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Brahams Dutt Badrick French We are an independent firm of specialist employment lawyers. Collectively, we possess decades of real-world experience in resolving the toughest workplace disputes at the most senior level. Our expertise affords us the confidence to make important judgment calls at the right time, that can transform a difficult legal situation into a success. Adding to the equation our considerable experience in litigation and advisory work means we can deliver complete practical commercial solutions to our clients.

From a legal standpoint, every industry is different. Our insight gained through experience allows us to add value in the markets our clients operate; highlighting the industry-specific risks and helping clients identify their goals in context. We help our clients achieve not only a good result, but also the best possible result for them. BDBF has a high success rate in litigation.

As a result, clients regularly ask us to act against large employers, including the NHS, and banks such as Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered and Credit Suisse.

read more › We are employment law specialists, which gives us a detailed knowledge and understanding of the legal principles affecting your case. Our experience, knowledge and industry insight means we will make the right judgment calls when we need to. Ultimately this gives you an edge over the other party. This winning instinct is often the key factor in achieving the best possible outcome for our clients and why our clients recommend us to their friends and colleagues. In our work, we are regularly faced with magic circle law firms who are working on behalf of the world's biggest institutions.

read more › As specialists in our area of law, and given our success in complex cases, often against high-profile and well-resourced opponents, we are justifiably proud of our ability to provide high quality advice to clients who are at the top of their field. At the centre of our ethos is our committment to treat clients fairly, act with integrity and add real value. To achieve this, we consistently seek to ensure our team is made up of people who are not just technically excellent, but also personable and emotionally intelligent.

read more › Mr L was a Chief Operating Officer for a leading independent wealth manager. He was in an unusual situation as although others had been made redundant in a re-organisation, he also wanted to be made "redundant" as this would result in very beneficial "good leaver" terms for his deferred remuneration, and he genuinely considered that his role in the business had changed. However, the business wanted to retain him indefinitely albeit in an undefined role. BDBF were able to construct a viable exit route and guided Mr L through a grievance and appeal process which finally achieved the desired outcome.

read more › Many law firms advise and represent employees. However, our point of difference is that we work exclusively with senior City executives, board directors, clinical consultants, and partners who are facing work challenges which, left unchecked, could destroy their careers. BDBF's objective is to help you resolve these challenges and help you move on with your career free from impediment. Clients rely on our expert knowledge of high-level employee problems and trust we will deliver results. Our solicitors chose employment law because it is a challenging, dynamic area of law, which permeates all of our lives.

read more › If you are considering a move to a competitor company, either alone or with colleagues, you need the right legal advice to maximise the opportunity and protect your best interests. We can help you make the move with confidence. The reality is that moves like these are governed by a complex area of law and what you thought was a positive next career step could quickly unravel if not done correctly. If your employer believes that you have breached the post-termination restrictions in your contract, you could be threatened with expensive High Court action.

read more › A settlement agreement sets out the terms on which you will leave your employment. To protect your best interests you need the guidance of an experienced employment lawyer before signing - let our team help you. Our employment lawyers have decades of combined experience in negotiating severance packages. Remuneration arrangements for financial services executives, fund managers and insurance professionals can be especially complicated; we have a great deal of experience of ensuring that they are properly dealt with in a settlement agreement.

read more › We are often faced with clients who are unhappy at work. There can be any number of reasons, of which some may amount to an employment-related claim such as whistleblowing, discrimination, bullying, harassment or underpayment of contractual pay (such as a bonus). If you are having problems at work, often the first step towards protecting your legal position is to draft a clear and robust grievance letter, in accordance with your employer's policies. We will help you convey your complaints as effectively and persuasively as possible, and ensure that your grievance packs a punch from a legal perspective.

read more › Few things are more stressful than being accused by your employer of poor performance or misconduct. We can immediately take the pressure off you and turn it back on your employer by ensuring that they put in place all necessary procedural safeguards. We will make sure that you are given a full chance to state your case and that you are measured fairly and consistently against your peers. If you want to stay, we will ensure that you are given a genuine and fair opportunity to improve. If you would rather leave, we will negotiate with your employer to secure a favourable severance payment.

read more › Senior executives' remuneration packages are complex and, even if your bonuses are said to be 'discretionary', you still have rights. If you have been denied your bonus that you rightfully believed you were owed, or have been paid significantly less than expected, your employer may be in breach of your employment contract. By engaging our team, we will ensure you receive what you are entitled to. We have a long and successful track record of helping senior executives receive what they legitimately expected to receive, including in the context of long-term incentive plans and other deferred remuneration schemes.

read more › If your employer has been bought out by or merged with another company, or if they have lost a contract you were solely engaged to work on, you will most likely feel a considerable lack of control and uncertainty regarding your job. And you will rightfully want to know if you will be made redundant, if your career is at risk, and will you be paid what you are owed. In the event of company takeovers or mergers, the law protects employees under a set of regulations known as TUPE. The TUPE regulations protect you from being dismissed because of a business transfer and give you the right to be informed and consulted before the transfer goes ahead.

read more › If you see any wrongdoing or malpractice in your place of work, the thought of blowing the whistle can be daunting. But by raising your concerns to management, you are acting courageously and honourably, in the best interests of your employer, other workers, and yourself. However, many clients engage our expertise having already blown the whistle, only to have suffered negative consequences as a result. They may be facing disciplinary action, been passed over for promotion, suspended or dismissed.

read more › Whether employed or a worker, or applying for a position, you will be protected by UK employment discrimination law. Although all employers and employees should have a proficient knowledge of the Equality Act 2010 (the Act), realistically time makes this impossible for most. Therefore, if you are an employer concerned about how the Act applies to a particular situation or an employee who feels they have been the victim of discrimination, it is imperative to seek advice and representation from a specialist employment solicitor in good time.

read more › Starting a new role with a new company or your current employer is an exciting time. And it can be easy just to sign your new employment contract without thoroughly reviewing it first; something that you may later wish you had done. By engaging us before you sign, we will fully review your terms and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that your new contract works for you in all respects, including dismissal protections, remuneration terms, and post-termination restrictions. If you work in financial services, the new Senior Managers and Certification Regime makes reviewing your contract before you sign it essential.

read more › If you are unhappy with the way you are being treated at work and feel that your situation is no longer tenable, our constructive dismissal solicitors can help. We can also support you if you have resigned following a fundamental breach of your employment contract by your employer. We regularly act for senior executives in financial services, insurance, professional services, the oil and gas industry, technology and for NHS medical consultants who, for various reasons, feel they have been placed in a position where it is no longer possible to continue working for their employer.

read more › Everyone has a right to be treated fairly at work. Sometimes people are dismissed for no fair reason - perhaps their hiring manager has moved on, their face no longer fits, or they have upset the Managing Director. If you feel you have been unfairly dismissed, by engaging us we will vigorously negotiate the terms of any exit on your behalf, to ensure you are paid what you are owed and that your reputation is protected. If your employer is seeking to dismiss you, they require a fair reason for doing so, and they must follow a transparent and proper dismissal process.

read more › Although employers present a public face which seemingly champions gender equality, the reality can be very different. We frequently hear stories in which women have experienced unfair treatment, either after announcing their pregnancy, or on their return from maternity leave. Balancing childcare arrangements with working life and career development is challenging enough without having to cope with discrimination at work. By engaging our team we will help you shoulder the burden. Our lawyers are experts in maternity discrimination claims, including in cases involving promotion and pay; we will do everything we can to help you achieve the equitable outcome you deserve.

read more › If you are in a dispute with an employer that cannot be resolved by settlement, we can represent you at all stages of any employment litigation proceedings. We will guide you through the Acas early conciliation process and represent you in relation to your claims in the Employment Tribunal or High Court. Our vast litigation experience means we are best placed to provide you with the strongest representation and give you the best chance of winning. Litigation costs are often a source of worry and stress for claimants.

read more › All law firms will tell you that they invest in building client relationships and delivering great service. We think actions speak louder than words. BDBF was founded because we thought that we could offer our clients more, by doing things differently (we were right). We incentivise every single employee in our firm to deliver to our clients. We set our lawyers much lower billable hours targets than our competitors, so we have time to learn about our clients and how they like to work. This also means that we are responsive and engaged, not over-stretched and exhausted.

read more › Any business with inadequate employee documentation or contractual protection is vulnerable. Successful enterprises are often damaged, sometimes fatally, by former employees who steal clients, take confidential information, disrupt commercial arrangements, and poach staff when they leave. This is all easily avoidable. We frequently advise firms on the importance of implementing tailored and enforceable restrictive covenants and confidentiality obligations for employees. Core to our ethos is our commitment to listening carefully to your needs, with a view to ensuring a bespoke, robust employment contract based on best practice and the needs of your growing business is drafted - this will put you in a strongest possible position.

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