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We would like to welcome you to Lanshaws Solicitors and Lawyers. We provide a professional employment legal service that is both authorised and regulated, to both employers and employees in Nottingham, Derby, and Leicester and beyond. My dealings with Angela Shaw was exceptional. She took me through step by step of my contract so I understood everything and advised me accordingly.

Angela Shaw provided an excellent service from the initial consultation in which she took the time to make me aware of my options, through to the very satisfactory conclusion of my case. I would highly recommend her. I would thoroughly recommend using Lanshaws. I have used them on a number of occasions after a personal recommendation from a business contact.

Always highly professional. Takes the time to explain all available options. Very personable. Worth every penny in my view. The field of employment law can be a very complex and daunting experience! With this in mind, we have incorporated valued principles that will deliver a unique service to all of our clients.

read more › Lanshaws Solicitors was established as a niche firm designed to provide specialist employment law advice to both employers and employees. Over the years, I had realised that for many individuals, including business owners, the field of employment law was often a complex and very daunting experience. Many individuals had never approached a solicitor before and would not know what to expect. I wanted to provide a place where both businesses and individuals could receive professional employment law advice in a way that they could relate to, removing the legal jargon and providing a service which was tailored to the needs of each and every client.

read more › Many employers will be aware of the difficulties of managing workplace disputes and how quickly a problem can escalate. Dealing with employment problems on a daily basis can be a very time-consuming exercise for any business, however, failure to do so may lead to a claim at an employment tribunal. Managing employment problems is, therefore, a huge responsibility regardless of the size of the business. However, we work carefully with our clients to ensure that they have the necessary employment procedures and policies in place, that contracts of employment protect the needs of the business and that they are able to manage risk in the workplace on a daily basis.

read more › Redundancy arises when an employee is dismissed because they are no longer required to undertake their role, for example, the job no longer exists. I have been told that my job is at risk of redundancy? Being informed that your job is at risk of redundancy can be extremely stressful but it does not necessarily follow that you will be made redundant. Your employer should identify an appropriate pool of those potentially at risk of redundancy before commencing a consultation process. Can I volunteer for redundancy?

read more › We frequently receive requests for support from employees looking to better understand their employment rights, whether it is navigating their way through a complex disciplinary process, redundancy procedure or what to do when they have been unfairly dismissed. Other common scenarios relate to ongoing employment disruption in the workplace and how best to raise a grievance with a view to possible further action. In many cases, an employee will be issued with a Settlement Agreement (formally known as a Compromise Agreement), which is a confidential document preventing them from pursuing employment rights in return for a financial settlement.

read more › A whistleblower is one who brings to light any sort of information or activities which relates to suspected wrongdoing or dangers at work. There are laws in place to. Employment tribunals are tribunal public bodies in England, Wales and Scotland that have statutory jurisdiction to hear many types of disputes between employers and employees. The most common of. A staff handbook, sometimes referred to as an employee handbook or manual, is a document issued to employees outlining important information relating to the company procedures and policies.

read more › There is a requirement that all firms regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority should publish details about their prices for certain services provided. This is to enable clients to better understand what will be involved so that they can make an informed decision. The rules apply more specifically to claims issued at an employment tribunal for unfair and wrongful dismissal. However, we always endeavour to be as transparent as possible when discussing an employment matter. When a claim is issued at an employment tribunal, there are various stages of process leading up to the hearing, during which a case might be settled.

read more › I cannot praise Angela of Lanshaws Solicitors enough, and would highly recommend them, everything was explained to you in detail, and would be very happy to put a testimonial on Lanshaws Solicitors website, if needed would definitely use them again and recommend to family and friends. My dealings with Angela Shaw was exceptional. She took me through step by step of my contract so I understood everything and advised me accordingly. I have had a very friendly service from Lanshaws Solicitors and I have no hesitatation to recommend Angela Shaw to anybody.

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