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Nayyars Solicitors Nayyars Solicitors are an award winning law firm who have won a number of major awards and accolades in recent years. This is testament to the skill, knowledge and technical expertise that our team has. Here is a link to our recent awards. We are a law firm that specialises in every aspect of the law, Nayyars Solicitors work hard to give you the best outcome, allowing us to secure your needs for the future.

Transparency remaining the key component, Nayyars Solicitors utilises a highly experienced team that will provide you with a personalised service, remain jargon free, and keep you updated throughout your time with us. Nayyars Solicitors has collaborated and networked with experts that are the best in their field, allowing us to represent you with a team that will always deliver.

We have a clear objective to provide the best legal solutions regarding any legal matters, and to streamline this process with minimal disruption. The Facebook feed below is not using a valid Access Token for this Facebook page and so will stop updating after this date.

read more › We are a dynamic multi disciplinary law firm with delivering results as our core aim. The Firm is led by business Partners Ayesha and Juwad Nayyar who together make an award winning team. We specialise in a number of different areas including personal injury claims, divorce and family law, employment, litigation, immigration and flight delay claims. Our Promise is to always be transparent, always be on your side, always keep you updated and always fight to win. We recognise ourselves as a distress service in our client's hour of need.

read more › I graduated from the University of Manchester in 1995 and qualified as a Solicitor in 1999. I subsequently became a Partner in the city centre Law Firm that I trained at becoming its youngest Partner. Nayyars Solicitors was founded in 2010 with the aim of it becoming one of the leading law firms in the North West. I have lectured extensively on all areas of personal injury and over the years have become renowned in the field. Before setting up Nayyars Solicitors I was Head of Dispute Resolution at BPP Professional Education delivering CPD courses to both public and in-house clients including magic circle law firms and insurance companies.

read more › Ayesha is a renowned award winning solicitor with 20 years of proven legal experience in the field. With unrivalled expertise, Ayesha has handled cases of the highest complexity since 1996. Her ability to fight cases with a 'no-nonsense' approach, has given her a leading reputation, both as a professional and, essentially as a brand. She started her legal career at a large city centre firm and went on to becoming a partner in that firm. Having gained technical knowledge, she moved into lecturing and presenting legal seminars on a full time basis.

read more › The Well Spring provide practical support to homeless or less privileged people, a hot shower, clean clothing, fresh food made in their premises daily, sleeping bags, rucksacks, etc. They also help by providing employment support, benefits and housing advice, support to overcome addictions like alcohol drugs, and they also have nurses onsite and fully operational NHS spec surgery in their building. Macmillan work to provide help and support to those diagnosed with cancer. Their sole aim is to improve the lives of those diagnosed by offering physical, financial and emotional support to help them live life as fully as they can.

read more › Ayesha was approached by the BBC to film a series about Crime in early 2019. It seemed like a great opportunity and as she is never afraid of a new challenge jumped at the chance. I have to confess at the time, I did not realise how much of my time it would take and how much I would enjoy filming. The first step was meeting my co-presenter Chris Daw who is a practising Criminal Defence QC. Initial impressions after getting over how tall he was (whose idea was it to pair a 6 foot 4 broad man with a 5 foot petite lady?) was how likeable he was!

read more › Following a road traffic accident you can be left with profound injuries such as whiplash, bruising, head trauma and serious spinal damage. Though some injuries can be seen with the naked eye, other injuries can cause mental trauma and can create a knock on effect to not only to those left injured, but to loved ones and family. Many of those injured in road accidents are entitled to claim compensation. Nayyars Solicitors can help you to access compensation no matter how severe the injuries with a dedicated team of solicitors that can offer support and medical care.

read more › Should an accident take place on public premises, Nayyars Solicitors can help you make a claim. The owner of the place whether that is the local Council, company or individual of where the injury took place has a duty of care to the general public. Nayyars Solicitors have had a strong success rate with cases of this type. If you have been injured in public premises', contact Nayyar Solicitors, and our specialist advisers can determine the best course of action to start your claim. Shopping centres have a duty of care to visitors that enter their premises.

read more › Whether you are working full-time, part-time, contractor or simply visiting business premises at the time, should you sustain an injury or illness as a result of your work, you can access a claim through Nayyars Solicitors. An illness or injury can be a result of faulty equipment, lack of training or exposure to dangerous chemicals. If you have had an accident at work or suffered an illness or injury as a result of your working conditions, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Nayyars Solicitors have had years of experience in this field.

read more › These can be defined as Spinal injuries, brain injuries, severe burns or amputations and can change your life forever. In the field of personal injury, these claims are referred to as catastrophic injury claims. You will require a specialist solicitor who has experience of handling your claim for compensation. Nayyars Solicitors will address your immediate rehabilitation needs in the short term. We can provide you with a care manager who will implement a care plan to co-ordinate your initial needs.

read more › If you have been the victim of violent crime or an assault, then you may have been injured. The physical and mental trauma of being attacked can have a long-term effect. Relatives may also be able to make a CICA claim if a loved one dies as a result of a violent crime. This includes a spouse or partner, natural or adoptive parents, a parental guardian, and the children or step-children of a victim. You could be entitled to compensation. We are specialist solicitors who can make a claim for you with an organisation called The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

read more › Medical negligence happens when the medical practitioner fails to provide the care which is expected in individual cases, resulting in unnecessary suffering, injury or death of the patient. It can be any tort or breach of contract of health care or professional services rendered by a health care provider to a patient. If you have ever been in a position where you, a family member or friend has been given an incorrect medical diagnosis, or received treatment that is inadequate or incorrect, then you will know just how distressing and disconcerting this can be.

read more › Feeling sick while you are away can ruin a holiday that you spent your hard earned money on. Not only can it ruin it for you, but also your friends and family that have travelled with you. Potentially leaving you with permanent health problems, this can affect your life as a whole, which is why Nayyars Solicitors expertise can help you get access to compensation to help you with rehabilitation and support. Viruses such as MRSA and Salmonella are just some of the most harmful infections that can be passed between people who do not wash their hands.

read more › The divorce process is inherently stressful. Sadly we cannot change that. However what we can do is promise to minimise the legal stresses associated with the process. When clients approach us, they have normally taken the decision that they want to end their marriage. We can then start the process of dissolving the marriage for them. By definition, divorce means that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. After an initial meeting with the client, we will discuss which of the grounds they wish to petition under.

read more › Disputes which involve children can be a stressful and a lengthy process. Cases involving children require a depth of knowledge and extreme sensitivity, ensuring the right expertise in such matters is very important. Prohibited Steps Orders this is to stop the child being taken out of your control and care or out of England and Wales. Child Arrangement Orders applications for a non-resident parent to see their child and with which parent the children can reside with. Specific Issue Order such as the child's religion, school they attend, changing the child's surname, or taking them abroad for an indefinite period of time.

read more › An Injunction is a Court order that prevents someone from doing something that the Court decides is imminent and will cause harm. If you are a victim of domestic violence or are suffering emotional or mental abuse from your partner or ex-partner, Nayyars Solicitors can apply to the Court on your behalf to prevent this abuse from continuing any further. Non-molestation/harassment order - which prevents someone from using or threatening violence against their former partner or their child, or intimidating, harassing or pestering them.

read more › Nayyars Solicitors offers a Will writing service using the utmost sensitivity and professionalism. Writing a Will should be a straightforward process and we can make it easy and as stress free as possible for you. At the first appointment we will provide you with the initial advice and guidance to help you understand the process. We can discuss with you what assets you have that you wish to distribute after your death. We can work through how you wish to distribute your estate between your loved ones.

read more › A dispute with your employer can leave you feeling conflicted. Where one moment can make you feel isolated, and then both angry and betrayed the next. Your emotions should rightfully lead to action against your employer. Nayyars Solicitors can offer their expertise at a time where focus and knowing your rights remain paramount. Should the need arise where you may need legal advice, Nayyars Solicitors will be there every step of the way. Our well earned reputation in this field will prove useful in resolving issues with your employer and providing advice on work related matters.

read more › Nayyars Solicitors' experience in litigation, comes from a strong academic background where sound and logical reasoning reinforces our arguments to win our clients' cases. Having networked in all fields, we have acquired many law specialists in our firm, and have proved our effectiveness with each win. We can confidently take on any type of civil dispute. If you would like further information on our litigation services, contact Nayyars Solicitors, and our specialist advisers can help you.

read more › The rules on immigration can be complex. They are constantly changing. At Nayyars Solicitors, we have a specialist Immigration Team who can help you with many different areas on immigration. Nayyars Solicitors can simplify the jargon and help you understand the complexities of the legal process around immigration. Our team speak a range of languages that can fluently translate legalities that will be important to your case. We understand that English may not be your first language and we will ensure that we explain matters so that you understand them.

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