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Pride Solicitors Prime Law Solicitors, is a UK based law firm. Our expertise includes sorting out the definite solution to your legal issues that can be related to employment, business, immigration & nationality, commercial property, human rights, personal injury and family matter. Our team includes expert and experienced people who do not only mean to do a job but also works hard to meet the challenges.

Our strategies are designed to support our mission, vision, and values. Our research and development capability ensures we maintain our leading positions in the field we complete in, achieving success throughout the portfolio. We are proud of our team includes expert and experienced people. Our first priority is to give our clients a trustworthy environment so that they may hire our services without any hesitation.

We work hard to give out the best possible solution, understanding the client's need, delivering results in a professional, innovative and cost-effective way. We focus to make everything clear to our clients from start to end.

read more › Prime Law Solicitors are specializing in consulting for immigration, asylum and nationality process. Our immigration solicitors offer a wide range of services for UK visa process including visit visa, residential visa, immigration and nationality. Our expert solicitors guide you from start to end, they will clearly explain each point of visa application and help you to become successful in all the process. Most of the people does not have complete knowledge about visa processing, they does not success to fill complete requirements that is why their visa rejects, so it is better to consult with an expert for your visa issues to avoid the troubles.

read more › Initial consultation: We offer initial consultation for half hour and the charges form that are 50 exclusive of VAT. Fixed Fees: We may quote you a fixed fee based no our fee earner's hourly rate i.e. agree on a fixed fee in advance to individuals. The fixed may vary from matter to matter and depend of complexity of the matter in many cases and is to be calculated based on time to be spent on each case. Please note that each event is a separate chargeable event, for example following an initial application, if instructions are received to seek Administrative Review or for Appellate work, that would be a charged separately.

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