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Wembley Solicitors At Wembley Solicitors, we offer a wide range of legal services and we have a highly trained and experienced team to assist you with your legal issues. We not only pride ourselves on high success rates and exceptional standards of legal services, but also on fairness and transparency when it comes to costs. We offer a FIXED-FEE legal service, which means there is no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

The FIXED-FEE depending on the type and complexity of the matter. Our UK immigration lawyers deal with all types of Immigration visas such as work visas (tier 1,2,5), student visas (tier 4), settlement visas (ILR), British citizenship, visitor visas, family visas etc. We are also expert in resolving complex immigration issues, UK immigration appeals and judicial reviews (JR).

If you have had an accident in the last 3 years that was not your fault there is a good chance that you will be entitled to compensation. Our injury lawyers can deal with personal injury claims cases on No Win No Fee basis.

read more › Wembley Solicitors based in Wembley are specialised to deal with all types of UK Immigration categories including Points Based System as well as British nationality law and European law. Our highly trained and experienced team of lawyers can assist you with the preparation of your application and ensure that you meet with all the requirements of the relevant Immigration Rules. Good work opportunities abroad bolster overall immigration appeal, and lead to many young adults wanting to move abroad to look for better opportunities.

read more › From Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) to Tier 2 (General), our solicitors provide you legal advice on any type of work visa. Whether you're planning to start a business in London, or looking to find work, we can help you with the eligibility requirements and preparation. Our highly trained and experienced team of UK immigration lawyers are able to provide legal advice about the eligibility requirements and can help you with the preparation of your work visa applications. Wembley Solicitors are registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority under SRA Registration No: 806549 and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

read more › If you have made an application to the UK Border Agency and it has been refused, you might be able to appeal that decision. Whilst it is not possible to appeal against every refusal, it may be possible to seek an administrative or judicial review of that decision. Judicial review is the procedure by which you can seek to challenge the decision, action or failure to act of a public body exercising a public law function. Wembley Solicitors are registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority under SRA Registration No: 806549 and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

read more › Did you know more than three million people suffer an injury due to an accident? Accidents can occur at home, work, cars, or outdoors. Accidents do not bring a calling card, happening unexpectedly and causing the injured a lot of money. Most of the time, the injured party is not at fault, thus giving them the right to ask for compensation. Personal injury law is complicated to comprehend and it is advisable for the injured party to ask for legal advice regarding their case. Wembley Solicitors can assist you in making a case against the responsible party whether it is an individual or an insurance company.

read more › Wembley Solicitors can assist passengers make a car passenger accident claim against the driver of the vehicle or a third party. If you sustained an injury in a car accident in where you were a passenger, you have the right to file a claim. According to the Motor Insurers Bureau, passengers involved in a car accident can file a claim even if they were travelling in an uninsured vehicle. Wembley Solicitors understands the sensitivities of the car passenger accident claim and possess the expertise to expertly deal with all parties involved, working swiftly with the driver and the insurance company to provide compensation for their clients.

read more › Motorcycle accidents occur because they do not provide the rider with sufficient protection in the event of a minor or major collision with a vehicle. Motorcycles reduce the visibility on the road, thus increasing the risk of a collision with an incoming vehicle. When motorists find themselves involved in an accident, they file a motorcycle accident compensation claim to recover medical expenses and property damage. Passing judgment on who is at fault in motorcycle accidents is an extremely complicated process compared to other types of accident that occur on the road.

read more › In the United Kingdom, one of the most favoured ways to travel is on cycles and bikes. Even though cycling is a fun and healthy way to travel, it comes with a few risks, especially here. According to law, they have the right to file cycling and bike accident compensation claims if they suffered an injury or their property sustained considerable damage. Wembley Solicitors can help you make a successful claim against the driver and receive rightful compensation. Cyclists riding in the direction of an approaching vehicle, most often after they come off a pavement.

read more › One of the most common methods to travel in the United Kingdom is via bus or coach. Even though travelling by bus or coach is regarded as a safe method to travel, accidents do happen. When people find themselves involved in a major or minor accident where compensation is due for injuries or other expenses that resulted from it, Wembley Solicitors will take the case to help them make a successful bus passenger accident claim. To file a bus passenger accident claim, you need to first understand who the negligent party in the case is.

read more › There are thousands of hit and run accidents that occur on UK roads every year. Fortunately, most of these accidents do not involve personal injury, but people are not always that lucky. If you have been unlucky enough to be in a traffic accident where the other person involved has left the scene and left you injured then you may be wondering about your legal rights as the innocent party. Fortunately, victims of a hit and run incident can easily make a claim if the driver fails to stop at the scene, and share their details with the victim.

read more › If you have had an accident at work in the last 3 years that was not your fault there is a good chance that you will be entitled to compensation. The workplace you were injured in could be an office, building site, restaurant, warehouse, factory or a farm. At Wembley Solicitors, we are specialised to deal with personal injury claims. Our injury lawyers can deal with personal injury claims cases on NO WIN NO FEE basis. No matter what precautions are put in place there is always the possibility of accidents at the workplace.

read more › An accident does not always arise out of a car crash or while at work. Many times a pot hole on a road can be the reason for your injury. Whether you slipped on a slippery surface or tripped over a stud protruding out of a pavement, you may still be able to claim compensation for your injuries. Our personal injury experts will guide you through the process of making a compensation claim for injuries sustained during a trip or fall. Where the road or a public pavement is kept in a poor condition, the liability for any injuries arising out of the same will reside with the appropriate council or highway authority.

read more › Wembley Solicitors based in Wembley are specialised to deal with all types of family law matters. Our highly trained and experienced team of lawyers will help you to resolve family issues in the most amicable way possible. Families who are having trouble handling a divorce, cohabitation agreement, or cases of domestic violence, etc. are encouraged to seek legal advice. If you are looking for family solicitors in London, then come to Wembley Solicitors. They deal with family law cases in a cordial and effective way.

read more › Do you feel that there is no chance that you and your spouse will be able to get back together like the good old days? England and Wales allow divorce on the ground that the marriage is broken and is beyond repair. But how do you know if the marriage is over? Here are some of the many cases that determine that the marriage has broken irretrievably. It is only possible for a couple to get divorce in England and Wales if they have been married for more than one year, and you feel that the relationship between you and your partner has been damaged to the point where it's best if both parties parted ways.

read more › Legal separation, as the name suggests, is a legally bound separation in which the couple remains legally married but lives separately. Getting a legal separation requires the granting of a court order. In the case when children are involved as well, the court makes temporary arrangements for the financial support, custody, and the care of the children. A legal separation helps the couple get some time away from each other and think about their future without having to end their marriage altogether.

read more › When a marriage breaks down, there are many financial uncertainties that can make a relationship very stressful. One of the most crucial aspects of a divorce or separation is the division of finances. In divorce proceedings, a financial settlement is the agreement between the couple that's getting a divorce, which deals with their finances. A financial settlement includes details such as the distribution of marital assets and other financial arrangements that will support the children. More often than not, these negotiations lead to disputes which can easily become acrimonious if not dealt with appropriately, through the proper legal channels.

read more › We understand that each couple has their own expectations and decisions on how they expect assets to be utilised in the future by themselves or their children. This is why we provide a detailed legal framework with reference the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973's Section 25 and other legal documents to ensure any settlement made is in conformity with the laws and regulations in the UK. A significant aspect of divorce proceedings involves the just and accurate division of assets to provide financial independence to both partners.

read more › At Wembley Solicitors, we recognise the potential of conflicts between married couples regarding their finances to emerge after divorce. In such disputes, we can lend our professional legal expertise in resolving differences and coming to an agreement that fulfils the expectations of both divorced partners. When couples undergo a divorce, all steps are taken to ensure that assets and other finances are distributed in a manner that best suits their expectations and needs of their children. However, it is perfectly possible for couples to enter disputes regarding their finances after the divorce has occurred.

read more › At Wembley Solicitors, we recognise the differences pertaining to the distribution and management of finances that can give rise to frustrating disputes. Cohabitation agreements are becoming increasingly important to secure the rights of unmarried couples who live together. Over the last few decades, the number of unmarried couples living together has risen noticeably and disputes concerning the division of finances, properties and assets among partners are likely to cause considerable legal difficulties and challenges.

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