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Best Solicitors We're frustrated and delighted by the same things as you. The perception that solicitors are distant and difficult only prevents the most vulnerable people from seeking help - and that injustice troubles me deeply. Since 2001, Best Solicitors has grown from 3 founding partners to a team of over 30 legal experts -all committed to delivering a fair, compassionate, accessible service.

Whether you're buying your first home, experiencing marital/parental difficulties or wish to ensure your family's security by drafting your first will, you will receive guidance, support and of course, industry-leading expertise. Thank you for considering us. ASK THE EXPERT: What is the Difference Between a Power of Attorney & a Lasting Power of Attorney?

What is a Power of Attorney? A Power of Attorney is a legal instrument that can cover decisions about your financial affairs for a temporary period or a specific transaction. Our Personal Injury expert, Stacey Smith, answers all you need to know about Personal Injury Claims What is a Personal Injury Claim?

read more › Get to know the team here at Best Solicitors and some of the people who will be working on your case. Committed to providing access to justice and bringing a personal, professional legal service to the people of Sheffield, Best Solicitors formed in 2001 - set-up by three like-minded solicitors: Donna Tilbrook, Vanessa Saxton and John Booth. Today, the three partners remain the same - taking great pride in leading an empathetic, talented, dynamic team. Always striving to improve the quality of service, in 2012, Best Solicitors opened Sheffield's first city centre legal walk-in centre.

read more › Our experienced family team are here to help you resolve family difficulties and disputes of all types. Legal Aid for family cases is available only in limited circumstances - restricted mainly to cases involving domestic abuse or where children are at risk. In many cases, such as divorce, change of name deeds and separation agreements, fixed fees are available. Fixed fees are also dependent on your financial circumstances. Most other matters will be dealt with on an hourly basis, dependent on your financial circumstances.

read more › Reaching an amicable resolution that suits all parties - without involving the courts - is our first recommendation. Following a relationship breakdown, understandably, your primary concern is the stability and wellbeing of your children. When parents are unable to reach an agreement about childcare, a Child Arrangements Order can be applied for - where the court decide where a child will live or who a child can spend time with and for how long. With our expert legal advice and guidance, you are better equipped to achieve a favourable outcome.

read more › If Social Services have informed you of court proceedings relating to the care of your child, we will act tirelessly on your behalf. As your chosen solicitor, we will prepare your case and present it to the judge - outlining your response to the evidence. Our team can advise on all aspects of care law: from the initial involvement of Social Services to court applications for care orders, supervision orders, adoption or any other related matter. We understand you are upset, stressed and even angry, this is natural, we must, however, focus our energy on achieving the best possible outcome for your family.

read more › Sometimes, following a divorce/separation, parental or financial decisions are made by the couple involved rather of the courts. These negotiations, involving both parties' solicitors, are known as Collaborative Law and are intended to be non-confrontational. A key benefit of Collaborative Law is that both parties have more control over the outcome because they set the date, place and duration of each meeting. Thanks to this, compared to court proceedings, costs are often lower. As your solicitor, our role is to accompany you to all meetings and help you negotiate the resolution you want.

read more › During a divorce, it is highly recommended that both parties have a consent order. A consent order protects you against future financial claims from your former partner - claims against your home, pension, savings or income. Please understand, following a divorce, this protection is not automatically granted. Only after signing a consent order and filing it with the court are you protected against financial claims. An incredibly straightforward process, at Best Solicitors, we will guide you through the steps, help you understand your rights and complete all required documents on your behalf.

read more › No two marriage breakdowns are the same - each is the result of unique circumstances. At Best Solicitors, our duty is to help you deal with matters quickly and amicably. If you have decided that your marriage is over and there is no chance of reconciliation, we can help you. We will be with you throughout the divorce process, sensitive to your need for a swift and painless resolution. In most cases, the cost of a divorce is fixed. At Best Solicitors, our fixed fee is 660 (inc VAT). The court will require a further 550 to cover their costs, although if you are on a low income, you might not have to pay the court fee.

read more › If you are in an abusive relationship and are suffering physically, emotional or psychological, there are laws to protect you, and our dedicated team will guide you through each one. Our family team are here to help and support you - and based on your circumstances, we will take the necessary action on your behalf. This might include applying to the family court for a non-molestation order [formerly known as an injunction] to protect you/your children. Your first step, however, is to call our expert team, tell us about the abuse you are suffering and let us help you towards a safer life.

read more › A Financial Remedy application is the process of resolving financial arrangements or disputes arising from divorce or civil partnership dissolution. Our family team deal with financial settlements of all types and sizes - ranging from cases with modest assets to high net worth settlements, and claims on behalf of children. The complexity of your case will depend on a range of different factors, including, but not limited to, business interests, property values, investments and pensions. Of course, each case is unique and no two settlements are alike, but given our solid negotiation track record, we will manage your case with confidence, committed to achieving a positive result.

read more › If you, or someone you know, is at risk of Female Genital Mutilation, contact us immediately. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is illegal in the UK, but still affects hundreds of young girls every year. To protect young girls from FGM, once we have been appointed, we act swiftly - helping our client apply for a Protection Order. Issued by the court, a Protection Order has the power to prohibit FGM from taking place. It can also force the removal of passports and other travel documents from someone who might try to take a young girl to another country to undergo the procedure.

read more › If you are being forced into a marriage against your will, or have already been forced into a marriage, our specialist team will help you. Your dedicated solicitor will help you apply for a Forced Marriage Protection Order - which gives swift protection to anyone who is being forced into a marriage. Depending on the urgency of your case, the court might grant the order straight away. If you or someone you know is at risk of a forced marriage, you can expect swift and sensitive action from us, call us today.

read more › We can also, in certain circumstances, defend proceedings issued against you if you are the alleged abducting parent. Regularly working closely with Reunite - the leading UK charity specialising in the movement of children across international borders. Able to act in cases involving the Hague Convention, Pakistani Protocol or the inherent jurisdiction of the court. You can find a list of Hague Convention countries here. Guaranteeing swift action and expert advice, we will act on your behalf if your child has been taken out of - or brought into - the UK without your permission.

read more › At Best Solicitors, we treat each surrogacy with an exceptional level of care, expertise and support. Given the sensitive nature of surrogacy, we are proud to be one of the first choice solicitors in this area of law. With us, you will be informed, prepared and guided through your surrogacy, with a dedicated solicitor always close to hand. Of course, surrogacy is an emotional process, but as your solicitor, our key role is to ensure all legal requirements are met - some of which can be challenging, but with Best Solicitors, you will have an expert team by your side.

read more › Buying or selling a new property comes with excitement and optimism. At Best Solicitors, we commit to managing your purchase or sale with equal positivity. To demonstrate our exceptional level of service, we're proud to have been one of the first solicitors accepted onto The Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme - which required us to undergo strict assessments and meet the highest, most demanding standards. For you, this means expertise, efficiency and reliability should be your minimum expectation when appointing us as your conveyancing solicitor.

read more › After someone has died, their possessions and financial affairs need to be dealt with and settled. This will generally include the clearing of any debts, the payment of tax and the distribution of assets, this is known as the administration of the estate. However, the term 'probate' is also often used to describe the whole process of settling an estate. If the deceased has left a Will, an Executor or Executors will be appointed under the Will. In this instance, provided the estate is relatively simple and the Will is not contested, this can be a straightforward - albeit not necessarily a short process.

read more › If you or a family member are detained under the Mental Health Act, our specialist solicitor, Vanessa Saxton, can provide representation at an appeal before the Mental Health Tribunal (first tier) and Upper Tribunal and Hospital Managers' hearings. As an expert in this field, Vanessa's role is to make sure your legal rights are upheld. Call to arrange an initial consultation - we will listen to your case and recommend your next steps. We can confirm that both our Sheffield and Barnsley offices will only be accepting visits into the office by pre-arranged appointments.

read more › Whether it is a simple Will you require or something more complex when planning your estate we are here to help. We also deal with trusts, lasting powers of attorney and court of protection. Preparing for death is delicate, and in many cases, brings a sense of awkwardness but this is natural, and we understand those emotions. Peace of mind of knowing that your affairs, whether financial or personal, are in order can be worth more than money. Our team will treat you with respect and sensitivity and guide you through each step of the Will making process.

read more › Building disputes can be complex to resolve. It is important to contact us a soon as possible so we can take the necessary steps to protect your position. By contacting our specialist solicitors, we will do all we can to ensure you do not suffer further financial losses arising from a builder who is not doing a reasonable job for you. Ideally, any contract entered into is documented in writing, but often this is not the case and can be agreed verbally. A verbal agreement, however, does not undermine any rights you might have against the builder or customer.

read more › Business disputes are increasing in the present climate of economic uncertainty that we face today. It is vital that you seek advice as early as possible if you find yourself having to defend your position or service. Resolving your commercial dispute quickly and effectively will reduce any damage to your company. After an initial discussion you will be advised of the best way to progress your case. We recognise that business owners want different levels of input from solicitors when disputes arise with customers, competitors and/or suppliers so we will discuss your requirements to ensure you receive the right service.

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