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Wiseman Lee Available to download immediately our 'Landlords Guide To Letting Property' is an in-depth guide to keeping your property and investment safe as a landlord. Wiseman Lee is a limited liability partnership which offers excellence through its dynamic team of London solicitors who are accredited legal specialists and recognised experts. Over more than 50 years in East London, we have built a reputation for delivering high quality advice to individuals and businesses.

We think it is important that we get to know our clients and their businesses well. In that way we aim to forge new and long-lasting relationships with them so that we can deliver the solutions they need in the way they want. Our diversity, breadth of experience and expertise are our greatest strengths, enabling us to provide a one-stop service for our clients.

We are specialist London solicitors working for both individual and business clients.

In order to improve the service we deliver we want to hear from our clients. We want to know if we are getting it right or wrong. What our clients say is important to us. We aim to send feedback questionnaires at the conclusion of every matter. We consider every reply very carefully and where possible we act upon it to improve the quality of our service

Our property department is able to help you every step of the way. This may involve planning issues, the funding of any leasehold purchase, as well as lease surrenders, licences for alterations, rent deposits and often commercial mortgages. Businesses need legal advice at different points in their lives; at inception, through development, perhaps around

From a legal point of view the grant or transfer/assignment of a commercial or business lease can be a complex area of law and practice. Commercial leases may involve a variety of premises from offices and shops to industrial premises, shopping malls, as well as restaurants, surgeries, licensed premises and development sites, and raise important issues

Businesses need legal advice at different points in their lives; at inception, through development, perhaps around a sale or merger. But whatever the issue, the legal advice must be expert, clear and practical - and that's our gold standard at Wiseman Lee LLP. It's how we help businesses achieve their goals and fulfil their potential. Drawing on our

Our litigation and dispute resolution solicitor department has experience of handling a wide spectrum of disputes, which are either litigated through the courts or settled by alternative dispute resolution such as negotiation or mediation. If you are involved in a dispute then our experienced solicitors will provide you or your business with clear advice

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