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Craig Gee Solicitors Here at Craig Gee Solicitors we strive to maintain our deserved reputation for providing a highly professional client-focused service. We practise an innovative approach based upon the fundamental aim of achieving the best solution for each of our clients. Your first consultation is free.

At the outset we shall endeavour to clarify your true objective and then give you informed and pragmatic advice upon your position, the shortest route to arrive there and the best estimate of time and costs involved to represent you along the way.Unless it is contrary to your instructions we will act with due expedition to avoid delays which so often beset the legal profession.

All of our staff participate in regular training upon the latest changes in law and practice to maintain their level of expertise. We appreciate the importance of keeping each of our clients informed throughout the progress of the case and place an emphasis upon being contactable via email and phone, including mobiles, at any time.

read more › Craig Gee Solicitors was founded in 1997 with the fundamental aim of providing high quality service to every client. To this end, all of our staff are committed and highly trained to meet and indeed surpass the expectations of each client using our services. Defending Prosecutions for Regulatory Offences - Breach of Fire Regulations, Trading Standards etc. We are most often available to offer telephone advice not only in office hours but also in the evenings and weekends. For most areas of law a free initial consultation at our office can be provided.

read more › We provide a wide range of legal service for both businesses and individual clients. If you have a query which does not appear to fit within any of those categories we may nonetheless be able to assist you. We are most often available to offer telephone advice not only in office hours but also in the evenings and weekends. For most areas of law a free initial consultation at our office can be provided. For those clients with disabilities or other reasons which may make it difficult to attend our office then we can arrange home or hospital visits.

read more › We understand our clients' needs particulrly in bereavement and take the time to listen, to follow instructions and keep our clients informed throughout. We will provide you with professional guidance to assist you with the financial affairs and where necessary apply for Probate and Administer the Estate. We can assist you in obtaining the Grant of Probate, or Letters of Administration in the absence of a Will. These legal documents are often required to grsnt legal authority to the person appointed to deal with the Estate.

read more › Craig Gee Solicitors are a well established firm with extensive experience in providing advice for Estate Planning and the preparation of wills since its inception in 1997. All of our staff provide a friendly, caring and efficient service for all of our clients. It is unfortunately a fact that a majority of the population have not made a will. Those persons risk dying intestate. This means that their wishes upon how they would wish to distribute their belongings and property will not be implemented.

read more › Have you considered what would happen if you became incapable of making decisions for yourself. We rarely ponder upon the possibility of losing the ability to manage ur own affairs or having to struggle to deal with day-to-day financial transactions eg handling bank accounts, collecting or claiming benefits, paying bills or arranging for the sale of the family home. Yet we are all very familiar with the debilitating impact that can be caused by Parkinson's Disease, Dementia or Stroke. It is estimated that Dementia affects 1 in 14 people over 65 and 1 in 6 people aged over 80 (The Alzheimer's Society).

read more › The Court of Protection is established to make legal Orders and appointments to protect people who are incapable of making their own decisions. A person might lack capacity to make decisions for a number of reasons. They do not have the ability to make decisions as they may have Alzheimer's, Dementia, a learning disability, be suffering from a stroke or have had a debilitating accident which has affected the functioning of their brain. However, their affairs need to be maintained and kept in order.

read more › We recognise and appreciate the difficulties that can arise following the break-up of a relationship. We will listen to you and reach an understanding with you upon how we may best assist you. Whether it is simply advice, or if we are to write to other parties or commence court proceedings, we shall act promptly in accordance with your wishes and will keep you informed and ill advise you throughout every step of the process. Call us today for a free no-obligation conversation on 0161 666 9999 or email us or call into our office on Hyde Road opposite Tesco.

read more › In these times of austerity it is unfortunately an economic fact that many employers - particularly local government - will seek to cut costs by reducing their staff. Very often this is arranged via schemes providing for voluntary redundancy. The Personnel Department in conjunction with the Employers Legal Department will produce a document which is often referred to as a Compromise Agreement. This is an Agreement which will provide the terms for payment on severance of the employment. At the same time the Agreement will contain clauses which prohibit the employee from bringing any form of claim against the employer in any of a whole range of employment legislation.

read more › Craig Gee Solicitors have many years experience in representing clients to successfully recover maximum compensation in all types of claims. We represent numerous clients who have been injured, whether as a driver, passenger or pedestrian due to the negligence of another. These road traffic accidents can vary from whiplash injuries caused from rear-end shunts to victims sustaining serious multiple injuries in major collisions. In each cas we provide professional expert advice and guide our clients through the claims process keeping them informed throughout.

read more › If you have sustained injuries as a consequence of a criminal act then you may be entitled to receive compensation from the government through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. Our specialist Criminal Injury Department have the experience and understanding to appreciate the trauma that many victims of crime endure. Expert advice will be provided to help you through the process. We will also ensure that compensation is obtained at the appropriate level on your behalf. Call us today for a free no-obligation chat on 0161 666 9999 or email us.

read more › Lease and Tenancy Agreements cover a wide range of situations and can vary from medium-term Leases of commercial premises, such as department stores, office blocks and factory premises, to shorter-term Leases of shops and offices, domestic Leases for the letting of a house, short-term Tenancy Agreements, agricultural Tenancies, Tenancies of allotment gardens and even Licenses to Occupy. The law relating to Landlord and Tenant in both business and domestic properties is extremely technical and the regulations relating to them must be strictly observed if the client's interests are to be best protected.

read more › In addition we can assist you with any matters relating to Trading Standards Investigations, test purchases, underage sales, fire safety and enforcement, alleged breaches of licence, health and safety and any issues relating to Regulatory Crime. Whether it is at the outset to assist upon an application to ensure that everything is in place and that it is considered favourably to minimise the risk of objections or to negotiate with any authorities raising objections or further to provide professional representation at a licensing hearing or an Appeal to the Magistrates and if necessary to the Crown Court.

read more › Cashflow is the life flow of any business. It can therefore be very damaging and frustrating when customers or other contractors fail to honour their obligations to settle payment when due. Here at Craig Gee Solicitors we have developed a highly successful holistic approach to the recovery of debt on behalf of our clients. We utilise every method relative to the situation including direct communication by telephone and solicitors letters setting out the consequences of non-payment to include warning of Bankruptcy or Winding-Up Orders and Court proceedings.

read more › Running a business in today's harsh economic climate is difficult enough. It can therefore be deeply worrying if the business is at risk of being prosecuted for a regulatory offence. There are now many local government departments with legal powers to investigate and prosecute any business whom they deem to be in breach of the government regulations. The above list is not exhaustive. It is absolutely essential that your business is conducted in a manner which if inspected will satisfy the requirements of such local Government bodies.

read more › At Craig Gee Solicitors, we offer free initial advice on all matters and fixed fees on most matters. Please see our list of fees below as a general guide. For an estate valued at 200,000 we charge approximate costs starting at 2,000 + VAT, + Probate Registry fees of 155, plus 50p for each copy of the Grant of Probate. For certain types of cases where there is to be only one hearing eg: a Guilty plea and mitigation we can discuss a fixed fee. For certain types of case we can agree a fixed fee or possibly act on a Conditional Fee Agreement (No Win No Fee).

read more › Very happy with the end result. Kinga dealt with my claim perfectly, I was kept in the loop every step of the way and everything was made easy for me to understand. Craig listens and takes on board everything you say, he is a truly professional Solicitor. His loyal approach from the initial consultation from start to finish is 100% commitment to your case. His communication letters on your behalf are brilliant and spot on. His Secretary Maureen and other employees are very professional and friendly too.

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