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Hennessy & Hammudi Criminal defence specialist are a pre-eminent criminal defence team. Our specialist team has a wealth of experience in representing defendants in minor criminal misdemeanours such as theft, to the most serious criminal charge of murder. The philosophy we adopt however is always the same: for the individual concerned it is likely to be the most important and traumatic experience of their life.

Our objective is to guide and assist our clients through this process. Although based in Reading Berkshire, our reputation has led to clients across the country insisting that we represent them. As a result, we are known throughout the country as the firm to ask for if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself involved in the criminal justice system.

The experienced and committed staff at Hennessy & Hammudi Solicitors are led by and reflect the philosophy of its two founding Directors Kevin Hennessy and Shibil Hammudi. Hennessy & Hammudi Solicitors is one of the few firms in the country accredited to undertake very high cost cases ( VHCC).

read more › If you have been asked by the police to attend the police station, then please notify our office and we can make an appointment for you to see one of our representatives in the office prior to going to the police station, and also ensure that we are there from the moment you go into the police station. What takes place in the police station, whatever is said or not said could be the difference between acquittal and conviction. It does not make you look guilty if you have a solicitor with you in the police station.

read more › Over 95% of criminal cases are resolved in the magistrates court. In the magistrates court we have developed a reputation for proactive, persistent and incisive defending of our clients. This has resulted in a high success rate in securing acquittals for our clients. When an acquittal cannot be achieved, or a guilty plea is the appropriate plea, we employ those same qualities to secure the best result for our clients.

read more › In the crown court, together with the independent barristers we work with and instruct on our client's behalf, our well earned reputation as a premier criminal defence is recognised by the results we achieve for our clients. The barristers we instruct to represent our clients share the same philosophy of proactive defending and the incisive judgement that underpins everything Hennessy and Hammudi do. Very High Costs Cases ( VHCC's) are lengthy cases generally involving many defendants. Over the years we have secured impressive results for our clients.

read more › This area of law is predominantly procedural and very technical. You can have the same level of expertise as a premier league footballer or celebrity. Our legal team have successfully defended in many traffic cases, ensuring that defendants avoid disqualification and points on their licence. In those cases where a defence is not available, our expertise in road traffic law ensures we are able to mitigate effectively to reduce the penalty imposed by the court.

read more › If you are detained in the police station, you are entitled to free legal advice which will involve a solicitor attending the police station to represent you throughout your time at the police station. However many times you are required to return to the police station during the course of a criminal investigation, there is no limit on the number of times that Hennessy and Hammudi Solicitors will attend with you. We believe that the most important part of a prosecution is what takes place in the police station and for that reason we urge our clients to exercise their right to free and independent legal advice.

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