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Premier Solicitors Premier Solicitors (Bedford) Ltd is registered in England & Wales, number 12495770. Registered with the Chartered Institute of Taxation as a firm of Chartered Tax Advisors. Premier Solicitors (Bedford) Ltd uses the word "partner" to refer to a director of the company or an employee or consultant with equivalent standing. A list of the directors is available for inspection at our registered office, Premier House, Lurke Street, Bedford MK40 3HU.

A list of members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and ICSA is available at our registered office.

read more › With offices in Bedford, Premier Solicitors is at the heart of the community offering expertise on a wide range of legal services in a friendly and approachable manner. Although based in the Bedford we act for clients across the country, particularly London and the South East. As a firm of fixed fee Solicitors we are able to offer the majority of our legal services over the phone - why not call us now on 01234 358080. Our main objective is to provide a jargon free legal service that is both accessible to clients and affordable.

read more › At Premier Solicitors we put our clients first and provide expert specialist advice on all family issues. If you are experiencing difficulties within your marriage, civil partnership or relationship, we appreciate that this can be an extremely stressful and emotional time. We recognise the financial upheaval that is often accompanied with the breakdown of relationships, the legal technicalities, as well as disagreements involving the children. Whatever your issue is, our friendly, sensitive and professional approach combined with our non-confrontational manner will help you through this difficult period from beginning to end.

read more › Premier Solicitors is a dynamic firm of Solicitors that strives to maintain low overheads, enabling us to showcase our technical expertise at very low cost. As a result, we have many people returning for further assistance in their legal matters and many new clients coming to us through recommendations from satisfied clients. We charge a fair and reasonable fee for the work we do, we are proud of our LOW COST, FIXED FEES. We do not usually charge hourly rates (although about 5% to 10% of our clients do prefer this method of charging and so we accommodate them), and so no blank cheques!.

read more › David immediately made us feel at ease. He was very informative and answered our email queries promptly as well as spending valuable time with us in the office to clarify any questions we raised. David also liaised with Grainne so that we were able to see her at the same time as our appointment with him and her work ran parallel to the completion of our Wills. The efficiency of how the work was executed astounded us, especially compared to our previous experience with another solicitor we had dealt with some years ago.'

read more › We welcome speculative applications from candidates who are interested in joining the firm. We offer Training Contracts on a rolling basis. Priority is given to candidates who have worked as a paralegal at the Firm for 1 to 2 years, but we also welcome applications from other candidates who have appropriate knowledge and experience. We offer quality unpaid work experience placements in blocks of 1 to 3 months in length. Candidates with the right commitment and development may be considered for future permanent positions within the Firm.

read more › Premier Solicitors is an innovative and entrepreneurial Firm. If you would like to join one of our various panels please email us at We are always interested to hear about any affiliations or business opportunities which are for the mutual benefit of both of our organisations. We are particularly interested to hear about referral or outsourcing requirements you may have. Over the years Premier Solicitors has developed its services supporting Will writers and their clients with administration of estate services.

read more › A Declaration of Trust is a document that can set out an agreement in writing where there is a discrepancy between the person who holds legal title to a property and the person who owns the underlying beneficial interest in the property. The main benefit of preparing such a document is to provide written evidence of the agreement between parties as to who owns the underlying beneficial and equitable interests in the property. The Declaration of Trust will provide clear evidence of your agreement and intention at the date it is signed.

read more › Q - What is Conveyancing? A - The term 'Conveyancing' refers to all the legal and administrative work associated with transferring the ownership of land or buildings from one owner to another. Q - Will I need to come to the office? A - No. We undertake all of the work via the post, internet or over the phone. This means that we can undertake your Conveyancing Transaction no matter where you live in England or Wales. However you can still book an appointment to come into our office in Bedford if you prefer.

read more › At Premier Solicitors our main objective is to provide a jargon free legal service that is both accessible to clients and affordable. Amongst our most competitive services is our fixed fee will writing service. Our Solicitors apply low cost fixed fees to the majority of our services and all charges are unambiguous and clearly stated. Our Specialist Wills Team at Premier Solicitors have the right qualifications, technical experience and expertise to prepare your fixed fee will for you and we are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and we are also Members of the SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly).

read more › A Power of Attorney is when a person (the Donor) authorises another person (the Attorney) to act on their behalf and gives the Attorney(s) certain legal powers to act on the Donor's behalf. It is important to know the difference between these two main types of Powers of Attorney. You might set up a Power of Attorney to allow a friend to sell your house for you while you are working abroad, or set up a Lasting Powers of Attorney to allow trusted relatives to manage your affairs if you become ill in later years.

read more › Wills may be stored securely with Premier Solicitors, absolutely free of charge. There is also no cost for the retrieval of a Will from our secure storage facilities. We will also write to your Executors, if you wish us to inform them of the whereabouts of your Will absolutely free of charge. There is no catch, Premier Solicitors is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and is making this offer as part of our promotion of our fixed fee will writing service. If you are currently paying for storage of your wills, then switch to us for free secure storage irrespective of who wrote your Will.

read more › Severance of Tenancy changes the way in which you own your property from Joint Tenants to Tenants in Common. As Joint Tenants, on the death of one co-owner, the property will pass to the surviving co-owner(s) automatically by survivorship. If you hold you property as Tenants in Common then you are able to leave your distinct share of your property to your chosen beneficiaries, under your Will. This arrangement is commonly used for tax planning purposes and/or Life Interest Wills - let us help you arrange for the Transfer of a Joint Tenancy for a fixed fee.

read more › Contentious Trust and Probate work is a highly specialist area and we are one of the few law firms in the UK which has a dedicated team focused on handling matters such as these. Our team includes Solicitors with membership of the Association of Contentious Trusts and Probate Specialists ("ACTAPS"), a real kite-mark for services in this area. Further, with close connections to a set of specialist Barristers, our team can obtain early, free opinions on the merits of a case and then subsequently be in a position to offer flexible fee structures (including no-win, no-fee) to you.

read more › Have you recently suffered a bereavement and are looking for support and direction to administer a deceased's estate? Dealing with someone's affairs when they die can be complicated and confusing, especially at a time of high emotion. Our Specialist Probate Team is sensitive, sincere and sympathetic to the needs of all of our clients during very difficult and trying times. Whether you need some advice on what steps you need to take in order to deal with the estate of a loved one or you are looking for someone to carry out services on your behalf, whatever your circumstances our Specialist Probate Team has the right answers and solutions for you.

read more › Has a loved one recently passed away but you haven't been included in their Will, or have you been inadequately provided for?. Our Dispute Resolution team deals with Will disputes, Estate disputes, Trust disputes and Court of Protection disputes, and we act for: individuals; executors and administrators; trustees; charities and banks. Is it is hard for us to say how much a case is going to cost, as each case is different, however, after our initial free consultation, we will have a much clearer idea.

read more › Have you recently suffered a bereavement, and the deceased died without making a Will? Dealing with someone's affairs when they die can be complicated and confusing, especially at a time of high emotion. This may be compounded even more if they died without leaving a Will. When someone dies without leaving a Will (known as an intestacy) many different legal rules apply in order to deal with their affairs. A high percentage of adults die without leaving a valid Will (often as a result of not making a Will, making a Will themselves where the Will is not properly drafted which can cause a partial intestacy or not properly executed which means it is simply invalid, or where they employ inexperienced Will Writers to prepare their Wills who are not governed by regulatory bodies in the same way as Solicitors).

read more › If someone dies intestate their property will be divided according to the intestacy rules, dependant on which relatives survives them. If your husband or wife passes away and you have children you will be entitled to the personal possessions and the first 250,000 of the estate, plus a life interest in half of the rest of the estate, i.e. you will be entitled to the interest earned for your lifetime. The remainder goes to any surviving children. If your husband or wife passes away and you do not have any children the first 450,000 goes to you and the remainder is shared between you and other surviving relatives.

read more › The intestacy rules govern who is entitled to act as personal representative. You may find that that the rules are difficult to follow (especially where there is no immediate surviving family) or you may require assistance to identify and locate the personal representative. Premier Solicitors will help you identify the person entitled to act as personal representative and advise them of their legal duties, even where very little information of the family and their background is available. The personal representative is usually the next of kin and often it is difficult for them to take on the role as personal representative, given the circumstances.

read more › You may find that there are members of the family which you have lost contact with and their whereabouts remain unknown. Premier Solicitors has expertise to locate and trace individuals in the UK as well as any other country worldwide, subject to the information provided. Premier Solicitors will at the very least aim to provide you with the last known registered address of the missing beneficiary. Unlike tracing agents or companies that usually charge a high percentage of the estate to locate personal representatives or missing beneficiaries, Premier Solicitors will provide the personal representatives with an approximate cost of locating and tracing the missing beneficiaries.

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