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Abels Solicitors & Commissioners Established in 1895, Abels Solicitors is a Southampton based law firm providing a wide range of services. Abels acts for both business and private clients. The firm provides professional straightforward advice and aims to provide you with a high quality service. Every year we are asked by the SRA to complete a diversity and equality survey. The following is based on the information supplied taking into account the small sample and the need to respect people's privacy.

The age range of those working here ranged between 25 to over 64, most aged 45-54, reflected equally between fee-earners and support staff. Of the fee earners 50% were male, 50% female whilst all support staff responding were female. Pakistani and white heritage was represented amongst fee earners whilst white and mixed heritage was represented in support staff.

100% of fee earners responding were white, as were 86% of support staff. A range of religious beliefs, including Muslim and Christian, and none was represented in the sample.

read more › Peter has an extensive experience of litigation, both Civil and Criminal, built up over 30 years following qualification in 1987 as a solicitor and heads up our litigation department. He has been a partner since 1992 and senior partner since 2015. He undertakes civil litigation and dispute resolution in a number of areas (about 65% of his work time) including debt collection for businesses and specialising in Property, contentious probate and Housing (as legal aid supervisor) and contentious Landlord and Tenant work but also assisting the family team based on many years' experience on such work.

read more › We have a team of experienced family lawyers who are used to dealing with all types of family law issues. We have strong relationships with a range of professionals who can provide you with specialist help, including barristers, accountants and independent financial advisors. We will guide and assist you when you need it the most. We aim to provide sympathetic and tailored advice to help you on the road to a brighter future. The Partner responsible for our Family Law Department is Samantha Jeanes who is a member of Resolution and a member of the Advanced Family Law Panel.

read more › Coming to the sad conclusion that your marriage is over can be an overwhelming and a daunting decision. To make matters worse, divorce has a reputation of conflict and confrontation. However in reality, this is not always the case. In order to be granted a divorce, the court must be satisfied that the marriage has broken down irretrievably, thus preventing the courts from being bombarded by divorce applications that are later retracted. In order to prove that the marriage has broken down irretrievably, you can rely on one of four facts.

read more › They will also have Parental Responsibility if the parents marry. If the other parent does not have Parental Responsibility, you are free to remove the child from jurisdiction as you wish. If parents separate and a parent wishes to remove the child from the jurisdiction for the purposes of a holiday and the other parent agrees, then it would be best to take a confirmation letter from the parent not attending the holiday with all their details, including name, address, date of birth, telephone number and their passport number.

read more › The expertise in representing Housing Associations in site acquisition and development has enabled us to provide a service for small to medium sized builders and construction companies in their site acquisitions, development agreements and subsequent plot sales. We are also able to assist developers with Section 106 Planning Agreements, Section 38 Road Adoption Agreements, Section 104 Drainage Adoption Agreements and other statutory agreements required from time to time in connection with property development.

read more › We can help you when someone dies in sorting out their affairs. In some cases, you will need to obtain a document from a court to confirm who can act for that person's estate. Once a grant is obtained we can also then collect in the assets of the estate pay the debts of the estate and then distribute the estate amongst the people entitled to it. This is known as administering the estate. Julian Titt and Peter Humphris deal with such matters and for further details see "meet the team". There is a valid will or if no will it is obvious who will inherit and they are all immediately apparent (and no tracing is required).

read more › Some people put off making a Will, seeing it as morbid, or just because it does not seem urgent. Others do not see the need for a Will, or for obtaining advice, making incorrect assumptions about the laws relating to wills and intestacy. The three examples below show that it is important to seek advice and to make a Will to ensure your family is provided for after your death, in the way you would wish. They live with Brandon (10), Miranda's son from a previous relationship, and their twins Robyn and Lauren (6).

read more › We provide a Will Writing service so that you can ensure that your property, on your death, passes to whom you wish it to rather than relying on the statutory rules. Without a Will, if one spouse dies leaving children or other relatives then there is no guarantee that everything would pass to the surviving spouse. It is particularly important for non-married couples to make Wills as, generally speaking, nothing in the sole name of one would pass to the other. Following a death, we can assist with the administration of the estate whether or not there is a Will.

read more › At Abels we are able to assist when you may find yourself in dispute. Disputes can arise in many situations, including and not limited to property, wills and probate, employment and many other situations. Here at Abels, we are able to advise you on whether you have a potential claim, advise on alternative dispute resolution, represent you at pre-trial hearings and conferences, or attend trials. Should you require any information then please contact our civil litigation department. Although it is not part of our usual business; we do undertake debt collection for business clients of ours and can for new business clients.

read more › We can provide advice and assistance to both businesses and employees or former employees concerning issues arising from employment. Help can be provided in drafting and advising on contracts, compromise agreements and employment procedures. Peter Humphris undertakes this work. Occasionally we are called upon to advise an employee (or former employee) or an employer about a possible claim in respect of a dismissal. We emphasise that we do not offer these services routinely and whether we can depends on the available and work-load of one fee-earner only.

read more › Abels Solicitors have many years of experience representing people at the police station and at Court. We are directly opposite the Crown Court and Magistrates' Court buildings in Southampton and are just a telephone call away from the surrounding police stations. Although we no longer offer Criminal Legal Aid we can still offer representation at court and at the police station on private rates. We do not offer assistance in Road Traffic Matters. Please enquire of Peter Humphris for details.

read more › Unfortunately without an appointment you may not be able to see a lawyer straight away, as they can be busy assisting clients. However, if you would like to call and arrange an appointment a member of the relevant department will be more than happy to assist. Please telephone our offices on 02380 220317 and a member of the relevant team will be able to assist. We do offer free 20 minute consultations on some areas of law. Please telephone 02380 220317 and we will be able to confirm whether your matter qualifies.

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