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PM Property Lawyers Updates and advice from our qualified, experienced team - so you're never left in the dark. We check key information at the start - so there's no last minute stress over documentation. We handle complex matters as well as straightforward sales/purchases - all at a fair price to you. As a specialist conveyancing firm, we are fully aware that not everyone is as fortunate as the people that we.

If you bought a home directly from Taylor Wimpey you might be interested to learn of the difficulties many owners. When your friend completes a transaction with us we'll send you a 25 in High Street Vouchers.

read more › At PM Property Lawyers we do things differently. We're conveyancing specialists so when you choose us, you get expert help from our award-winning team who together have decades of experience helping people to move house. We've designed our systems to be easy for you to use so your conveyancing transaction is simpler and speedier. With online quotes, digital forms and a library of video guides and resources you can get your questions answered whenever you want. And since we work nationwide from our Sheffield office, we can help you wherever you are in England or Wales.

read more › Buying or selling a property is probably one of the biggest transactions you'll ever make, both financially and emotionally. After all, it's not just bricks and mortar, it's your home. So at PM Property Lawyers we do everything we can to make sure that your sale or purchase is as straightforward as possible and that you know what's happening every step of the way (here's a list of typical fees). If there's a complication that wasn't obvious at the outset we'll explain the issue and let you know if there are any additional fees (here's a list of possible additional fees).

read more › What is conveyancing? Conveyancing is the process of transferring the ownership of property (or land) from one person to another. How long does the conveyancing process take? Whether the property is a new build or shared ownership, which involve more conveyancing work. If there are no problems or delays, a freehold transaction will normally complete in around 10-12 weeks from receipt of the contract. A leasehold purchase will normally take between 12-14 weeks. We always do our best to make the conveyancing process as smooth as possible for you.

read more › Buying or selling a property can be baffling if you don't know your easement from your EPC or a covenant from a contract. This A-Z of conveyancing terminology explains the meaning of the most common terms. When you are buying a flat, the seller will often have paid for Ground Rent and Service Charge up-front. If that is the case, you are likely to be asked to pay the seller a sum of money to cover your share of the Ground Rent and/or the Service Charge which the seller has paid for up-front. A Latin phrase which means 'let the buyer beware'.

read more › Cybercrime is on the increase, with conveyancing one of the most frequently targeted areas in the legal sector. Due to the high value of conveyancing transactions, they are a tempting opportunity for criminals who attempt to infiltrate lawyer/client communications and divert funds. We take this threat very seriously. Protecting our clients - and ourselves - against cybercrime is therefore a priority for the whole team. So here's how we do that. Check bank account details to be certain they are legitimate.

read more › Japanese knotweed is a problem you can't ignore. Left unchecked, this fast-growing plant will take over your garden and possibly your neighbour's too. In the worst cases, it can send shoots through walls, floors, Tarmac and drainage pipes, causing major damage. And failure to tackle it could mean prosecution and an expensive fine. If you're selling a property with knotweed, it could reduce the value by thousands of pounds. You could also face a hefty bill to eradicate it. Recent court cases have seen property owners fined as much as 18,000 for failing to treat it.

read more › PM Property Lawyers provides practical and professional advice to help you plan for the future. Did you know that if you don't make a will the law dictates what happens to your estate when you die? It can be a shock to find that unmarried partners won't inherit property automatically or that the courts decide who will be guardians to your children. We'll help you make a legally binding will that ensures your wishes are respected. You don't have to be wealthy to set up a trust, though that is the image they often have.

read more › Unfortunately, disputes can often arise between neighbours and these problems can frequently escalate and cause friction between the parties. Our specialist team are dedicated to finding an effective resolution to such matters, including the use of experts and alternative dispute resolution to try and avoid Court action. You may have completed on your property and moved into your new home, only to find that a mistake has been made. You may find that a surveyor has provided an incorrect valuation or failed to spot defects with the property or maybe your conveyancing solicitor has failed to perform property searches.

read more › If you aren't getting a fair deal from your landlord, talk to us. We are experienced in dealing with possession cases and can help if your property is in a poor state of repair and your landlord has refused to carry out the necessary work. We can also help in cases of harassment and unlawful eviction. See these top tips to avoid a stressful situation. When your tenants are causing you problems, talk to us. We can help with all disputes over rent, anti-social behaviour, injunctions and breaches of tenancy agreements.

read more › We're here to help you whether you are buying a business with premises, leasing a new unit, changing the terms of your premises, or selling a property. And when it comes to selling a commercial property it's vital that all the legal aspects of the sale are properly covered. We'll make sure everything from the contract to the VAT and tax implications are handled professionally and that all the necessary due diligence is carried out.

read more › If we are not currently advertising a position that specifically relates to your expertise we would still be interested in hearing from you. We're building a customer-focused team with a can-do attitude and a readiness to adapt to new ideas - if that sounds like you, get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you! If you're looking for a career in conveyancing or litigation, our graduate recruitment program is the perfect way to get started. You will initially be assisting a Lawyer on live cases to build up your legal knowledge and skills.

read more › If you're looking for a career in conveyancing or litigation, our graduate recruitment program is the perfect way to get started. At PM Property Lawyers we also believe in personal development; our aspiration is for our colleagues to be our future. With a bespoke training schedule designed by our experienced management team, you will benefit from our academic and practical training. Originally a specialist department of PM Law, we've now grown to be a separate stand-alone business. However, we're still part of the PM group and our clients can benefit from the cross-overs within the group.

read more › The PM Passport is a structured training programme that starts on day one at PM Property Lawyers. It takes you all the way to the day you become a fully fledged property lawyer, if that's where you want to go. There is a clear route for progression for every area of the business so no matter where you start with us, you will be able to see what the next step is and how to get there. As well as traditional classroom training, you'll have an individually tailored plan on our online learning management system plus lots of on the job learning and coaching.

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