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Bennetts We promise a personal service built on trust and a spirit of partnership with every one of our clients. Big is not necessarily beautiful as we all know. Our niche practice operates from offices in Wrington near Bristol and also Newport. We call upon experience and a reputation stretching back well over a century. We are discreet, proud of our reputation and good at what we do.

In keeping with many law firms and for ease of reference we have, within this website, separated our services by reference to the work undertaken for business and private clients. However, unlike many law firms, when it comes to providing services for our clients, we prefer a different approach.

Even though we act for private clients with very substantial assets with specific business needs, and even though many other clients have no interest in business whatsoever, our clients are not placed into "business" or "private" client categories.Instead, you will receive a personal service from a partner or senior lawyer at this firm whatever your needs are.

read more › Big is not necessarily beautiful as we all know. Our niche practice operates from offices in Wrington near Bristol. We call upon experience and a reputation stretching back well over a century. We are discreet, proud of our reputation and good at what we do. We promise a personal service built on trust and a spirit of partnership with every one of our clients. As a progressive firm, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of legal practice, management methods and technology to ensure outstanding service to clients, whatever their needs whether it is private or business related.

read more › As with any litigation, litigation involving building disputes, building contracts, engineering contracts, or disputes with contractors can not only be stressful, but also very costly. It is important to seek legal advice about building disputes as soon as possible, as disputes over building contracts or construction projects can escalate quickly and cause delays to a building project. This can save on legal fees and also resolve the dispute as quickly as possible. We are able to offer expert advice on all building and construction disputes including problems with poor workmanship, delays in getting the project finished, building contract and payment disputes or professional negligence maters.

read more › Our lawyers have many years of experience in dealing with complex company and commercial litigation and often the sums involved run into millions of pounds. We have successfully brought and defended proceedings before the Courts. Commercial disputes need not necessarily end up in expensive court proceedings and wherever possible we will endeavour to resolve issues for clients by way of agreement with the other party's advisers or by mediation.

read more › Employment law can be complex and is often a minefield for businesses to navigate safely. If you own and/or manage a business, we can assist you with any matters which may arise as a result of you employing people within your organisation. For several decades, we have acted for a wide and varied class of business in relation to all aspects of employment law. Our lawyers provide an efficient and cost-effective service on a wide variety of contentious and non-contentious employment matters. We provide practical and commercial advice and we are experienced in complex employment claims.

read more › We have extensive knowledge and expertise of the relevant residential and commercial property legislation and relevant case law. This together with our substantial library of precedent documents ensures we are able to advise you on all aspects of the landlord and tenant relationship and the legal implications of such, which can often be complex and confusing. Most residential or commercial landlords have two major priorities - safeguarding and maintaining their property and protecting their income and investment.

read more › The breakdown of a marriage or relationship can be a time of enormous distress. It also brings with it important and often complex legal issues relating to finance and property, especially where family businesses, farms and companies are involved. The firm has an established reputation for dealing with these matters for high net worth individuals. The practice of family law, and in particular the negotiation of settlements relating to complex financial structures, inevitably touches other disciplines.

read more › Our lawyers are able to provide an expert and comprehensive service. We will offer first class support and advice where there is a need to resolve issues arising in a contested estate or disputed trust. We combine our detailed knowledge of succession law, equitable principles, litigation and negotiation skills and using our experience where possible to diffuse difficult and what can be emotionally charged situations. Inheritance Act claims: dealing in a practical way with claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Families and Dependants) Act 1975, acting both for individual claimants seeking a greater share of an estate and for beneficiaries, working where possible to achieve a negotiated settlement.

read more › We have all come to rely more and more on the guidance, direction and instruction of professionals, whether as individuals or as a business, to protect ourselves against or mitigate risk. Professional people, whether they be solicitors, accountants, financial advisers, surveyors, architects or barristers, are human beings and can make mistakes. Not all mistakes are negligent mistakes which might give rise to a claim. However, if a professional person provides a service which falls below the standard of care expected and which results in a financial loss, it is possible that a claim in negligence might be brought to compensate the injured party.

read more › Elsewhere within this website we have explained our specific services relating to disputes which are connected to property, including disputes between landlords and tenants and construction and building disputes. Additionally, we can be relied upon to represent you in all manner of disputes which may involve property. Whether someone is encroaching upon your land or property, causing damage or a nuisance (for example because of noise, flooding or smoke) or because there have been promises made in relation to land or property which have not been honoured.

read more › The firm's aim is to provide a personal, thorough and efficient service for all sales and purchases, handled by experienced qualified lawyers. We have particular expertise in house sales and purchases, acquisition of residential sites and their subsequent development and disposal, including the eventual disposal of the freehold reversion and leasehold property matters which includes the acquisition of the freehold or extended leases under complex statutory procedures - which become all the more relevant as many leaseholders with 'old' leases face the problem of a 'wasting asset'.

read more › Our specialist lawyers, who are also members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) are able to provide a highly efficient and comprehensive service. We work with a broad range of clients, including professional and individual trustees, executors and administrators and beneficiaries (both individuals and charities). The administration of Estates and Trusts, frequently with assets running into many millions of pounds and including those involving family businesses, farms and investment portfolios, is routinely undertaken.

read more › The vale of Wrington has been fertile agricultural country for many centuries. We have acted for farmers and landowners for most of the last century, if not for longer. Francis Montagu is a member of the Agricultural Law Association. He has spoken at national and local seminars on agricultural matters. Farming is a changing world. We strive to combine our historic connections with up to date advice. In addition, the firm also has an expertise in the complex area of adverse possession of land. An article on this subject by the firm has appeared on the Times Law page.

read more › Our specialist lawyers, some of whom are also members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) are able to provide a highly efficient and comprehensive service using skills from across the range of the firm's practice areas. Many of our lawyers are themselves charity trustees, giving them insight into the concerns, governance and aspirations of charities and the needs of the local community. We have particular experience of charities operating in the fields of education, young people, drug and prison rehabilitation, religious affairs and the elderly.

read more › We have substantial experience in all aspects of commercial property. Our approach throughout is a practical one with an awareness of the need of our clients, many of whom are owner managed businesses, to deal with land and buildings profitably, whether as owner or occupier. We act for many farmers and landowners. Consequently we have an expertise in transactions which have an element of deferred consideration or overage, and in option arrangements.

read more › Although we cannot hold office as a Company Secretary we advise and assist many corporate clients in relation to the duties required under company law and we assist our clients in performing those duties. We offer the complete package of Company Secretarial services to private limited companies and charitable companies. Filing all necessary accounts, forms, returns and resolutions on the public record at Companies House.

read more › Our lawyers have considerable experience of advising public and private sector clients on a wide range of contentious and non-contentious construction and engineering matters. Our experience includes advising central and local government, employers, developers, contractors, insurers, housing associations, specialist subcontractors, consultants, financial institutions and renewables (wind farms). We provide clear practical commercial advice on all aspects of the development process including, where necessary, dispute management and resolution.

read more › We advise businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to medium and large sized enterprises, on all aspects of their operations. Running a business brings many challenges and opportunities. Our experienced solicitors act for businesses of all sizes to make things as straightforward as possible. We regularly act for buyers and sellers across a broad range of industry. Our experience means we can advise any business type or size without difficulty or further complication.

read more › Our lawyers have many years' experience assisting businesses to resolve all sorts of IP disputes. We can offer a pragmatic and rounded approach free from legal jargon. Although IP disputes can often raise complex legal arguments, we believe that most are capable of being resolved commercially and cost-effectively outside of the Court. If Court proceedings are unavoidable, we have the necessary experience and expertise to provide you with the best possible chance of succeeding.

read more › For over a century this firm has represented a very wide and diverse range of businesses, whether companies, joint ventures or partnerships and of all sizes. Many of our clients are owner managed businesses or small to medium sized enterprises. This firm is itself an owner managed business and as such we will speak your language. We understand the difficult issues which you might face, can offer commercial and pragmatic advice if a dispute arises and we can often be called upon to assist in resolving issues before a business relationship breaks down irretrievably and before the business itself suffers.

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