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Hybrid Legal As recognised innovators within legal services, we provide highly responsive and cost effective expertise that enables entrepreneurial owners to focus on growing their businesses. Having spoken to a significant number of businesses, we know that traditional lawyers come in for a fair bit of criticism and it's easy to see why:. Low overheads means our fees are at least 25% lower than traditional, old fashioned law firms.

We're highly responsive and our team takes pride in providing a quick and accurate service. Our legal launch pack is a quick and cost-effective solution to getting your essential legal documents sorted. Whether you're a contractor or a business that relies on contractors, we can help you cut through the new IR35 legislation that could apply to you.

Legal Plus, our monthly legal support solution, allows us to build a long term relationship and provides access to guidance for our clients at a fraction of the cost of an in-house lawyer. Everything starts with a discovery call.

There are many reasons why individuals choose to sell their businesses; you could be ready to retire or to reinvest in your next exciting opportunity. Selling a business is a complex procedure and there are many things to consider. For example, there could be tax implications, or you may be worried about the buyers raising issues in a few years' time

Buying a business is just one great way of getting into business. You could be considering buying a business to expand your current offering, widen your geographical location, obtain a larger market share, or to ensure a competitor doesn't!. Whatever your reasons for buying a business, Hybrid is here to help. There can be lots of implications to the

It is common for businesses to seek capital in order to facilitate their growth and investment. This capital can come from a variety of sources, such as private equity houses, personal investors, or even through your bank by way of a loan or convertible loan note. If you have identified a need within your organisation for capital (perhaps you wish to

Merging a business is a great way of expanding on your current business and capitalising on the benefits and skillsets that both businesses have. There are several options when it comes to merging businesses, and you will see language such as vertical mergers or horizontal mergers. While this may seem complex, a simple way of looking at it is - are

You can decide to restructure your business for many reasons. Perhaps you have a brand you are ready to sell, you are changing your business direction, or you wish to prevent an acquisition. Our team know that the prospect of any restructuring can be daunting. There will be lots of worries and concerns about how the deal may happen, the implications

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