Court of Appeal) and I have had several articles published on alternative ways of resolving family disputes away from the courts.

read more › Juliette Kinsey specialises in matrimonial and family law matters, providing clients with expert legal advice in all areas of family law and relationship breakdown. Whether you are married, in a civil partnership or have been in a long term cohabiting relationship Juliette Kinsey will be able to advise you about how best to proceed with the issues that arise as a result of the breakdown of your relationship. Equally, if you are embarking on formalising a relationship by getting married or moving in together Juliette Kinsey can also advise you about prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements or give you advice about property ownership if you are thinking of purchasing a home with your partner or spouse.

read more › Coming to terms with the breakdown of your marriage is a hurdle in itself and Juliette recognises that issuing divorce proceedings may not be appropriate in all cases. Whatever you choose to do it is important, however, that you receive professional and practical legal advice. Juliette can advise you about how to proceed with a divorce and what options are available to you according to your own personal circumstances. If you have been served with divorce papers she will endeavour to see you promptly and advise you about the contents of the papers and how best to proceed.

read more › Juliette Kinsey recognises that not all married couples who decide to live separately may want to issue divorce proceedings. There may be reasons why couples do not wish to divorce, such as religious grounds or becasue they are simply not ready to take that step. In some instances it may be more appropriate for a couple to judicially separate rather than to divorce. Juliette will be able to advise you as to which course of action may be best for you, taking into account your personal circumstances.

read more › Juliette Kinsey recognises that the breakdown of a relationship can have profound effects on the children of the family. It is important that all separating parents receive advice about their rights and responsibilities towards their children. In an ideal world all parents would reach an agreement between themselves regarding their children but sadly this is not always possible. Juliette can advise you on issues such as parental responsibility and arrangements regarding who the children can live with and when they see their other parent.

read more › Even now cohabiting couples do not benefit from the same legal protection or rights granted to married couples or civil partnerships. Many unmarried fathers do not realise that they do not have parental responsibility for their children and many women do not realise that there is no such thing as "common law wife" in England and Wales. Cohabitees often find out too late that they have few legal rights and limited protection if their relationship breaks down. It is important that, if you are separating from your partner, you receive proper legal advice about your position.

read more › The 2005 Civil Partnership Act enabled gay and lesbian couples to enter into Civil Partnerships thereby providing them with the benefits and security of the same legal protection previously reserved for married heterosexual couples only. Whether it be advice being sought prior to entering into a Civil Partnership, about a possible pre-civil partnership agreement or advice arising from the breakdown of the relationship, Juliette Kinsey will be able to advise you regarding property and children issues which may arise.

read more › Juliette Kinsey is an Accredited Family Mediator and offers mediation services to couples who are seeking to resolve their disagreements away from the courts. Juliette is the founder of Just Talk Mediation which is a family mediation service helping separating couples reach agreements together regarding the financial and children issues that often arise following the breakdown of a relationship. It is important to understand that Juliette cannot be your solicitor and your mediator at the same time.

read more › Collaborative Law provides separating couples with an alternative way of resolving the issues between them away from the courts and in a dignified and respectful way. Juliette Kinsey is proud to have been the first solicitor in the Bradford and Aire Valley area to offer clients the opportunity of resolving their issues using this method of dispute resolution. The collaborative approach has been developed for couples who have reached the painful decision that their relationship has come to an end but do not seek to separate in such a way that causes acrimony and long lasting bitterness.

read more › Increasingly, couples are building into their forthcoming wedding plans the provision of a pre-nuptial agreement which sets out what would happen in the unfortunate event of the marriage breaking down within a few years of the wedding. Whilst it is not a pleasant thought that your marriage may not work out, the protection of a pre-nuptial agreement could give you peace of mind so that, in the event that the worst happened, you would not lose all that you had worked for in your life before you married.

read more › Juliette Kinsey is an Accredited Family Mediator and can provide mediation to couples who have decided to separate and wish to reach agreement regarding financial and children issues away from the court. Please note that Juliette cannot be your solicitor and your mediator. If you decide to instruct Juliette to be your solicitor but also wish to undertake the mediation process then Juliette will happily refer you to another mediator and provide your legal advice during the mediation process. The breakdown of a family unit can be traumatic and distressing for all members of the family.

read more › If you are unable to call us during office hours, please leave a message on our answer-machine and we will call you back at a convenient time for you in order to make you an appointment. In order to comply with the GDPR we are required to make available to you how we use data from this web service and across our organisation generally.

read more › Juliette Kinsey is happy to advise, represent and assist clients who live or work elsewhere in the country or overseas or simply find it difficult to attend Chivers Solicitors' office in Bingley. All that is needed is proof of your identity, proof of your permanent address and contact details. Certified copies of your current passport or photographic driving licence, a recent utility bill (not older than three months) or a council tax bill will be sufficient. You can either send the original documents to the office or you can obtain certified copies and send these to us.

read more › No, I do not offer a free first interview but I do offer a fixed fee interview for 50 + VAT (60 in total). For this fixed fee you will have an appointment with me for one hour when you will be able to set out your situation in a clear and unhurried way. I will give you thorough and extensive advice based on significant experience in family law issues and I will also be able to give you an idea of the likely outcome of your case and chances of success as well as how much your legal fees would be should you choose to proceed with your case.

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